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The Tongue Patch Diet – Popular Weight Loss Measure

The Tongue Patch Diet – Popular Weight Loss Measure

But what does this diet mean exactly? The weight loss patch is a new and popular procedure that implies sewing a mesh to your tongue. The special patch doesn’t contain any type of medicine or chemicals, unlike the nicotine patch, for example. However, those who decide to try out these body slimming patches will find it very difficult to eat solid food.

Weight Loss With a Tongue Patch

The mesh that’s surgically attached to your tongue will help you lose weight, simply because it makes eating painful. It normally lasts for about a month, during which you should rely on a liquid diet rather than a solid one. And why will liquids be your choice? Because you’ll almost cry eating solid foods. According to the inventor of this diet, Dr. Nikolas Chugay, the tongue patch diet can help patients lose between 15 and 30 pounds monthly. Moreover, he’s proud to reveal that 10 of his patients are enjoying impressive results.

The Tongue Patch Diet – Popular Weight Loss Measure

Tongue Weight Loss Patch Costs

This weight loss patch procedure is offered by several doctors in Los Angeles, and can cost up to $1,500. Before deciding to go for it, you should know that it can have a long term impact on your general health. The patch will make you drop some pounds rapidly, however, once it gets removed after one month, you might get back to your old eating habits. So, you’ll need to pay extra care to your diet and health afterwards.

Weight Loss Patches : Size Zero Patch ($49.95)

You should know that there are other weight loss patches, besides the tongue patch diet we mentioned before. Among these, there’s the Size Zero Patch. According to the company’s studies and tests, the ingredients used for this weight loss patch are among the most effective in getting rid of undesired pounds. This product guarantees that you can lose weight without having to exercise or diet, due to its innovative technology.

The Tongue Patch Diet – Popular Weight Loss Measure

Other Body Slimming Patches: Boot Camp Body Patches (£24.95)

This product can also be included on your list of body slimming patches. Boot Camp Body Patches guarantee a 24/7 proven efficiency on your body. They contain 44 mg of active ingredients/patch and act like an appetite suppressant. Moreover, this weight loss patch releases a natural extract of fucus vesicukosus that will make your body burn fat while you’re sleeping.

If you want to give Boot Camp Body Patches a try, make sure to apply them on a clean and dry body part. This way, the ingredients will easily travel into your bloodstream, which enables them to start burning body fat. 

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