How to Make Pear Juice and It’s Benefits

The world today is taking an initiative to live amongst the nature and blend in with itself. The frequent Tropicana adverts, the soaps and the mineral waters, all have in the past claimed in their ads about how blending in with the nature and taking shelter under the organic natural resources would definitely bring us back to the time when nature was the only means to survival. With modernization, the world has set itself into a mission to find and clone all the natural items, so when it came to fruit juices, the original juices were fermented to make beer and wine while there were artificial colors and flavors giving us sweet strawberry juices from a soda machine.

Today in this article, we again go all in with the natural aspect intact where we are trying to showcase the benefit and making of this one important fruit that not many has had a chance to acquaint themselves with. It is called the pear and today we talk about all the ways pear in its juice form can benefit us in our daily health and beauty care. But before we start with the benefits, it is important that we know how to make pear juice from fresh pears.

pear juice

What Is A Pear Fruit?

Pear fruit is also called Nashpati and is one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world. It grows in temperate climates and is known for its high fibre, low calorie sweet goodness. They are hypoallergic and eating them regularly can boost our immune system.

Nutritional Value Of Pear:

Each medium sized pear fruit provides

  • 24% Of Dietary Fibre
  • 10% Vitamin C
  • 10% Vitamin K
  • 2% Calcium
  • Small amounts of Iron, Magnesium, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and Folate.

Homemade Pear Juice Recipe:

The following procedure explains the preparation of Pear Juice at home:

  • To start off with the juicing process start by washing the fruit properly. Usually the fruit displayed in the mini mart racks or on the street stalls are exposed to a lot of germs and pollution and mixing that in your juice is not a good idea. This is applicable not only for pears but also for every other fruit that we pick up from the stalls or display cases.
  • Now peel the outer cover. Not only will it help you keep your fruit safe and healthy but will also help you in the juicing process. Cut the fruits into small cubes, but not too small. Usually three slices of each pear will do.
  • Prior to the juicing process, as you cut the fruit, make sure you have scooped the seeds out.
  • Now in a boiling pan of water, plop the pears in and wait for the water to get concentrated. Make sure the water is appropriate in amount, maybe two or three cups. If you have a diabetes patient in your house, avoid the next step.
  • You may add sugar or syrup, just a little bit of it for some taste.
  • Don’t wait too long in the boiling pan else the pears will start molding. As soon as the water starts getting concentrated, sieve the water and put the rest of the pear in the mixer grinder or preferably a juicer.
  • Once the pears get juiced or blended in, you will be left with a thick blob of residue and it is here that you add the boiling pan of water to dilute the consistency.
  • Adding simple water would destroy the concentration so at times grape or apple juice helps too.

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Now the Benefits:

Coming to the benefits, pear juices are enriched with natural minerals and down below we shall see all the times pear juice have helped us.

1. The Cooling Effect:

Once the pear is juiced, the next step is to store it in the refrigerator for later use and here is where our first benefit comes. The summer and the scorching heat always pull us to a cold drink store like a magnet and a north pole. At this time, carrying a bottle of freshly done up chilled pear juice would immediately give you a cooling relief.

2. The Common Ailments:

The common problem that we face season to season is the viral or common fever with occasional cold and sore throat. It is here that the pear juice and its cooling effect can chill down and reduce your body temperature from within. This is a great way to rid yourself of the body temperature. The coolness will soothe the inflamed throat and provide instant relief.

3. The Shield:

Vitamin K in our body rushes to our aid every time we have a cut or a gashing wound. Even though at the initial stages it bleeds bad, with time one notices the mesh of wound being shielded and slowly repairing. Now pear juice is a storehouse of vitamin K and can help you in not only aiding the wound but also working on the calcium in your body to make your bones stronger and healthier. A glass of pear juice a day can solve your problem of abnormal bleeding for long hours.

4. Sugar level:

Sugar level in our body has a slight something to do with pear juice. Much like the clotting of wound can be harmed by excess sugar in our body, pear juice along with clotting can help in controlling the sugar levels in our body too. With high fiber content, pear juice can easily handle blood sugar levels.

5. Knee Problem and Osteoporosis:

Here the benefit of the pear juice is repeated to let you know how widely this juice can help not only your simple bone problems but also the toughest of diseases too. Arthritis is something we are all aware of where the bones in the knee plate get fragmented. Osteoporosis is on the same level but here the bones become porous due to lack of density. The pear juice contains a high amount of boron in itself which helps absorb and retain calcium in the body and therefore aids in these diseases.

6. Pre Show Preparation:

The nervous mixture of feelings within yourself has been bubbling since last week as you vehemently prepare for your singing competition finals. At this time your throat goes through a slight pressure situation which can be eased by drinking pear juice preferably with a little honey. The same way phlegm in a kid’s throat can be cleared out by drinking pear juice. However, both these times make sure the juice is at normal temperature rather than chilled.

7. Heart Care:

Pears are known to have high fiber content. Fibers in our body are responsible for cholesterol where they always keep the cholesterol levels in check and let the heart work properly. Therefore if there is anyone residing in your family with a history of heart condition, the best ailment for him or her is a glass of fresh pear juice each day.

8. Skin and Hair Care:

Pears are rich in antioxidants that help drive the free radicals from the body to secure skin from damages. It also helps in preventing the signs of aging by reducing the formation of wrinkles. Pears have a natural compound called ‘sorbitol’ which can nourish your hair and make them shiny, soft and strong.

Side effects Of Pear Juice:

As with any natural beverage, pear juice has its own side effects when consumed in excess quantities. However, the effects are very minor compared to the huge benefits it offers. The high levels of sorbitol in pear juice can result in loose stools and diarrhea like symptoms when had in excess. Other than this issue which occurs very rarely, there are no known side effects of consuming the fruit.

Next time you are visiting the fruit market, make sure to load your basket with Pears. Although a number of brands are selling readymade pear juice in the market, these are full of preservatives and not completely safe. It is always best to prepare your own homemade pear juice for maximum benefits.