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15 Latest Bathroom Accessories With Pictures In 2020

Bathrooms are not just meant for doing our daily duties and taking a shower and coming out; it needs to be maintained well with a good amount of accessories needed to give a four-walled plain white or tiles cemented wall a pleasant outlook.

Different types of bathroom accessories are mirrors of your bathroom. These accessories come with low to high budget in the market. The branded wholesaler will surely help you to design your bathroom with these accessories. This eye-soothing ambience can be created by using some simple deco’s.

Best Bathroom Accessories In India:

Here are our 15 simple and modern bathroom accessories ideas which will come handy in setting up your bathroom.

1. Round Mirror with a Glass Slab Holder:

bathroom accessories

The mirror is an important accessory which is very much needed in the bathroom, which is placed just above the washbasin. Mirrors can be given an attractive look by buying some fancy and decorated designed ones. Early morning get up and brush your teeth with the help of this type of mirror, get some rounded mirror for your bathroom.

2. Wooden Bathroom Towel and Paper Holder Set:

Wooden bathroom towel and paper holder Set

Wood made accessory gives a rich and elegant look. The wood doesn’t need to be very expensive ones, and a simple reclaimed woods can be designed to form brush stand, towel holding shelves and also stand designed to hold toilet paper rolls.

3. Retro Double Rack Copper Shelf:

Retro Double Rack Copper Shelf

This double rack shelf is one of the oldest designs seen in all bathroom in the early ’90s now again this model has come back due to the copper material and its magnificent finish brought by designing the accessory in a simple way.

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4. Hair Dryer Holder:

Hair dryer holder

This simple accessory was foremost used in all some lodges to five-star hotels, where hairdryer is a come gadget placed in all hotel rooms, and this holder design is used in normal household bathroom accessory. This plastic or metal holder is seen next to the washbasin or next to the bathtub.

5. Trendy Brush and Soap Holder Set:

Trendy Brush and Soap Holder Set

The modern way of decorating the bathroom with some rich-looking accessory is the wooden material combined with white painted wooden lid. This type of design matches well for any type of bathroom design. White-coloured shade with a catchy look will surely help you to grab attention.

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6. Bamboos Liquid Soap Dispenser:

Bamboos Liquid Soap Dispenser

For all people who are against plastic and metal accessory, they will definitely fall in love with bamboo made accessories. This is one such designer item is the liquid soap dispenser which is placed near to the washbasin, and it’s used mostly next to the toothpaste and brush!. This type of accessory catches the attention of your guest too.

7. Wooden Laminated Storage Cupboard:

Wooden Laminated Storage cupboard

Storage cupboard below the washbasin is the most recent accessory sold, and this is less clumsy when compared to the open shelf which needs to be cleaned every often. The cupboard can be made attractive by laminating the outside door with wooden look like laminating sheets. This type of accessory you will find in luxury apartments.

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8. Steel Bathroom Accessory:

Steel Bathroom Accessory

Stainless Steel bathroom accessories suit well for the white coloured wall. The steel colour accessory can be purchased as a set with a brush holder, cleaner stand, towel stand. Since the probability of rust formation is high, regular cleaning is required. It helps you to put your wet clothes on a steel stand. Easy to clean this type of accessory. No required extra effort for cleaning.

9. Designed Marble Bathroom Accessory Set:

Designed Marble Bathroom accessory set

Marble is definitely a posh looking accessory ware which people like to decorate their bathroom and also in the kitchen. This marble bathroom accessories set come with toothbrush holder, soap holder, soap dispenser. You can take such type of bathroom accessories for your bathroom by using online shopping option too.

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10. Grey Stone Bathroom Accessory Set:

Grey Stone Bathroom accessory set

Greystone designed is the next common modern designer bathroom accessories which is very beautifully designed with some minute artwork on the outer part of the accessory, which is seen most commonly on the toothbrush holder. It gives a different look than regular bathroom accessory, which we use commonly.

11. Crochet Designer Bathroom Set:

Crochet Designery bathroom set

Crochet hand weaved designer bathroom accessory set has the advantage that this accessory can be designed at home. This set consists of the toothbrush holder, towel holder. Soap holder cannot be made seen the wool will go bad.

12. Bathroom Mat Set:

Bathroom mat set

Mats are the most used accessory in the bathroom, which is seen in all households. These mats can be designed with cotton or from synthetic material. Cotton or Woolen material needs to be washed and maintained well.

13. Antique Ceramic Bathroom Set:

Antique ceramic bathroom set

The ceramic material is not just used in making cutlery ware but also used in making bathroom accessory. These chrome bathroom accessories are designed in an antique was with calligraphic writing seen on the front top.

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14. Plastic Bathroom Accessory Set:

Plastic Bathroom accessory set

Plasticware is cost-effective and durable since breakage risk is very minimal when compared to other ceramic and glassware. This plastic set comes in a different colour which can be chosen according to the wall colour of the bathroom.

15. Designer Bathroom Ware Accessory:

Designery Bathroom ware accessory

This modern bathroom is furnished with bright coloured bathroom accessories by combining different coloured accessory items. The theme used in creating a bathroom accessory can be made in an innovative way to make the bathroom look more colourful.

Bathroom Accessories

When any guest comes to your home, and if they want to use your bathroom to freshen up, then, you need to arrange all properly before they come. You can buy bathroom accessories as per your budget, try to give a good look for your bathroom. It helps to feel good while if anyone uses your bathroom. Pick one type of accessory set and decorate your bathroom to create an eye-catchy look. A simple plastic set can also do wonders. Consult with a designer if you are looking for modern bathroom accessories.

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