How To Make Amla Hair Pack

Amla is a very rich fruit which has a number of goodness. This is a very easy to use and beneficial fruit. Amla can be used in a number of ways to get benefits out of it. This is natural and is a good thing because this has Vitamin C.

This can be used to make a number of packs and also masks that can be quite helpful to make the hair shiny and lustrous. For those people who do not like using the artificial colouring that are available in the market which come in peroxide or powder forms, this can be a good natural thing for them.

amla hair pack

The powder of this amla fruit can be purchased or these can be used fresh. However, this is not available in all seasons. This is a seasonal fruit and therefore this should be bought and then used fresh when this is available in the local market from local sellers.

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How To Make Raw Amla Hair Pack:

There are a number of ways in which a person can use the fresh paste on to the strands and this can give a vitamin C boost and also this can help lighten the strands. This is therefore good for those people who want to get a bleached effect and also those who want to get rid of dandruff.

Person can take a bowl of fresh amlas and then wash these carefully under tap water. Then these can be cut length wise to get the hard seed out of this. These should never be used in a grinder with the seeds because that can damage the blades of the grinder. The seeds are very hard and will also not make a good paste if these are not separated.

Then these should be grinded into a paste. Water addition is not required. A person can use warm olive oil about ½ a cup to as much is required as per the thickness or the length of the sections. Then these should be mixed properly and then the head can be sectioned and this can be applied. This can be kept for about 30 minutes and a plastic cap can be worn for about 30 minutes. Then this can be washed off.

Amla help to promote new hair growth and also to get rid of flakes of hair. This can be done once a week to few times a month. This is quite helpful for most people as this helps get rid of fungal infections as well.

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Dry Amla Powder Hair Packs:

Amla Powder Hair Packs

  • There can be mixtures that can be made with good quality powder of the amla. These are good for those times when this is not available in fresh. A person can buy about a kilogram of powder and keep this for regular usage. This can be quite reasonably priced. About 4 teaspoons of this can be mixed with warm water to make a paste which can be applied on sectioned head for about 30 minutes.
  • A few teaspoons of sour curd can be mixed to this if a person has extreme problem of flakes. This also contains anti bacterial properties.
  • Honey is another thing that can be mixed for those who has dryness as these conditions.
  • A person can also use olive oil mix with this and coconut oil to make this better for usage.
  • Shikakai powder of same proportion and retha can be used to make a shampoo remedy. These with the dry mixture will impart shine, strength and also bounce to the strands. This can also remove or reduce greying and impart a blackish tint for those who want natural colouring.

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