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Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work

Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work

It’s time to expand your repertoire of slimming methods with a few extra options. In order to have the figure you were dreaming of, it is important to try your hand at a wide array of diet and exercise options.

The weird weight loss tricks that really work are here to help you find the best means to cut back on calories and still consume your fave foods.

Orange Trick

Those who wish to spare themselves of the unfortunate consequences of overeating will have the chance to experiment with the following trick. Hunger can attack you in the most critical moments. Therefore, the solution to tame your cravings is to sit down and peel an orange. This ritual will slow you down and load your organism with fluids. Consume fruits rich in water to control the food intake.

Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work

Portion Control Trick

It might seem pretty weird to actually try the following trick, however it can help you stick to your portion control principles. Celebrities often use the napkin trick to make sure they avoid overeating.

In order to consume a moderate amount of calories during your dinner it is wise to toss your napkin on top of the food. This is a clear sign that you’ve finished dining. Undoubtedly, there are hardly any chances for you to remove the napkin and have a few more bites.

Cake Trick

There’s no need to deprive yourself of the most delicious cakes if you’re on a diet. Instead you can make a few wise ingredient swaps as the ones presented here.

In order to reduce the calorie content of these delicious treats all you have to do is substitute applesauce for butter or oil and egg whites for whole eggs. These are some of the most important changes you can make in your baking routine.

Varied Foods

Some celebrities experiment with the weirdest diet tricks, check out this one that comes from Christina Aguilera. The beloved pop diva eats extremely colorful servings that help her tame her cravings for a versatile menu. For an extra slimming factor she opts for 4 basic meals: one cold, one hot, one soft and one crunchy. This is how she manages to shed a few extra pounds for special events.

Children Cutlery Trick

Those who are not afraid of experimenting with weird tricks will have the chance to complete their slimming method repertoire with an additional practice. Using children cutlery is one of the best means to control our food intake. Use the tiny plastic spoons, forks and knives to slow down eating and offer time for your brain to sense when you’re actually full.

Highlight Fruits

Those who wish to get used to the regular consumption of fruits and healthy veggies should grab a colorful bowl and load it with a few fat burning bananas, apples, citrus fruits and other basic slimming ingredients. Place the bowl in well-lit spots in your home. You’ll definitely stumble upon low-calorie and nutritive snacks.

Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work

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