15 Latest Curtain Rod Designs With Pictures In 2020

We need curtain rod to hang any expensive curtain. Are you thinking what is there in curtain rod? Don’t think like that. There are many varieties of curtain rod designs. You will get simple one and decorative rods. It is your choice to decorate your home with any of them.

Best Curtain Rod Designs In India:

If you want to make your home beautiful, here are our 15 simple and modern curtain rod design ideas, you could try out.

1. Espresso Wood Curtain Rods:

Curtain Rod Designs

This is a stylish curtain rod bracket you can try. It is made of brown colour wood. This is a simple design but gives an elegant look. You can hang a wooden curtain rod in it with same colour. Then this will give you the look you expected.

2. Ornamental Double Curtain Rod:

Best Curtain Rod Designs

This is a beautiful double curtain rod that you can use with your curtain. It is made of nickel and the ends are beautifully decorated. The work at the end of the rod looks very beautiful. You can enhance your curtain look with this double layer design.

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3. Window Curtain Rods:

Curtain Rod Designs 1

This is a modish window curtain rod. It’s a new design that gives your home a special appeal. You can use this special design to decorate your window with beautiful curtain. It is made of cast iron material and is decorated with the special design. Use it and make your home stylish.

4. Antique Wooden Curtain Rod:

Latest Curtain Rod Designs

This is a gold plated wooden curtain rod. The end comes with stylish leaf design and it is made from quality wooden material. You can decorate your windows and doors using this trendy curtain rod design. Antique curtain rods have always great demand. So, get this to give style to your windows and doors.

5. Decorative Wooden Curtain Rod Holders:

Curtain Rod Designs2

This is a decorative wooden curtain rod holder. It is made of high-quality wooden material. it will enhance your window and door look. Beautiful decorations are done on this. All works are hand works and you can get this for a change. Wooden material is always long-lasting than any other materials.

6. French Door Curtain Rod:

Curtain Rod Designs3

This is a stylish door curtain rod in golden colour. You can use this to decorate your door. This golden colour gives your door a beautiful look. This is a French-style design and hangs your beautiful curtain on this rod. Choose the best to hang your curtain.

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7. Double Rod Curtain Rod:

Curtain Rod Designs4

This is a beautiful curtain rod design for your door and windows. The end of this rod is designed as a leaf. It is a new style that you can try. You will get much other design like this like. This is a metal rod and thus you can give a gorgeous look to your windows and doors.

8. Wooden Curtain Bar:

Curtain Rod Designs5

Do you want to try some unique curtain rod ideas? Then try curtain bars. This is a wooden curtain bar for windows. It’s a unique design to decorate your windows. Choose some stylish curtain and hang it on this to enhance the beauty of your home. This is an easy yet stylish design to decorate your home.

9. White Single Decorative Curtain:

Curtain Rod Designs6

This is a trendy decorative white curtain rod design. Try this unique design made of aluminium material. Both ends of this rod is done with a leafy design. All these rods come with a white hook to match the rod design. Get a matching curtain for this and decorate your sweet home.

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10. Steel Curtain Rod:

Curtain Rod Designs7

This is a decorative steel curtain rod. Both ends come with decorative designs. You will get this rod with an antique touch. To decorate your home with antique design it is a good idea. If you want original antique design it will be expensive. But to get a good design in fewer prices it is a good choice.

11. Shower Curtain Rods Design:

Curtain Rod Designs8

This is a decorative shower curtain rod design. It is a decorative curtain and its hook is a different beautiful design. If you can decorate the whole home then why not bathrooms, it will give a fresh look and use it with suitable shower curtain.

12. Stainless Steel Curtain Rods:

Curtain Rod Designs9

This is a stainless steel curtain rod design. It comes with beautiful designs in the end. It is one of the most beautiful designs that you must try. There are rods suitable for both windows and doors. End of the rod is decorated with the embroidered design to enhance its look. Try this and make stylish.

13. Antique Clam Double Rod Design:

Curtain Rod Designs10

This is an antique brass curtain rod design. It’s a double rod type and the ends are designed with stylish design. Get this beautiful design for your home and hang your stylish curtain on it. You can use it for doors as well as windows.

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14. Golden Curtain Rod with Crystal:

Curtain Rod Designs11

Crystal end steel curtain rod is also getting popular nowadays. Get it for your home and hang your decorative curtain on it. You will get it in many colours like black, silver, golden and many other types.

15. Brushed Steel Curtain Rod:

Curtain Rod Designs12

This is a trendy brass curtain rod design. You can use this to hang your beautiful curtain. Ends of this rod are decorated and this is very stylish. It is easy to install. It comes with all accessories to fix it. It comes with curtain hooks and you can hang any dark colour curtain with it to get a complete look.

All of them are new stylish curtain rods. Some of them are expensive because of their decorations. But for most of us, it is a one-time investment. So, when you invest money for something useful try to buy quality items so that they last long. Also, check new designs available in the market.