GM Diet Day 7: The Final Day Of Your Program

Hurrah! You are on the final day of your gruelling diet program! The GM Diet Day 7 is all about celebrating your determination and passion, along with the reduced numbers on your scale. Although we understand your excitement to find out the results, we remind you that you have a full day to go! Day 7 also has a restricted diet too. You can binge on your favourite fruits and vegetables, along with brown rice, but must exclude Beef. Drinking water and fruit juices are also recommended after every meal to replenish your body. Let us look at how your much-awaited Day 7 of the GM Diet goes about:

gm diet day 7

How To Prepare For Day 7 of GM Diet:

When preparing for Day 7, it is important to keep a stock of fresh fruits in your refrigerator. As Fruits will be consumed in this day all day long, starting right from the breakfast to snacks and dinner. Vegetables may be boiled or stewed and paired with white or brown rice.

There are some individuals who tend to avoid brown rice servings if you are one of them whom brown rice does not appeal to their taste buds try having as it is important to have a cup or two in order to keep the energy and fibre contents levels high. However technically white rice is better like a Basmati or Jasmine as Brown rice can tend to have anti-nutrients. But still, brown rice is only recommended to consume!

GM Diet Day 7 Indian Version:

#GM Diet Plan Day 7:

On day 7, you can eat as many vegetables, brown rice, fruits, fruit juices you want to.

Key Points:

  • Other foods are strictly restricted.
  • Don’t comprise on your water intake!


  • BREAKFAST: 1 glass of orange juice.
  • MORNING SNACK: 1 glass of mixed fruit salad.
  • LUNCH: 1 cup of brown rice, 1 bowl of boiled vegetables, & 2 glasses of water.
  • POST LUNCH SNACK: 1 glass of carrot juice.
  • EVENING SNACK: 1 glass of mixed vegetable salad & 1 glass of water.
  • DINNER: 1 bowl of GM diet wonder soup & 2 glasses of water.

GM Diet Day 7 Indian Version Recipes:

1. Moong Dal Sprouts with Fruit:


  • 1 ripe fruit they could be any as it’s a salad (pear, mango, apple, grape, strawberries or cherries).
  • One cup moong sprouts (raw).
  • 1 peeled and sliced cucumber.
  • 2 green chilli peppers, chopped.
  • 1 tbsp cilantro.
  • 1 dash of salt.


  • Soak the moong dal sprouts overnight.
  • The next morning, drain the water from the sprouts and cover loosely with cloth set for two days.
  • Once the set time has elapsed, rinse the sprouts and place on a bowl.
  • The fruits taken for salad should consist of more amount of those fruits which are water based like orange, watermelon etc.
  • Mix the sprouts together with the fruits, chilli peppers and cilantro.
  • Add salt to taste. This recipe can easily serve 4.

Foods To Avoid On GM Diet Day 7:

If you thought the last day of your program allows you to cheat, you are mistaken! To achieve the right results, you must stick to the plan and avoid these foods by all means:

  • Starchy Vegetables.
  • Bananas.
  • Meat.
  • High amounts of Fat foods.
  • Grains, except brown rice.
  • Dairy.
  • Alcohol.
  • Sugar foods.
  • Aerated Drinks.
  • Coffee, Tea.

Why This Works?

The diet comprises of vegetables, fruits and brown rice, which can keep you satiated for long. Along with supplying the right amount of nourishment, the diet can also tickle your taste buds with a wide range of culinary choices available. Taking fruit juices at the end of each meal can flush out the toxins and keep your body cleansed from inside.

GM Diet Day 7 Exercises:

Now that you are slowly heading towards a much solid and calorie filled diet, it is recommended to exercise a bit to prevent the addition of bulk. Some of the recommended workouts are:

  • Rotation of Arm, Neck, Wrist and Shoulders.
    Surya Namaskar.
  • Sit Ups.
  • Cycling.
  • Crunches.
  • Squats.
  • Brisk Walking.

How Will You Feel At The End Of Day 7?

By Day 7, as you have observed significant changes found in your body. Now you must have had A slimmer appearance which is now seen and felt while a more positive outlook is observed. This is due to the continuous cleansing methods of the diet taking place inside the body. You may also observe Regular sleeping habits as the diet schedule gets the body tired by the end of the day and energized the next morning.

We hope these articles on the GM Diet Plan have guided with the right information on how to proceed with your goals! Do remember that the program is not just about losing a few pounds, but to bring in a long-term change in your diet habits. Never make the common mistake of taking it easy on the very next day and indulging in rich food. Stick to clean eating and slowly reintroduce new foods to get back to routine. Do let us know how was your experience with the diet!

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