Can I change my body shape?

Can I change my body shape?

After sixteen years in the fitness industry, I have seen workouts and diets come and go, machines come and go, chains of gyms come and go, but one of the things that never change is a question a lot of people ask me on our first meeting:


The answer is YES! (a big fat yes) definitely.


We cannot change our body type (Ectomorph – tall and skinny, Mesomorph – medium height & weight and Endomorph – shorter with heavier body), but we all can change our body shape. I see it happening every month. It’s not easy in the beginning, it requires dedication and consistency, but everybody who has achieved it has no doubt that it is worth it.

So how can we achieve that? We only need 3 things:

1. A strategy adequate to your body type and present situation (specially your body fat percentage and muscle mass).

2. An end goal and deadline.

3. This is the most important piece of the puzzle: dedication and consistency. There is no magic secret or miraculous shortcut. This is it: dedication and hard (enjoyable) work will not only get you to where you want but will create a series of highly desirable ‘healthy habits’ that will keep you where you want, avoiding the well known ‘Yo-Yo’ hardcore diet trap.

Everybody is an individual case and I would highly recommend that you speak with a serious Personal Trainer, with a good track record to at least take your measurements, set realistic goals and prepare your exercise & nutrition programme, but in general if you’re an Endomorph or Mesomorph, you have to maintain a diet with controlled carbohydrates, especially sugars, and rich in protein, non root vegetables and a strategic amount of healthy fats.

Can I change my body shape?

Training wise, you should opt for a mixture of high intensity circuits like CrossFit and a moderate to high volume of cardio like running, cycling and rowing. This way you can burn a lot of calories and promote a good neuroendocrine adaptation on your body (hormonal response). If you’re the Ectomorph type, generally you would benefit from a diet with more carbohydrates, paired with protein, vegetables and a strategic amount of healthy fats, in this case you will consume a higher amount of calories than the other two body types, to give your body the necessary fuel to build more muscle. Training wise you would benefit more by training on ‘split days’ to change your shape, with relatively low cardio.

Well, hope that this info is going to help you to make the best decision to achieve your healthiest and fittest body, and remember: You should always consult a fitness professional to design your individual nutrition plan and workout, but right now you can start with a bit of cardio (for some non-boring cardio options click here) and cutting the unhealthy choices from your daily nutrition 😉

Because if you want to change, there’s no better time to start than right now! See you soon!