15 Best Living Room Decor Ideas For 2020

There can be many ideas for living room decor which enlightens up your atmosphere of home. You can give various different colours for your wall and designer furniture, maximize the glow of the living room. There are plenty of designs available for decorating your living room and this can be in your budget too. The design of the living room should be such that it leaves its impression for many years to come.

Unique Ideas for Living Room Decor:

Let’s find here with mentioned modern and stylish living room decor ideas for your home.

1. Simple Style Living Room Decor:

Simple style Living Room Décor

This living room decorating idea is simple in looks with gorgeous photo frames hanging on grey wall. In the corner there is a beautiful lamp over round stool. The middle of the room is having round table with dual system. This design comes with basic fundamental need for your living room and overall it is looking noticeable.

2. Designer Living Room Decor:

Designer Living Room Décor

It is a designer home decor idea for living room with plain white walls having LED bulbs attached to ceiling. Stylish three big bulbs with red crystal cover are hanging on roof over much big glass table having candles. Cartoon featuring frames are beautifying the walls. Such type of designs you will find in new offices too. It catches the good comments.

3. Fascinating Living Room Decor:

Fascinating Living Room Décor

This small living room decorating idea is a fascinating one that how inspiring use of space is done with an amazing arrangement of sofas, pretty curtains over big windows and lovely textures on wall. A large cupboard is there on one wall with open and close boxes. It adjusts your living room space with beautiful looks.

4. Combined Orange with Green Colour Living Room Decor:

Combined orange with green color Living Room Décor

This living room decoration idea is incredible with green and orange wall colour. Astounding curve has been given on wall and stylish sofas are kept. Television is hanging on the wall and the whole room is shining with a perfect arrangement of lights.

5. Interior Light Studded Living Room:

Interior Light Studded Living Room

This interior decoration for living room is having the lights studded on ceilings. There is a round shape sofa attached to the wall and fashionable table is adding charm in the interior. There is a big glass slider door to the balcony from where the enchanting ocean is visible. This type of designs gives relaxation for your eyes.

6. Conventional Living Room Decor:

Conventional Living Room Décor

This living room decoration is looking conventional with the ancient style of sitting arrangement with wood table and small wooden stool. The doors are decorated and there is a romantic fireplace in a wall beside which cotton cushion is kept.

7. Creative Style Living Room Decor:

Creative style Living Room Décor

This seating arrangement is decorating living room in a unique way. Very small sizes of cute chairs are there and on one side only spacious cushions are kept. Three layers of glass bulbs are hanging in one corner and very big crystal vase is highlighting the room. This type of living room decorations specially designed for youngsters and creative persons. They like to simple but comfort space in the living room.

8. Modern Type Living Room Decor:

Modern type Living Room Décor

It is present demand of the home decor living room with wooden walls and two sofas. The room is very spacious and in the balcony stunning plant is grown with wall cover. The oval shape bulb is there in corner and big rectangular tiles are attached on floors. This one gives the luxury lifestyle look for the living room.

9. Multi-coloured Style  Living Room Decor:

Multi-coloured style Living Room Décor

This is modish interior decoration living room of a bungalow. Beneath designer table a designer mat is kept of multi colour. Even the pattern of this black chair is mind-blowing. There are big glass doors and over it also glass windows are kept. The room is having full height.

10. Best Velvet Colour Living Room Decor:

Best velvet colour Living Room Décor

This decoration of living room will leave you mesmerizing with purple theme. The wall is lovingly designed with zigzag design and two big photos are hanged. Opposite sofa, purple square and rectangle design is done, which is looking charismatic. You can design this type of decor as per your colour of choice.

11. Women’s Special Living Room Decor:

Women’s special Living Room Décor

This living room interior decoration is looking charming with pink colour balcony wall and designer stand bulb is there. The sofa is having a colourful printed seat cover and printed cushion cover. Round pillow of printed cover is lying on the surface and amazing big chair in the balcony.

12. Remarkable Living Room Decor:

Remarkable Living Room Décor

The interior decoration for living room is just remarkable with small cute chairs and small table. Steps are there in this room and box like design is made in this wall. Inside boxes, lovely statutes are looking marvelous and yellow wall cover is looking magnifying.

13. Luxurious Living Room Decor:

Luxurious Living Room Décor

This decoration of living room is looking luxurious with round plain sofa and colourful plain cushions. A captivating chandelier is hanging over the sofa and in between each window, lovely statutes are kept. Round open bulb is there beside the sofa and looking superb.

14. Wall Decor Living Room:

Wall Décor Living Room

The interior decoration for living room is looking wonderful with lovely wall texture behind the television. White crystal ball design chandelier is hanging and plain orange sofa is looking outstanding with printed cushions. The balcony wall is having an open brick pattern.

15. Trendsetter Living Room Decor:

This is a simply gorgeous living room decoration idea with single white sofa and the dark blue colour wall. The wall is having few photo frames attached to it and white & black colour carpet is looking exceptional with simplicity of this living room.

These are only a few of the designs of living room decor. You can include your thoughts in this design and create a new one. You have to plan for decorating your living room according to your room size. Selecting each item personally for your room adds a charm in decoration. You will get good suggestions from your interior designers too. They will guide and help you to find good and adjustable fitting if any necessary. Try some unique quality for your living room.