Top 8 Healthy Low Calorie Lunch Recipes In India

The world today is enraged with being healthy. The cut-throat competition that rules the world clearly states that the boon of being healthy is compared to nothing else greater. In the run to keep the schedule on time, we often miss out on the proper nutrients that build our body. Often the breakfast is missed and the dinner was spicy. In today’s article, we shall talk about how low-calorie lunch recipes can offer you mouthwatering dishes, you need just know the right kind of recipes.

Best Low-Calorie Lunch Recipes:

Here we enlisted, 8 simple and easy low-calorie lunch recipes in India. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Chickpea Falafel Sandwich:

low calories lunch recipes

To get this recipe started, add some cornflour starch, egg and chickpea into a bowl and make patties out of it. You may even add thyme and parsley to the mix and once done refrigerate it. On a pita bread spread tahini sauce and cut up some black olives, baby corns, tomatoes and diced onions and make a salsa out of it. Fry the patties to a golden brown now and plate up.

2. Shrimp Caesar Salad:

healthy low calorie lunch recipes 2

Prepare your Caesar salad with cabbage leaves mixed with celery, spinach, black olives and spring onions topped with some olive oil. You may even add thyme and parsley to it. Now for the shrimp, boil and scale it. Paint some lemon juice and white soy on it before plating it up.

3. Smoky Beef Chili:

healthy low calorie lunch recipes 3

Boil some lima beans in a bowl while you braise the beef ribs in bar-b-q sauce. Once done toss the beef into a pan of butter and cook it to a golden brown hue. Drain the beans and prepare a salsa with onions and tomato and corns and once done add the beef ribs, chilli paste and tomato puree and sauté it.

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4. Grilled Chicken And Cheese Sandwich:

healthy low calorie lunch recipes 4

The basic requirement for this is boiled chicken rashers torn in half, toast and wholeness of cheese. To get the grub started to plate up onions and tomato rings before slipping in the chicken pieces sprinkled with cumin, chilli flakes and oregano. Now grate the cheese and sprinkle it on top before sealing in the grub and grilling it to perfection.

5. Brown Bread Salad:

To start off with this salad, you would need a meat piece to accompany with it, be it bacon or a chicken slice. Dice the pieces and smear them in herbs before tossing them in the pan. In a pan sear some red wine and add lettuce leaves with some spring onions and bell peppers and then mix in the chicken and bread pieces.

6. Red Wine Seared Lamb Rib:

healthy low calorie lunch recipes 6

In a pan toss in some white soy and red wine and sear it before adding in some peas and onion dices. Prior to this you should braise the lamb ribs and grill them so that now you can add it to the mix and create a perfect lunch. You may even add potato mash as a side dish or some baked broccoli on the side.

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7. Chicken Sweet Corn Noodle Soup:

healthy low calorie lunch recipes 7

Mix the olive oil in a pan of water and put the noodles in while you cook the chicken pieces in a separate pan. Once done, start making the soup by adding parmesan, sweet corn, onion to a cup of water and add a pinch of cornflour to it. Once done, bring all the ingredients together and put seasoning as per taste before serving hot.

8. Mango And Black Bean Salad:

healthy low calorie lunch recipes 8

For a light lunch why not opt for the black bean and mango salad made of the finest mangoes that would make your taste buds go awry. Dice the mangoes into small bits while you boil your black bean. Prepare a salsa on the side by adding vinegar and lime to diced up tomatoes, onions and corn. Now drain the beans and add everything in as a salad.

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