5 bizarre weight loss tricks that work

5 bizarre weight loss tricks that work

5 bizarre weight loss tricks that work

30 Seconds to Weight Loss

Argh, shiver me timbers Matie, timed cold showers can reduce body fat!

This is a concept that I began practicing back in the late 90’s, so I feel a great sense of validation to read that there was a 2009 landmark study in the New England Journal of Medicine and that last year (2013) scientists at the US National Institutes of Health, monitored shivering subjects to study the body’s production of the isirin, a hormone that boosts body heat and converts white fat cells into energy, burning brown fat cells.  This was particularly helpful as I prepared for the Night of Champions Body Building Invitation in 2002, where I won the light heavy weight title as the lightest competitor at 176 1/4 pounds.  Ok, enough about me, you probably want to know how and why it works.


First, a calorie is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of water by one degree Celsius.  On average 50 -60% of an adults body weight is derived from water, and 60 – 70% of our caloric intake is expended to regulate our body temperature around 98.6 degrees.  The cold shower will reduce the body’s core temperature, thus triggering muscle contractions that produce irisin, which increases the amount of iron in white fat cells.  This accounts for the change in color to brown as well as the shift from stored energy to expended energy and the subsequent elevation in body temperature and decrease in body fat.  So, in order to enjoy this “burn”, you must endure the cold for at least 30 seconds after which time you are free to shiver your butt off as long as you and your water bill can bear.

Burn Within 30 Minutes

Educators and mothers have urged children to eat breakfast, so that they learn better in school, but doing so will also help you “burn” better. Ending your overnight fasting by eating within 30 minutes of waking is a sure fire way of increasing your metabolism for the day. Food consumption in general triggers diet-induced thermogenesis or DIT.

Prominent obesity researchers, Dr. Nancy Rothwell and Dr. Michael Stock, explain that the body’s increased expenditure of energy, following the ingestion of food is exactly what speeds up the metabolism.   Bypassing this important window will not only slow down metabolism, but it will also drive the body into starvation mode.  This mode is undesirable, because it stimulates the body to store the long-awaited food in the fat cells as an emergency backup. So make the most of your first half hour and rev your metabolic “engine” early to begin creating the caloric deficit needed for weight loss. Why not try these fast and easy to make metabolism-boosting smoothies?

Gym Less 2 Weigh Less

Give your gym pass and your body a break, while decreasing your risk of exercise induced illness.   Opting for full body workouts (FBW) instead of split routines will lessen the negative impact on your immune system, speed up your recovery, increase your gains and reduce your likelihood of sickness-driven abandonment of your program.

Full body workouts eliminate the need for consecutive days in the gym or worse, long multiple-hour sessions that drive the body into a catabolic state.  Condensing your efforts into three 30 – 45 minute sessions per week, followed immediately by a short cardio activity will burn fat more readily than split routines.  This approach uses a constant series of mostly multi-joint and/or compound exercises with minimal breaks in between exercises to deplete the body’s glycogen stores before performing a cardio “finisher.” In the absence of carbohydrate stores, the body taps into fat stores to fuel the cardio portion.  My client Mindy, an extremely busy mother with a deployed husband, lost over 11 pounds after 5 sessions and reported, “My skinny jeans are no longer suffocating my thighs.”

5 bizarre weight loss tricks that work

Sleepy + Stressed = Fat

The Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Timothy Morgenthaler reported that in addition to a suppressed immune system, lack of sleep can lead to both obesity and diabetes.  Harvard’s School of Public Health confirmed this when it identified lack of sleep as a major contributor to America’s Obesity epidemic.

Increasing your sleep to seven or eight hours nightly will decrease your risk of weight gain and help maintain a healthy weight.  If you are a sleep slacker, don’t fret or fear because stress causes elevated levels of cortisol, a menacing little hormone that easily create chaos for your weight loss plans.  The Glycemic Research Institute reported that increased cortisol levels stimulated fat cell replication and muscle wasting.  This increase in fat and decrease muscle will have the compounding effect of slowing down your metabolism and hindering your weight loss efforts. Employing stress management techniques such as being more organized, your writing down appointments and leaving 15 minutes earlier can improve your body transformation pursuits.  So make it a priority to sleep more and stress less for a healthier leaner you.

Say “C YA” to Fat with CLA

Research summarized by the National Institutes of Health revealed some compelling facts about Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and its impact on body composition.  In 2000 Henriatta Blankson and the American Society of Nutritional Sciences shared that consuming CLA significantly reduced body fat mass (BF%) and increased lean body mass (LBM).  This was further validated in 2005 by findings in The Journal of Nutrition and in 2007 via the British Journal of Nutrition.  The double-blind, placebo-controlled study revealed that CLA use supported as much as a 1.3 pound increase of  LBM and up to a 10% BF reduction in obese and overweight adults. CLA is naturally derived from safflower oil and I prefer mine with dark chocolate and raspberry in the form of an advanced fat conversion activity bar. Comment below for more details on when I consume and other benefits of CLA.