Stunning celeb weight loss transformations Part 4 – Jennifer Hudson

Stunning celeb weight loss transformations Part 4 – Jennifer Hudson

“I’m prouder of my weight loss than my Oscar.”

Hi Everybody, this is the weekly article about stars or celebrities who lost weight for movies and how they achieved these stunning transformations. This week’s pick is Jennifer Hudson who started her career as an “American Idol” in 2004. By that time she was called the “big girl” because everybody was/is slim in Hollywood and she had a size 16 and it is a “plus-size” in Hollywood but not in Chicago where she is from. In her neighbourhood that was a normal, “everyone has it” size so she did not think about herself as a “big girl”.

In 2005 she had to gain 20lbs (9kg) for a role in Dreamgirls. She played the character Effie and had to grow 2 more sizes in 2 weeks that is actually not impossible. Only eat sweeties, cookies or any other food loaded with carbohydrates and you can do the same easily but you do not want to do that. She did not want it either it was only for the role and the filming took 6 months long. When the movie was ready she could not start to lose weight because of the premiers and promotions. She is Effie in the movie so it would have been weird if she had promoted the film as a slim girl. Hard time, isn’t it?


This movie gave her many opportunities one of them was a record deal but she was not sure this is good for her because she would have had to lose more weight than she gained for Effie’s role. Her concern was many singers sound different when they lose weight so she thought she needs that little pouch where her voice came from. In 2007 she lost her “Effie weight” with hard work. She ran in the morning and trained with her trainer. Each training took an hour and she woke up at 4 am. To be honest I do not have this number on my watch. That is too early for training. I do not recommend that.

A year later she was still slimming down and she changed her diet. She ate salads, chicken, trail mix so we can say she changed her eating habit. In 2009 she was pregnant and she gained 35lbs and she wondered why nobody knows her pregnancy and this moment was the turning point in her life. She decided to change her lifestyle and inspired her to make a body transformation too.

After she gave birth her son she went back to a regular diet and she ate 5 small meals a day and she started to drop weight. Of course if you have more than a few kilos extra and you start decreasing the calorie intake you will lose weight. Jennifer Hudson changed her eating habit and worked out at least 45 mins every day. I know it is hard to change your lifestyle but when you do and do it until it turns into a habit then you changed your lifestyle.

In 2010 she started to use the Weight Watchers’ point system to lose weight and she was announced as their spokesperson. By April 2010 her weight loss was stunning and revealed what’s behind it.

“With Weight Watchers, I am enjoying the weight loss because I’m doing it the right way. I feel empowered with what I’ve learned, everything from portion control to what foods will help keep me satisfied,” – she said.

Stunning celeb weight loss transformations Part 4 – Jennifer Hudson

“It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet.”

In the same year so we are still in 2010 she played  Winnie Mandele and she had to be slimmer for this role. She hired a trainer and did 25 mins circuit training 5 days per week.

Jennifer Hudson reached her current weight and figure in 2011. She is slim and looks 10 years younger which is great for a woman.

She has trained with Harley Pasternak, who gets his clients into shape with 25-minute 5 Factor workout. Jennifer like keeping her workout regime intense and fun; in fact, she loves playing basketball as her exercise.

“I love basketball. It’s fun, you don’t even realize you’re working out. [You] just keep that metabolism going and just keep that energy up. That’s that cardio — you’re getting it in and you don’t even realize it,” she said.

Here is a sample of her daily meal plan with WeightWatchers.

Food PointsPlus values total used 34


Egg whites scrambled with veggies and cheese; toasted English muffin with jelly; turkey bacon

Subtotal PointsPlus™ values 8

– 3 large egg white(s)| 1 PointsPlus value

– 1/4 cup(s) mushroom(s) | 0 PointsPlus values

– 1/4 cup(s) cooked broccoli | 0 PointsPlus values

– 2 Tbsp low-fat shredded cheddar cheese | 1 PointsPlus value

– 1 item light English muffin| 3 PointsPlus values

– 1 Tbsp jelly | 1 PointsPlus value

– 3 slice(s) cooked crisp turkey bacon | 2 PointsPlus values


Chicken burrito

Subtotal PointsPlus™ values | 9


– 1 large chicken burrito, with cheese | 8 PointsPlus values

– 2 cup(s) mixed greens | 0 PointsPlus values

– 1/4 cup(s) shredded carrots | 0 PointsPlus values

– 1/2 cup(s) cherry tomato(es) | 0 PointsPlus values

– 2 Tbsp low-fat vinaigrette | 1 PointsPlus value


Turkey, baked sweet potato, greens

SubtotalPointsPlus™ values | 9


– 5 oz cooked turkey thigh and drumstick | 5 PointsPlus values

– 1 medium baked sweet potato | 3 PointsPlus values

– 1 cup(s) cooked collard greens | 0 PointsPlus values

– 1 tsp olive oil (for cooking collards) | 1 PointsPlus value


Yogurt with pineapple and granola; granola bar

Subtotal PointsPlus™ values | 8


– 1 cup(s) nonfat, plain Greek yogurt | 3 PointsPlus values

– 3/4 cup(s) pineapple | 0 PointsPlus values

– 3 Tbsp low-fat ready-to-eat granola cereal | 2 PointsPlus values

– 1 item(s) reduced-calorie granola bar | 3 PointsPlus values

This is the end of part 4  and as you can see the story is the same old ( click here to see part 3). If you want to lose weight you need to get rid of your bad eating habits, you need self-control and strong will, you have to exercise. Jennifer Hudson’s slim down is very inspiring and she is a very good leading example – Decide it. Stick to it. Enjoy the result.

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