10 Simple & Modern Fence Gate Designs With Pictures

No matter what the size of the home is, having a fence alone can give it a sense of security. Along with keeping your property guarded with fencing, installing a fence gate designs are very important. Choosing the right gateway can access as an entry point to your home and also protect your privacy. It harmoniously blends with the natural surroundings and helps you enjoy personal time in your very own area.

Modern Fence Gate Designs With Pictures

Unlike the regular gates, house fence gates are designed for superior strength and durability. They are almost break-proof and can sustain regular wear-and-tear. Besides, these products can also enhance the beauty of your exteriors and add value to your asset. Let us learn more about fence gate designs, along with types, benefits, and 10 latest models in 2020.

What Is Fence Gate?

A fence gate door is a barrier attached to the compound, which can be opened or closed. It functions both as a door and a fence, which can be automated or operated manually.

Benefits Of Fence Gate Designs:

Here are some of the top benefits of fence gate designs:

  • Prevents Intrusions: Having the right type of gate for your fencing restricts unauthorized access into your area, which includes both human and animal trespassers.
  • Ease Of Use: The easy operation and installation of these gateways, make it convenient for any homeowner.
  • Durability: A typical Fence gate lasts for at least a couple of decades, with little maintenance and care. You can simply invest in a good quality gate and forget all about it.
  • Visual Appeal: You can make your property look more attractive, along with creating an authoritative statement with a gate for a fence.

What Are The Different Types Of Fence Gate Styles?

Let us take a look at the many options available in this segment:

  • Wooden Gates: They are the most popular models, known for their classy look and elegant design. Wood is also easy to work with, compared to other materials.
  • Aluminium Gates: If you are looking for a lightweight gate, Aluminium is the right choice. Also, it is quite durable and versatile.
  • PVC Gates: This material can mimic the finish of wood, without having to pay so much. It is quite solid and weather-resistant too.
  • Wrought Iron Gates: Although little heavy, wrought iron gates can add a refined to your home and last a long time.

How To Choose The Right Fence Gate For Your Home?

Check out these points which can help you buy the perfect Fence gate:

  • Before taking the decision, you must keep in mind the design of the fence. Based on that, you must pick the right design of gate.
  • For a more traditional look, you can go for wood, as it adds a vintage charm. Be sure to match the shade and finish with the rest of the fencing wall.
  • If you want to keep it stylish and sturdy, go for metal gates. They are not only affordable, but also offer premium protection.
  • Also, understanding the purpose of the gate will help in shortlisting the right design. Is this only for curb appeal or safety or both?
  • It is also important to keep in mind the budget of the gate to make the decision.

Latest Fence Gate Designs In India:

Here are our 10 simple and best fence gate designs with images and descriptions. Let’s have a look into it.

1. Designer Gates and Fences:

Designer Gates and Fences

Want to give a Japanese touch to your backyard? Check out this model, which surely lives up to the hype. Made with simple wooden panels, the gate and the fence are designed to make the place look inviting. Along with guarding your area, the fence gate also works as an accessory to beautify the surroundings.

  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: Light Brown.

2. Wood Fence Gate Designs:

Wood Fence Gate Designs

Looking for an easy-peasy gate for your barn? Check out this highly functional wooden picket gate! Made with plain wooden panels, the gate looks like an extended version of the fence itself. It is separated with a pair of hinges, which allow it to move in and out. Safety and simplicity- this best fence gate design offers both!

  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: Light Brown.

3. Front Fence Gate Design:

Front Fence Gate Design

Here is an elegant fencing idea for your modern home. Although quite basic, the simple fence gate design has a contemporary feel to it. It is made with vertical metal louvres for better visibility from inside and also protecting from direct views of the outside. A sliding gate is added to it for open and close, which seamlessly blends with the railing.

  • Material: Metal.
  • Colour: Grey.

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4. Garden Fence Gate:

Garden Fence Gate

A private garden needs a special boundary to prevent animal and human intruders. Check out this design, which is quite practical for your needs. The small-sized gate and fencing are enough to repel goats, cows and even naughty children. It stands on a concrete base and is designed to withstand external pressures.

  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: Brown.

5. Steel Fence Gate Designs:

Steel Fence Gate Designs

Steel is a great idea for guarding the perimeter of your property. Here is one such idea which can be easily replicated. A mini wall is constructed as the base, on which the steel bridge is soldered tightly. Instead of a solid wall, having this pattern around your home can give you views of the exteriors and help you track the movements.

  • Material: Steel.
  • Colour: Black.

6. Sliding Fence Gates:

Sliding Fence Gates

Here is a humongous metal sliding gate that works in dual ways. The extra-large sized barricade works on a track using wheels. When not in use, it functions as a protective fence. You can combine it with a solid wall or a matching fence for consistency. Although it looks quite heavy, the wheels make the operation, a cakewalk!

  • Material: Steel.
  • Colour: Black.

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7. Iron Fence Gates:

Iron Fence Gates

If you want to privatise a specific area in your home, you can try this design. Whether it is for your garden, backyard or even a favourite tree, this fence can work as a guard. The metal around through the boundary, while the gate allows access to inside or out. You can even go for an elegant detailing on the entrance for added looks!

  • Material: Wrought Iron.
  • Colour: Black.

8. Aluminium Fence Gate:

Aluminium Fence Gate

Here is a custom-made Aluminium fence gate that is made for your special home. The vertical bars are placed in asymmetrical order to create this beautiful design. It functions as a safety wall for your property without having to shut down the ventilation and views. Just add a cool gate to this fence and watch as people admire your taste.

  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Colour: Black.

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9. Decorative Fence Gate Designs:

This fencing design is a metal extravaganza. The floral-inspired gate is a playful idea worked on the metallic frame. From a distance, it gives the illusion of a blooming garden around your property and grabs the attention of the onlookers. Even the gate is co-ordinated with the fencing to create this artistic marvel!

  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Colour: Black.

10. Readymade Fence Gates:

If you are not someone who has the patience of doing a DIY, get yourself this readymade fence. The pre-fabricated metallic bars are cut as per measurements and installed at the desired location. A gate is also provided at the centre to move in and out. You can even try automating it for better convenience.

  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Colour: Grey.

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Those are some of the best Fencing gate models for you to choose from! While a fence is inevitable to any home, picking the right idea can do a lot of good. As listed in the benefits, you can enjoy a peaceful stay in your house, along with enjoying private time with your friends and family. Just keep in mind the buyer tips and speak to the salesman for any more queries. If you liked any particular model, do let us know in the comments section!