15 Latest Hall Decoration Ideas With Pictures In 2020

Nowadays, people keep every function in a hall. They decorate the venue hall on a theme base. One can even hire the event manager to arrange their function. People decorate the hall so beautifully with various properties like lighting, flowers, curtains, etc. The hall is decorated for marriages, reception, birthday party, corporate party and various other functions. It creates a great impression in the eyes of your guests. The decoration is such finely done that you feel special in that place. Let’s see some modern Hall Decoration Ideas with images.

Best Hall Decoration Ideas In India:

Here mentioned 15 simple and latest hall decoration ideas that full-fill all your needs on different occasions. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Wedding Hall Decoration:

hall decorations

It is an open wedding hall decoration in a circular form. The background is filled up with red curtains and a circle is with the bright yellow curtain on an alternative basis. Two traditional chairs are kept for the bride and groom and the Mandap is decorated with flowers. On each yellow curtain, one bouquet is attached.

2. Home Hall Decoration:

Home hall decoration

This hall decoration at the home is looking just lavish. The wall is nicely painted with black and white colour with a soft sofa and a nice table. All the stuff are arranged so properly with cleanliness. Even the plant is kept on the corner of the hall. The home hall is decorated perfectly.

3. Banquet Hall Decoration:

Banquet Hall Decoration

This is just an awesome marriage hall decoration. The roof is covered with white cloth shining with the help of tube lights. The numbers of round tables are kept for the guests to have their food. Small pillars are there with big light globe and artificial bouquets. Big layers of leaves are kept over big lights.

4. Hallway Decoration:

Hallway Decoration

This is the portion of the home, which connects your living room to other rooms. These hallway decoration ideas are amazing with zebra print. There is a carpet of white and black stripes and one extra chair is kept to sit. A minimum staircase is there which is going up in another room.

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5. Party Hall Decoration:

Party Hall Decoration

This is a party hall decoration of any social event or corporate event. A long table is placed with small chairs and three bunches of balloons are placed straight. The table is decorated with a small artificial plant of multicolour. The whole decoration is shining with bright lights and guest will love to sit there.

6. Reception Hall Decoration:

Reception Hall Decoration

This is the dream reception hall decoration. A newly wedded couple will enter on the red carpet and will be seated on stage with an awesome background. The whole hall is decorated with the help of flowers, pillars and chandelier. The whole rectangular background is filled up with flowers and red cloth.

7. Living Hall Decoration:

Living hall decoration

This house hall decoration is given a modern touch. There is one big sofa, one small sky blue colour and soft table in between. The overall combination of chair, curtain and table is done with matching tone. Even small and big flowers are placed in this hall. One big lamp is also there.

8. Simple Hall Decoration:

Simple Hall Decoration

This simple hall decoration is snatching hearts with its simplicity. The background of the stage is decorated with layers of pure white cloth and two pillars are kept which is reflecting the lights of halogen. One 2 seated and both side, one chair is kept for couples. Simplicity wins hearts.

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9. Hall Decoration With Lighting:

Hall Decoration with Lightings

This is a classy marriage hall decoration with astounding lighting. The floor is having a few tables for the guests. The stage is all set with gorgeous decoration. The roof is having amazing light green colour lights reflecting over white cloths. Two chandeliers are hanging in this hall and one globe in between.

10. Engagement Hall Decoration:

Engagement Hall Decoration

This kind of decoration can be done by experts. The flower petals are kept on these stairs and the stage is having one round table with flowers. The background of the stage is done so beautifully with a zigzag plate of lights. The roof is having a series of lightings. Big red flower bouquets are placed.

11. Fancy Hall Decoration:

Fancy Hall Decoration

This hall decoration idea for the home is simply superb. There is a big window in a hall and unique flower pots are kept. Nice red colour mat is there beneath a white polished table. Two most comfortable black chairs are there with cushion. Astounding photo frames are hanging on the wall and hall is looking pretty.

12. School Hall Decoration:

School Hall Decoration

This kind of hall decoration is done for school functions. There is a black cloth background with the yellow cloth petal pattern attached with big crystal butterfly. The stage is long with artificial lawn given the shape of a big round ball. Two umbrellas are placed on one side and kids will love to perform there.

13. Dining Hall Decoration:

Dining Hall Decoration

This dining hall room decoration is done with so much love. One big Christmas tree is there surrounded with gifts. In between, there is a big dining table with two candles and a flower vase. Pleasant curtains are hanged covering the window. One lovely chandelier is also hanging on the roof.

14. Hall Decoration With Flowers:

Hall Decoration with Flowers

This is so stunning reception hall decoration with lots of artificial flowers. There is one sofa for the couple and the roof is fully decorated with cloth style. The red and pink lighting effect is given which is looking so delightful. On both sides, there is a half-moon design of flowers.

15. Hall Decoration With Balloons:

Hall Decoration with Balloons

This is a birthday party hall decoration for kids. One round arch is created with the printed and plain balloon. The table is having a cake of Mickey Mouse design. On both sides of the table, the stand is kept decorated with balloons. This is an open-air hall with the birthday party theme which is looking enchanting.

Every possible care is taken while decorating the hall. Presently, so many properties are available for hall decoration that it looks simply charismatic. Some halls are decorated much heavenly and theme proves out to be real. With the help of lights, flowers and balloons captivating decoration is created for a special reason. Even the person for whom this decoration is done makes them feel so marvellous and exceptional.

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