How to Get Fat in a Week?

It is impossible to hear to get fat in a week but that’s not true we can surely get fat or gain weight small amount weight to remain healthy, it is essential to have body weight that is proportionate to your height. Your ideal body weight depends on your height, age and gender too little or too much weight has negative impacts on your health. Many people struggle with obesity, many people are underweight Gaining weight for men and women are different from each other fast metabolism helps to get fat faster also eating habits of a person helps and plays a great role for this food with lot of calories and fiber are important factor getting fat is as hard as getting thin or loosing weight it does sound easy but actually it is not there few steps which if flowed correctly then some might see good results No loves to be called skinny

How to Get Fat in a Week

Steps and Points to Remember:

1. Eating the right thing: eating the right things is very important also eating in the right amount increase  the amount of  avocados, dairy products, nuts (including peanut butter), and meats;

2. Sleep proper you need to make it a habit of taking naps every day after you eat your lunch.

  • Take a nap for 45 minutes to one hour every day after having your afternoon meal.
  • This will help you to gain weight.
  • Make sure that you should get sound and good sleep at nights as well.

3. Eat often as much as you can mostly four full meals is advised eating frequent meals and snacks that don’t make you uncomfortably stuffed helps in a lot ways to gain weight

4. Adding good amount of calories in your food or in your diet helps a lot. Eating more grains such as wheat etc also certain type of fruits and vegetables helps for it

5. Eating or drinking dairy products can show you great results

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6. Regular and perfect exercise helps a lot, some people might choose to go to the gym and some people might exercise at home, results of it are almost similar.

7. Drinking lots and lots of water is recommended since water is very important for a human body.

8. Keep a good track on your calories.

9. Lots and lots of starch helps, like eating lot of rice shows best results for some

Eating it Right:

Getting fat does not mean you keep on eating junk food and thinking you will get fat, yes you might get fat but it can affect your health, making you unhealthy and unfit, so it is necessary to eat the right thing, avoid eating unhealthy junk food to make yourself look fat few things such as food with good calories, dairy products, meat, potatoes etc.

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Take your Naps:

It is said that we gain few little amount of weight when we sleep. keeping mind relaxed is very important Sleep for four hours immediately following each meal. Sleeping slows the body’s systems, so the food moves through your body at a slower rate. This means the food is in the digestive tract for a longer period of time, allowing for the absorption of more calories, fat and nutrients. Drink a high-protein shake and eat a high calorie snack like an energy bar, potato chips or ice cream immediately after waking from the four hour nap.

These are the few simple and basic steps to be followed which may help to become fat in a week, for some people result may show little late or little early , it varies from person to person

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