Nelson Mandela – what we learned from his attitude in life

Nelson Mandela – what we learned from his attitude in life

Nelson Mandela – what we learned from his attitude in life

Nelson Mandela’s attitude towards life is summed up in this powerful quote: “Does anybody really think that they didn’t get what they had because they didn’t have the talent or the strength or the endurance or the commitment?”

When it comes to facing your problems with a positive attitude, there is no greater example than Nelson Mandela. He was a man, who made an immeasurable difference during his time on earth. And Nelson Mandela’s attitude was unfailingly positive.

Nelson Mandela – what we learned from his attitude in life


Losing the shine of brilliance

Nelson Mandela’s attitude is understood and practiced by top achievers. These are the people with an insatiable thirst to do more, do it faster and better.  We often refer to these individuals as brilliant. However, brilliance is not a limited commodity for a select few. It is abundant in people through-out the world. The reason they do not always achieve brilliance is because they garner bad habits and sabotage themselves. This makes success impossible.  For many, it has been their downfall. They not only make it impossible for themselves to succeed, they cause endless obstacles for others.

Instilling a good attitude

Attitude has and will always be the gatekeeper to success.  Good habits of attitude are more important than natural brilliance.  Achieving and accomplishing objectives cannot occur without them. South Africa would not be the place it is today were it not for Nelson Mandela’s attitude of forgiveness towards the apartheid government, who imprisoned him.

Nelson Mandela – what we learned from his attitude in life

Lou Holts built a legendary coaching career by taking on the challenge of under-performing college football programmes. He instilled in his players and coaches a burning desire to win.

His philosophy boils down to six fundamentals. The number one fundamental was: “we are going to choose the right attitude.” “You can have all the talent in the world but, if you don’t have the right attitude, you are not going to live up to your potential.”

His remaining five fundamentals to success are:
“Take pride in making sacrifices”
“Have a passion for winning”
“Understand your sense of purpose”
“Is to dream”
“Make sure people can trust you.  Let them know that you care about them and that everything you do is based on integrity and concern for them. Build your team on a foundation of trust.”

Lou Holts’ habits of attitude are exemplary.  He took control in choosing the right attitudes and in his ability to dream the big dreams. While never forgetting that such dreams cannot be achieved without attention to the tiniest details. He was willing to do the mundane work to achieve his goals.

Instilling Nelson Mandela’s attitude

And as the world mourns the loss of Nelson Mandela, you can’t help thinking that were he a sports coach, Mandela would have instilled that same attitude of sacrifice, purpose, ambition and trust into his players. This was, after all, the man who said that “sport has the power to change the world.”

Article written by: Don Price and Sarah Juggins

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