How to Use Castor Oil for Eyes?

In our previous series of articles, we have read in detail about the skin care and hair care benefits. In fact, I got to know so much about castor oil that I now like to call it super oil. From, wrinkles to dry skin to stretch marks to hair fall to pre mature graying.. What is it that castor oil cannot take care of? The list is not complete yet; it has immense health benefits for your body in general and for your eyes, in particular. Below, in this write up, I would love to through some light on how you can use castor oil to take care of your eyes and the area around your eyes.

How to Use Castor Oil for Eyes?


1. Using purified, sterile castor oil in form of eye drops, alone or in combination with flax seed oil is known to benefit those suffering from dry eyes. The condition of dry eyes arises from continuous, long hours of working in front of a computer, lack of sufficient muscular exercise and certain medical conditions like Sjogren’s syndrome, where in the lacrimal glands become hypo functional. Also, dry eyes might be a result of side effects of some medications.

Castor oil is a good option to lubricate dry eyes and get relief from the associated discomfort and gritty, foreign body sensation in eyes. Regular use of castor oil eye drops has been found to help with eye sight issues and delay / stop the formation of cataract in eyes. It has also been fund to act as a mild anti bacterial and helps clearing out debris from eyes. So, those who suffer from problem of stye can use it. Before writing this article, I have personally read reviews from many people stating that they have benefited by using this super oil.

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However, it is a MUST to consult your eye care specialist or an Ayurvedic practitioner before you do any of that and discuss regarding the feasibility and any unknown allergies / irritations that you might have. Also, it is very important to handle the oil very hygienically in order to avoid eye infections. Lastly, look out for cold pressed or cold compressed varieties of castor oil.

P.S : It has been found to cause redness/ irritation in some people, causes being unknown.


2. Castor oil is rich in omega fatty acids that make it very easy for this oil to penetrate your skin. So, if you have fine lines in the under eye area and crow’s feet at the corner of your eyes, you may use a little warmed up castor oil mixed with the contents of a squeezed out vitamin E capsule; a combo that is loaded with antioxidants, to gently massage the skin below your eyes. You must not use pressure while doing so and massage using only the pad of your fingers. Use this remedy before you retire to bed, each night for a couple of months to see visible results.

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3. Castor oil helps thicken eye brows and eye lashes. So, if you have scanty eye lashes/ brows , apply pure castor oil using a mascara wand. This is a way better alternative than using all those chemical laden mascaras and eye brow fillers. Castor oil is way easier on pocket, too. You may also use castor oil in combination with any one of the following: olive oil, egg white, glycerin. Use clean, disposable Q tips while doing so.

I am quite hopeful that you enjoyed reading the article and found it useful and will certainly use castor oil in the described ways to ease out your eyes.

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