Juice Therapy Process and Benefits

What is Juice Therapy?

Juice therapy is basically a method of treating various diseases by the intake of variety of fresh juices in your diet. In other words it is also called juice fasting. Juices are magical bullets for the body. It detoxifies the body of all the unnecessary and unwanted dirt and cleanses the system leaving a healthy body ad a glowing skin.

Juice Therapy Process and Benefits

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One should include various alkaline juices in the system. Alkaline juice increases the metabolic rate and also improves the digestion in the body. One can includes variety of juice in a diet.

For breakfast: A glass of fresh aloe vera juice with a pinch of lemon is ideal in the morning.
Along with that one can consume a freshly cut apple

For lunch, one can have a mixture of orange, carrot/cucumber juice as it fills the stomach.
For evening, one can consume banana juice or pomegranate juice.

For dinner, lighter juices should be consumed along with some nuts for taste.

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i) One of the best ways to restore health:

By consuming variety of juices in the diet one can definitely restore health to a good condition from a worse one.

ii) Improves the recovery process of a body:

As fresh and raw juice contains a lot of nutrients it increases the healing process of a body. In other words we can say that it strengthens the immune system of a body. It cleanses the regenerates the tissues of a body and hence achieving healthy living.

iii) Normalizes acid alkaline balance in the blood:

Raw juices are very rich in alkaline elements. It improves the acidity state of the body and deals with various gastric problems of the stomach.

iv) Raw juices extracted from fresh fruits contain calcium, potassium and silicone:

As juices are very rich in nutrients it helps in preventing premature aging of cells and wrinkles. It helps in preventing degenerative diseases keeping you young forever.

v) Juices require no digestion by the digestive system of the body and hence all the nutrients present in the juice directly flow to the blood stream.

vi) Potent weapon against various diseases:

It helps in dealing with stomach ulcers and fight against various infections of the body. It is an optimal solution to increase the healing power of a body.

vii) Increase the vibrancy of the system:

As juices are rich in vitamin, antioxidant it rejuvenates the body from within and hence increases the vibration of a particular system.

viii) Helps in weight loss:

If one goes on a juice diet for a longer period of time it definitely helps in weight loss.

ix) It increases the cleansing capacity of body organs:

It increases the cleansing capacity of body organs like lungs, kidney, and liver as most essentially the skin. Juices impart a radiant glow to the skin and discards wastes and toxins from the body.

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Some tips and precautions:

  • Juice should be consumed freshly as stale juice lacks almost all the nutrients compared to a fresh juice.
  • Remove all the seeds and skin before putting the fruit in a mixer grinder. Seeds may result in bitter taste.
  • Wash the fruits properly before consuming it directly or preparing a juice out of it.

If a person is suffering from serious medical conditions, one should not just stick to this therapy. Juices should be consumed but along with it other foods like cereals, grains and proper amount of protein and carbohydrate should also be consumed by any individual.

Going on complete juice therapy is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it is not beneficial for infants and young children.

Certain people tend to develop a particular allergy when a particular fruit is consumed. So do enough research before indulging completely on a fruit diet.