Hand Mudra For Back Pain – How To Do Steps And Benefits

Mudra or yoga exercises is proved to be beneficial for the human body and the lifestyle. Many scientists have proved that if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle you need to incorporate mudras or yoga exercises in your daily life routine. There are a number of exercises in order to deal with your health problems. So, today we are discussing with the yoga mudra for back pain.

mudra for back pain

Back pain is one of the most common problem in your daily lifestyle. The long working hours, daily stress and all that makes back pain a very common problem. In some cases it can be temporary whereas in some people back pain is very common i have heard many people complaining that back pain is the integral part of the daily lifestyle. So, since this post is associated with mudras for back pain.

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Let’s ask a question are there any mudra for healing back pain? Have you ever heard of anything called back pain mudra?

Mudra For Back Pain:

Back pain mudra is very effective to treat back pains. It is actually a hand gesture which is very effective against back mudras. We can call it precisely a hand mudra for back pain. These hand mudras for back pain are said to be extremely effective against back aches. This hand mudra helps in balancing body energy thus treating or resisting your body against back pains.

How To Do Hand Mudras For Back Pain And Benefits:

Just like most of the mudras this mudra is also done with hands or most precisely fingers. It is actually a finger movement which aims at getting rid of back pains or back aches. This works both on lower as well as upper back pains.

You need to sit down firstly in padmasana or lotus pose. The main aim is to sit down in a comfortable position. You can close your eyes if you want, this will help you to concentrate and mediate much better. Also, another major question is now that should you sit. I suggest to sit on a simple light mat or even a light carpet will work too.

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Actually, what you should do is that you should not sit directly on floor. Many experts and fitness scholars have argued that a specific kind of radiation comes out of the floor and this is not good while doing any sort of yoga or mediation. Make sure that your entire body is in a very relaxed position devoid of any bodily stress or other issues.

Now, coming to the main part of the exercise. Since this exercise is done with both the hands – right and left. We will give you a detailed description of both the hands. Let’s first begin with the left hand one. You need to let your thumb, middle and ring fingers touch each other at the tip portion. Now, you have to extend your ring finger towards your little finger.

Now, coming to the right hand. You need to place your thumb joint on the nail of the index finger. Gradually extend all your fingers outwards.

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You need to hold this position with both your hands for some time. This can be at least for 5-7 minutes. You can do this exercise any time of the day. Also, this exercise does not involve use of any equipment. So, this way it makes me much easier to do. Right? You can do this mudra for as long as you feel is right. You can do it till the time you get completely relieved of back pain. But my personal advice is to continue it even after that, so that back pain stays miles away from you.