15 Stunning Shower Curtains in New Designs

Shower curtains are the basic necessity of a bathroom in every household. Like other rooms of your household, your bathroom also needs a proper décor and has to be maintained to look neat and clean. So before deciding to go in for shower curtains, certain aspects have to be considered, such as your budget, maintenance, size of your bathroom and bathroom accessories to match with.

Latest & Cute Shower Curtains with Pictures:

Top 15 shower curtains introduce to you some of the choicest shower curtains in the market.

1. Xmas Shower Curtains:

It is made from 100% waterproof polyester fabric and no liner is required. It comes with stylishly designed pictures also. Christmas shower curtains are designed to fit any standard bathtub and also prevent water from splattering out of the shower stall. It has rust- resistant metal grommets and 12 high-quality plastic hooks. Easy to clean and machine wash is recommended.

2. Floral Interwoven Shower Curtain:

This pink reversible interwoven bathroom shower curtains are made of 100% polyester fabric and is lightweight. The chic curtain with bold patterns comes with 12 rustproof metal eyelets with a strengthened top header. Attaching a liner is advisable. Easy to care and machine washable.

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3. Organic Hemp Shower Curtains:

Environment- friendly unique shower curtains are made from 100% natural hemp fibre. Its special feature is the handmade organic macramé rings with natural wooden closure. Zero emission of toxins and chemicals while coming with contact of hot water. No plastic liner required as it stops water from splattering out, quickly air dries and is resistant to mildew and bacteria.

4. Valentine Special Shower Curtain:

Love is in the air with this high- quality environment- friendly and durable PVA shower curtain. It is a waterproof fabric with a special process, odourless and easily cleaned by wiping it off with a moist cloth. It is 100% mildew/mould resistant and anti-bacterial. These decorative bathroom shower curtains come with 12 grommets for easy spreading after a bath or drying after a wash.

5. Imitation Silk Shower Curtain:

This beautiful jacquard woven decorative pattern in neutral shades of blues and grey can easily coordinate with bathroom accessories as well as add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. This imitation silk designer shower curtains is made of 100% polyester fabric and the brocade design is complemented with a solid top with eyelets and 12 rust free hooks.

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6. Luxury Shower Curtain:

White floral decorative shower curtains are made of durable, waterproof EVA and are PVC free. These bathroom shower curtains can be used as a protective liner as well. The curtain panel comes with rust- free grommets, 12 hooks and 3 magnets to hold in place. It is antibacterial, water ‘n’ mildew resistant. Durable and just wipe it clean and dries quickly.

7. Hookless “Split Ring” Shower Curtains:

This ingenious, ultra- modern hookless shower curtain offers a hassle- free “split ring” design with built- in curved rings pop right over the shower rod and the curtain is made of 100% polyester fabric and features an elegant ribbon detailing and a diaphanous window that lets- in the light in the bath enclosure. It features a snap button water and mildew resistant liner.

8. Spa Cotton Shower Curtains:

This white solid coloured, aesthetically simple yet elegant, the curtain is made from polyester blend cotton, featuring a coarse- textured exuberant checked pattern. This stylish spa curtain keeps spray and splattering water inside the tub. The extra long shower curtain has strengthened edges and metal grommets at the top. The use of a liner is advisable with this.

9. Wildlife- Friendly Shower Curtains:

This exclusive 100% percale cotton shower curtain would put a new gyrate in your kid’s bathroom routine with deer, fox, rabbit, owl, racoon against the green background. It is advisable to use this percale fabric shower curtains with a liner. Top has eyelets to hang it by the hooks. Easy to take care and machine washed.

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10. Durable Vinyl Shower Curtains:

Durable, weather resistant and 100% eco- friendly vinyl bathroom shower curtains, they don’t release any unpleasant odour when coming in contact with water. This semi-transparent material is decorated with printed purple flowers, is antibacterial and molds ‘n’ mildew resistant can be wiped clean with a moist cloth. It comes with 12 rust-proof metal grommets and 12 C type hooks.

11. Stripe Shower Curtain Cum Liner:

Bathroom shower curtains are made from 100% waterproof and washable polyester fabric. Water drops rolling on its waterproof surface take away the dust and dirt and avert the water from splashing in all directions. It is environmental friendly with no chemical smell and resistant to mould and mildew. The curtain can be wiped cleaned after a shower.

12. Camouflage Shower Curtain:

These Camouflage bathroom shower curtains have assimilated a grey hardwood camouflage in lighter and neutral tones and leaves and bark on a soft grey background. This polyester blend percale curtain includes a vinyl liner. It gives a perfect cover to your bathing space. Easy to take care and machine washed.

13. Designer Shower Curtain:

This multi colour designer shower curtains is printed on a thick cotton fabric. It brings seafront right in your bathroom. So add spark to your bathing space and give a modern feel to it. This curtain panel comes with 12 eyelet hook holes. Taking care of it is easy, machine wash it and use it with a liner.

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14. Hand Painted Cool Shower Curtains:

This pink floral high quality PVC bathroom shower curtains gives your bathroom a stylish and attractive look. It’s an attractive way to keep the bathroom space and water closet area separate. The PVC fabric material makes it waterproof and is easily maintained. The cool design keeps your mood fresh while taking a shower.

15. Checkered Shower Curtains:

This transparent white checkered clear luxury bathroom curtain adds a luxurious look to your bath space. Made of long lasting transparent PVC material, this beautiful waterproof long shower curtain is easy to clean and wash. It comes with 12 hooks to hang. This pebble design gives a perfect look for your bathroom.

Variety of shower curtains have been introduced in the market with a wide choice of fabrics, colours, sizes to match any style ‘n’ décor and not to forget the accessories of your bathroom. Bathroom shower curtains not only enhance the looks of your bathroom but are functional also. Like other rooms your bathroom is also a focal point and one always wants it to look neat as well as elegant.