Malasana (Garland Pose) – How To Do And Its Benefits

Yoga in its own way has helped many a lives in many different ways. The long office hauls and the tired evening returns can only be compromised by nothing but a good session of yoga, refreshing you to the core with its small stretches and twists. Even in the earliest of the mornings when the foggy skies prevent you from going on a solid jog, why not use all that energy into performing a good hours’ yoga.

In case you are wondering how yoga helps, there are certain poses and postures, some achievable instantly, some not so easy. One such posture is the Malasana, easy enough if you practice well, hard enough if you ignore it. In today’s article we shall talk about the poses and the benefits of this particular yoga.

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How To Do It?

The English name to this pose is called the Garland. The garland pose mainly relies on toning your body muscles while allowing you to perform your everyday squats at the same time, in the same exercise. Now that you have a gist of what is to come, let’s start off with the workout. All you require for this is a yoga mat and your full concentration.

For this posture we would require you to sit on your toes, knees bent as you recline your body support onto your thighs. Start by standing straight, your spine and neck aligned to each other. Your feet should be spread but straight and parallel to each other. Now keeping your neck and marrow steady, start bending your legs, knee spreading as you go about it.

To elaborate on it more, this is a simple squat, but instead of halfway we go all the way down until we are resting on our bent knee. At this time bring your arms over your knees to fill the small gap in between and fold them together. Now start by pressing your toes against your inner thigh by bringing your limbs closer to your torso. Hold the position for 30 seconds before you inhale and release the posture. Unfold your prayer hands and start straightening out your knees until you are back to position one.

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How Does It Help Us?

The garland pose is known for its quick remedy against back and marrow pains. This is mainly owing to your body’s rigidity that now needs to be shed through this exercise. As you bend down and lean forward to fold your hands, your body weight is transferred onto your hip girdles.

A huge blood flow is created in the pressure area opening up the tensed knots thereby giving you a pain free back.This is also applicable for body flexibility where you bending down and stretching and twisting your body will bring about flexibility in your body.

The Malasana yoga is known to take care of your metabolism, one of the reasons why it might facilitate weight loss. Metabolism in our body ensures our food digestion process has been executed at a rapid speed so that the body can create the waste matter and also utilize the important nutrients fast.

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This gives less time for food storage, fat production and so on giving you a healthier body. As you bend down and transfer your body weight to the lower limbs, your abdomen now faces a pressure situation too which is exactly how this yoga tones the abdomen muscles and helps it to function better.