Raja yoga Meditation Techniques

Yoga stands for connection and the mental connection between ones soul and the Supreme Soul by remembering Him as a part of meditation is known as Rajyoga. Rajyoga helps your soul get connected to God which brings you peace and relieves you from the sins of the past. Yoga washes away all sorts of impurities like bathing in a river and the soul is cleansed when you are in touch with the Supreme Soul.

raja yoga meditation

Here are the best Raja yoga Meditation Techniques and Benefits.


1. Keep 10 to 20 minutes aside from your busy schedule every day for Rajyoga, either early morning or in the evenings.

2. Choose a secluded place and relax. You can use soft music to build up the correct atmosphere.

3. Sit comfortably on floor or chair, and keep your spine erect.

4. Keep your eyes open and stare at something in front of you.

5. Don’t stop thinking just observe and try to concentrate. If you get disturbing thoughts, just avoid them.

6. You will start feeling peaceful and then you can create a thought for yourself. Try to connect your soul with the Supreme Soul of God. Try and imagine about the beautiful earth that He has created. The green trees, the blue oceans, the colorful birds and diversity everything living together.

7. As you try and build up a relationship with God you will notice that you feel positive and you are more compassionate. You have a sense of awareness and knowledge which you lacked just a few days before.

8. To finish your meditation, meditate for a few minutes keeping your eyes closed and let no thought come up.

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Yoga increases your power to tolerate. People have to face a lot of situations and get through with all the worldly nonsense, problems, irritation, depression, etc. When you are in a lighter state of mind you can tackle situations much better than how you were before. This in turn makes your relationships smoother as you have the higher to get situations under control.


Meditation gets your mind aware and you have a clearer vision towards life. The decisions which seemed doubtful and vague till a few days ago would seem perfectly alright now and you would be ready to make accurate judgments which would come from your mind. You will be able to judge yourself better but do not try to judge others.


Just like a jeweler can make out the difference between real and artificial jewelry in a jiffy, we too have the ability to discriminate what is right and what is wrong. You can figure out the differences between truths and lies, you can understand the difference between temporary and eternal, difference between superficial and subtle, etc.


With complete awareness that your soul is different from you body, you can withdraw from the senses. Just the way a snail retreats itself in its shell to avoid from eternal forces, or just to take rest, even human being will be able to retreat to their own self from any situation to feel protected.

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Enduring Hardships:

Meditation helps you to endure hardships. When you have the strength and faith on your spirituality and you know what you are doing is right, you will have the will power and dedication to work hard and go through difficult situations smoothly.


A human brain has a lot of thoughts scattered about everything that they are related to. These are bound to stress them at one point of time and that is when meditation turns a healer. When you start think straight you stay focused. This brings you to light, freedom and frees your from tension.

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