Garudasana Yoga ( Eagle Pose) – How To Do And Their Benefits

Ever you have done Garudasana? If you prefer yoga rather than heavy exercises then you must have to know about Garudasana pose. This asana has benefits to remove severe physical as well as mental illnesses. This is not so active exercise but a part of gentle yoga pose and also shows a great advantage on our health. Therefore, today in this article we are discussing on Garudasana pose as well as their health benefits.

garudasanaAll of you know that Garuda means the epic which is the “king of the birds,” and the vehicle of Vishnu. Garuda was initially recognized with the “all-consuming fire of the sun’s rays.” In English Garuda means ‘Eagle’ and this pose be obliged its commitment to ‘Garuda.’ The main purpose of this yoga pose is very beneficial for your legs, lower back and your hips. You have to stand on one leg while performing this pose and hence this asana is so named.

Instructions For Garudasana Yoga (Eagle Pose):

Now, here we are giving you the important information by which you can do this asana very perfectly. The directions are as follows;


1. Begin with standing position on a mat like mountain pose and curve in your knees even though rising your left foot. Balance steadily on the right foot whereas crossing the left thigh across the other one. Retain the direction of your left toes at the ground although pushing your foot backwards.

2. Relax as well as soften your shoulder.  Put your foot-top after the lower calf and upkeep your body load on the right foot.

3. Spread your arms equivalent to the floor, and enlarge your scapula’s transversely to your torso. Cross your arms in a straight line in the way of your torso.

4. Place the right arm directly above the left one and gradually relax the elbows. Boost up the forearms and create them at right angles to the ground. Remember one thing that the back portion of your hands is opposite to each other.

5. Press both hands beside each other in order to make sure that your palms face each other. Your right hand’s thumb must be able to go over and done with your left hand’s little finger.

6. Press both palms in an organized manner and increase your elbows slowly.  Spread your fingers and make them point at the upper limit.

7. Stop in this position for around 30 seconds and relax your arms or legs. Go back to the mountain pose and recap the position later converting the direction of your arms as well as legs.

Health Benefits Of Garudasana Yoga:

Garudasana is a pose that involves several health benefits and some of them are as follows;

  •  Recovers sense of body balance and neuro muscular coordination.
  •  Increasing suppleness of body by stretching shoulders, thighs upper back and hips.
  •  Helpful for kidney as well as prostate diseases.
  •  To correct structural and postural faults.
  •  Benefits to eliminate toughness from the shoulders.
  •  Convenient for get rid of urinary problems.
  •  It raises your reflection power by progressing focus of mind.
  •  To workout the ligature and muscles of the toes and feet
  •  Motivates organization between the shoulder blades and stops injury.
  •  It helps to prevents from Asthma, Sciatica, and Low backache problems.
  •  It is very useful to increase concentration.
  •  It’s also recommended for eliminating cramp in the calf muscles.
  •  Strengthens ankles, legs and feet and calves.
  •  Generates immovability on the core muscles and Inspires calmness.
  •  To stretch muscles of the shoulder, arms, chest and stomach.

Garudasana Precautions:

  •  If you have any type of injury then does not perform this pose.
  •  Not suitable for pregnant women as well as for obese one.
  •  Should be trained strictly under the direction of Yoga teacher or in the command of yoga expert only.

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Some More Benefits Of Garudasana Yoga (Eagle Pose):

We have already got to know about quite a number of garudasana benefits and now we will get to know about some more so that we can motivate ourselves to start practising this posture regularly.

1. Performing garudasana on a regular basis fortifies and strengthens not your arms and limbs but the whole body. It is as said one of the gentlest poses of yoga and looks really easy. However the case is not so and the performing the whole posture is actually not that easy.

2. Massage proves to be very helpful for strained muscles and all other such problems. The eagle pose provides this massage naturally. It provides friction to the parts of the body such as your calved, highs, arms and elbows along with a few others and so the vibration is created within each part. This becomes extremely helpful to relieve you from stress and body ache caused due to it.

3. Body balance is very important and the garudasana yoga does that perfectly. It helps build fixation by calming down the mind and also helping you increase your power of concentration. This is further helpful when you work because a very common problem is how people feel extremely restless while they are working.

4. Blood circulation enhances and the nerves and veins stretch well while you perform garudasana. The blood convey vessels open up nicely and all the clogged areas get cleared nicely. This helps in blood circulation thus and so you get blood running properly till your brains to give you the much needed relaxation.

5. The cure of joint and muscle pains are some other garudasana benefits. It is true to the core that stretching exercises such as these are very good stretching factors for the whole body and thus relieves you of pain.

Garudasana ( Eagle Pose)

Garudasana Yoga For The Beginners:

It is possible that in the beginning you may find it quite difficult to wrap up your arms or legs just the way it should be done for a perfect garudasana posture. This can be made a little easier. First of all remember you are not to force your limbs in a way that they get strained. Yoga is about relaxation and you should follow the same way. Now for this, you can stretch your arms carefully straight and parallel and then simply try to enclose it in the given pose. Do the same for the legs. You can choose your own comfort level and then work out. It is very important to achieve the best benefits always.


If you feel you have now reached your comfort level while doing the posture, you are sure in need of some advancement and this can happen with a modification in the way you breathe. For an advanced structure you can breathe full out and push your belly out and try to make your knee touch with your elbow. Keep the breathing constant and do not hold it for a long time.

The eagle pose is a gentle yoga posture which you can try to include in your daily fitness regime and you are sure to get benefits very soon. It is a little complicated in the beginning but with practise things do become very good.

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