Power of the moon on metabolism

Power of the moon on metabolism

Power of the moon on metabolism

The power of the moon

Truth or Myth: the moon has always been a source of wonder to mankind and an array of power and properties have been assigned to it. We have all heard about the madness-inducing full moon, and the impact of the moon on women’s menstrual cycle.

Well now astrologers are suggesting that the power of the moon can also play a role in our diet and nutrition. Star-gazers believe that the position of the moon in relation to other planets in the solar system can genuinely impact on our metabolism, with our bodies responding to different food groups depending upon the moon’s relationship to us.


So here is a little bit more about the moon’s phases and its relationship with weight loss.

Full moon

This is the time to detoxify. Eat healthy, cleansing food, drink plenty of water and herbal drinks and cut out the toxins. As the full moon rises say ‘goodbye’ to drugs, alcohol and fatty or sugary food and drinks. This is the ideal time to start dieting.

Waning Moon

14 days after the moon reaches its fullest stage it begins to wane. At this point you should be eating healthy food, little and often. Eat fruit, vegetables, pulses and whole meal pasta, rice and bread. Eat your normal three meals a day, but ensure that you snack regularly to keep your blood sugar levels constant.

New Moon

The 24-hour period either side of the new moon is the perfect time to give your body a short, sharp shock. The new moon is the ideal time for a three or five-day detoxification programme as the body is particularly receptive at this time.

Power of the moon on metabolism

Growing Moon

As the moon approaches its full stage, your body will be craving food and calories. To avoid piling on the pounds during this time, try not to eat too late in the evening. Eat your main meals during the day, and if you are still hungry in the evening eat low calorie snacks and drink water or herbal drinks.

Nutritional types

Not everyone will react to the power of the moon in the same way. For some people, the effect of the moon may be great and these people can use the moon to help them maintain or lose weight. For others, this power will not be so strong.

There is no scientific way of discovering how the power of the moon may effect you, so it really is down to trial and error and the power of your own beliefs.

Whatever the power of the moon is having upon your metabolism, there are some rules that apply to everyone. Snacking foods, or foods that can be eaten during a detoxification period, include whole grain rice, lentils and pulses, figs, green salad, lettuce. Foods that should definitely be avoided during detox include: white sugar, coated grains, white flour, white bread, sweetened drinks, coffee and tea, red meat, salty products and highly-manufactured food such as cakes and biscuits.

Hocus pocus, or is there something in the theory? You decide!