10 Latest & Best Showcase Designs For Bedroom With Pictures

The modern trend is choosing interiors which are compact and space creating designs. To achieve the illusion of a spacious room is also one of the ideas behind designing a house with wall fitted showcase furniture’s. Designing the house includes designing the bedroom in a more cosy and comfortable furniture’s. To make yourself in the bedroom cosier requires good TV bedroom showcase design along with other added shelves adds cupboard to store daily use items. The television showcase can be made from a single wooden piece or by combining wood with glass. The combination material is the current trend in designing furniture. In this article, we suggest some best Showcase Designs for Bedroom with photos. Choose your loved one from below designs, according to your bedroom.

Showcase Designs for Bedroom

How To Select Showcase Designs For Bedroom?

For reducing the time required to select a good bedroom showcase design for the bedroom it is important to know a few important basic points for how to select the best and suited design. By considering these few points minor and major errors can be avoided easily.

  • The foremost essential point to consider while setting up a showcase design in the bedroom is the bedroom diameter and space.
  • Your basic need and material in designing the showcase.
  • Showcase colour complimenting the bed colour and other related bedroom furniture.
  • Choosing the appropriate place to place the showcase design.
  • Comparing different furniture style and design.

Importance Of Showcase Designs In Bedroom:

The importance of a showcase bedroom design can be seen in two ways, some people think showcase designs are only for style and a decorative item. The other set of people who believes showcase designs is necessary furniture to place some decorative items as well as to place day to day usage things at an eye view place. Let’s see the importance of showcase design keeping both sets of people in mind.

  • A good decorative showcase which blends well with the bed design.
  • Placing the tv in the bedroom becomes easier and convenient with the help of wall integrated showcase design.
  • To place memorable photo frames, birthday or wedding gifts in the bedroom.
  • To store important daily bills in a safer place.

Modern Showcase Designs For Bedroom In India:

Here we enlisted 10 simple and latest showcase designs for bedroom with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Simple Wooden Showcase Design for Bedroom:

Best Showcase Designs for Bedroom

Wooden showcase designs for bedroom are a contemporary as well as elegant designer wear as bedroom decor. This simple wood carved slab design has a waterfall pattern. The wooden slab is integrated into the wallpaper designed wall right opposite to the bed. This wooden slab can be used as a place to store some deco ware as well as lightweight books. This type of designs are helpful to maintain room temperature, it gives cool look and satisfaction for your eyes. If you have a good space in your new room then surely you can try this one.

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2. Wall Integrated Glass Bedroom Showcase with Lights:

Latest Showcase Designs for Bedroom

White is a neutral colour and decorating material made form colour white gives an amazing look to the bedroom showcase. This wall integrated white panel design covers the entire wall seen opposite to the bed. The white coloured storage cupboard is seen on the above panel which is followed with a contrast-coloured laminate with TV inbuilt. Right below the tv is the thick wooden laminated block to hold deco ware. Sometimes peoples love to invest little more on the interior for their house then this is nice quality design for any time. It gives a classic touch with luxurious points of view. Get it done!

3. Bed with White Storage Cupboard:

Simple Showcase Designs for Bedroom

It is a trendy and attractive design which is used most commonly for designing bed headboard as well as sofas. The upholstery finish is achieved by using padded material, springs with leather, velvet as well as colour fabric. The same concept is used to design the wall in the bedroom with the main theme as wall showcase design for the bedroom. The upholstery wall is complemented with TV showcase design for bedroom and white storage floor length cupboard. The combination with black and white texture for furniture is the best and fresh look for a room.

4. Wall Integrated Wooden Finish Bedroom Showcase:

Modern Showcase Designs for Bedroom

Coming out from the usual showcase bedroom furniture like setting up in the wall right opposite to the bed, instead, choose a place wherein just by opening the bedroom door the showcase design can be viewed. The wall integrated wooden storage cabin given a floating design is a cool design. A long wooden finish slab saw just below the wooden finish storage drawer. This simple design is complemented with a painted wall on the same wall and contrast-coloured watercolour paintings hanged on the wall. The watercolour painting brings out the colourful wall design.

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5. Wall Integrated Bedroom Bookshelf Showcase:

bedroom showcase

This might sound definitely interesting for book lovers. This wall integrated bookshelf design amazing showcase designs for the bedroom. The shelf can be customized according to one´s need and your book collection. This wall integrated shelf covers the entire wall making a perfect design. The shelf can be made more attractive by placing a few paintings or a few decor items. The shelves with square shape dimension are the best design by which many such shelves can be built. Designers offer this type of showcase designs for the bedroom for those peoples who love to read, this is as per demand furniture design.

6. Cream Wooden Side Bedroom Showcase with Study Table:

showcase in bedroom

This traditional bedroom showcase design made from wooden gives an antique outlook. This cream single showcase which has two in one feature, wherein the top shelf the showcase acts as a storage place for books, placing a few memorable frames and the second part is the study table. The study table accompanied with side drawers and empty space in between to place the chair. Such designs are the best option for newlyweds’ couples who are planning to design their bedroom. This design is in the budget so it surely helps to maintain your overall cost.

7. Reclaimed Wooden Sliding Door Bedroom Showcase:

showcase bedroom furniture

Want a cool showcase design for bedroom? Then check this out a chill bedroom showcase design with rustic finish theme. The sidewall from the bed is used to design this bedroom showcase. The whole wall is finished with integrated racks on the side and the long white wooden slab in the centre as the study table. The complete design is complemented with a slide enabled single door made from reclaimed wood. The door can be slid to either side depending on the usage. This interior is a good option in the kids’ bedroom, kids can easily get access to put their school items, books or any other useful things.

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8. Curvy Storage Unit Showcase in Bedroom:

showcase design for bedroom1

Do you want to keep your budget for designing a bedroom at bay? Then check this out a simple storage unit with an attractive bedroom showcase design. This white and yellow colour combo storage unit with four drawers with metal handle gives an elegant finish. This unit can be placed either onto the bedside or opposite to the bed. The bedroom can be made more attractive with a light stand lamp in one of the wall corner. Get this design to get good reviews and compliments from your friends and family.

9. Sidewall Storage Cabinet With Sit Bank:

showcase design for bedroom2

Sidewall showcase design for the bedroom is an amazing idea with a middle sitting bank. You have a nice big window on the sidewall of your bedroom, then use this design of setting up a wall integrated storage cabinet on the side with sitting bank in the middle. This well-constructed design not only acts as a place to some decorative item but also a small place to relax and enjoy the rainy weather with a cup of coffee. If you plan to the interior for your bungalow or big bedroom then you need to try this interior idea to confirm.

10. Stonewall Bedroom Showcase Design with Small Chimney:

showcase design for bedroom3

Want to go trendy in designing your bedroom? Then choose this European design inspired bedroom showcase design. Select the right place in your bedroom to design as a showcase wall. The wall is combined with integrated black wooden cabinet along the side also on the lower part of the showcase design. The middle part of the showcase is designed with small chimney design which is covered with a glass door. Few meters above the chimney is the tv integrated to the wall. This is an amazing design for your bedroom which brings in required warmth during winter.

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It is always interesting to see a different range of bedroom showcase design, ranging from a simple wall integrated slabs to expensive full wall showcase design made from wood, glass or a combination of material. Expensive showcase always not possible choice considering the room size and wall dimension. For a good full wall design, a good amount of space is required. So check your bedroom dimension, it is also important to consider the place left after assembling your king or queen size bed.

Select the showcase design which complements your bed and side table design such that the showcase does not look out of place. Open bedroom design is the best when it comes to luxurious showcase design when compared to the space constraint bedroom. Wall integrated with sit bank is an awesome idea for a spacious bedroom. For a medium-sized room, a wallpaper designed wall with cabinets and wall-mounted is one of the best design to consider. Choose the best bedroom showcase design and enjoy a cup of coffee by watching wall integrated tv in the bedroom.