10 Smart Ways to make our Favourite meals Healthier

10 Smart Ways to make our Favourite meals Healthier

We all have our favourite foods. Although some of these foods are high in calories, there are sneaky ways to keep your favourite foods, but help cut down on calories and help make these choices healthier. All this takes is good planning to simple alternatives that can make a big difference, without compromising taste.

How to adapt recipes to make them healthier  – 10 Smart Ways


I start with pizza, as this is a big favourite for most, and some pizzas starting at 500 calories a slice, there is much improvement to help this meal cut its calories. When looking at the pizza, there is a lot we can do to help make this dish healthier. Start by making/ordering your pizza with half the amount of cheese. Better yet, try to go cheese-less and sprinkle two tablespoons of dried parmesan. You can also choose veggie toppings instead of meat, and go for thin crust instead of thick. For even more ideas on how to make healthy pizza, click here.


On average a white burger bun can contain 236 calories and a beef burger patty can deliver 460 calories. So, that’s 696 calories from one burger. To help us cut this down, we can cut the burger in half, eating the rest later on.  We can also substitute a whole wheat bun for a white flour bun, or have a turkey or veggie burger instead of beef.

10 Smart Ways to make our Favourite meals Healthier


Although I have no problem with bacon, and I eat it on a regular basis, there are reports out there about saturated fat & bacon, so if this is something that plays on your mind, then switching to turkey bacon does offer lower saturated fat, but still offers the same great taste.

Ice Cream

This one is really simple, swapping ice cream for sorbet. Sorbet over ice cream can save you up to 50 calories per serving. Sorbet also offers vitamins that you get from eating the whole fruit. Sorbet is tangy, delicious and refreshing, so you wont feel like you are missing out on a dessert.


To help keep your salads not only healthy, but also different, I suggest mixing and matching your lettuce types. For example, kale is a great choice as this is an excellent source of vitamins A,C & K, whilst also providing the minerals Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorus. Spinach is another great choice to mixing your lettuce to help keep your salads tasty. Don’t hesitate to check out our selection of TOP 10 healthiest salads as well!

Cookies and Cakes

Many people will find it hard to swap their and cakes for healthier alternatives, but there are great tasting options that offer less fat and fewer calories. You can swap your cookies for fig bars or ginger snaps for fewer calories. For cakes, try and choose white over chocolate, we must remember although these offer fewer calories they are still desserts and should be eaten in moderation.


At home or at a restaurant, I often see a lot of people sprinkling salt onto there meals to enhance the taste. One simple trick I have learned is instead of salt try to squeeze Lemon/Lime onto your meals for a better healthier option, also chopped herbs offer greater benefits than salt.

 10 Smart Ways to make our Favourite meals Healthier

French Fries

We have all grown up and crossed paths with french fries. At home, a really great way to help make this type of meal healthier is to replace the french fries with a baked sweet potato. Sweet potato is a great source of vitamins B6, C and D and also contains Iron and Magnesium.


When it comes to dressings we either do to much, to little, or choose the wrong types. I say for every bowl size of salad, add two tablespoons of your dressing. This will give you the right amount for taste, but also helps keep calories down. My top dressings are Balsamic Vinaigrette, Lite Honey Mustard Vinaigrette, Blue cheese Yogurt, and Eggless Caesar Dressing.


When it comes to cooking your meals, there are some better ways that I would suggest you do for certain foods. Here is a small list for each:
Bake = Meat
Poach = Fish, Chicken & eggs
Steam = Veg & fish
Stir Fry = Veg & Meat
Grill = Meats, Poultry, Fish & Veg
Roast = Meat & Veg