20 Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs With Pictures In India

Kitchen is considered as the most important space in the house. This is what makes the house a home. The kitchen needs to be built in a way that makes cooking and entertainment easy. The kitchen cabinet designs are the perfect way to achieve this.

The kitchen cabinets could be few, broad and spacious or they can be many and small. This can be judged and made depending on the type of items that are present in your pantry and kitchen. The appliances that you use can be incorporated in the cabinets to give you a seamless kitchen without any jarring items that may harm you.

Latest Kitchen Cabinet Designs In India:

Here are our 20 simple and best kitchen cabinet designs with images. Let’s have a look into it.

1. Smart Kitchen Cabinets:

Smart kitchen cabinets

These smart kitchen cabinet designs incorporate the needs of the person in a small space and make for sleek hidden spaces. These cabinets are of different sizes and help to keep many of the myriad kitchen utensils in a home. The cabinets are built in such a way that it makes use of the small space and can still keep all your needed items in reach.

2. Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs:

Modern kitchen cabinet

This modern kitchen cabinet design is the best you can get. The inclusion of wood and steel together makes a very sleek design. The wooden cabinets are made with steel handles. Some of the cabinets house the other essentials like oven, etc. This style gives you a trendy look that is easy to maintain. The will last long as the style is modern and smart.

3. Modular Kitchen Cabinets:

Modular kitchen cabinets

Modular kitchen cabinets are the best type of cabinets for small spaces as well as spaces that need to make the most of the area given. These modular pieces can be joined together to give you ample space to store stuff. The cabinets are fitted on railings that slide easily and freely.

4. Sleek Kitchen Cabinets:

Sleek kitchen cabinets

Among the most common kitchen cabinet colors is the color red. This color brings out brilliance in the kitchen and makes the space quite attractive. The red and steel color is also a great combination that you can choose.

5. Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Designs:

Traditional kitchen cabinets

You can choose from these kitchen cabinets pictures to get the traditional look for your kitchens. The cabinets have a mix of closed and transparent cabinets. These are used to house things that you would like to display. The closed cabinets keep the needed and clumsy items out of sight. The transparent cabinets can have clear glass or tinted glass. This gives you either a clear view of the items inside or just a vision.

6. Cottage Style Kitchen Cabinets:

Cottage style kitchen cabinet

This all-white kitchen cabinet is also something you may like to choose for your next kitchen makeover. The cabinets are all white with black pop of color in terms of handles. You can add a touch of color by placing items in bright colors like teal or red. White kitchens need extra maintenance so you will need to keep that in mind if you choose this style. This is best for places where dust and grease are not a daily issue. The ideal way to maintain this kitchen is daily cleaning.

7. Corner Kitchen Cabinets:

Corner kitchen cabinet

This is a most preferred corner kitchen cabinet idea that makes use of the dead space in the corners of the kitchen. The front part of the cabinet looks like two separate doors, but inside it is one big space that accommodates many different items. The cabinets here can be used for single storage items like big mixers or for multiple items in several drawers. This corner space usage is sheer genius and gives you that extra space that would otherwise have been wasted.

8. Wood Kitchen Cabinets:

Get this wood kitchen cabinet design to make your kitchen look rustic and smart. The wood finish of these cabinets is glossy and the addition of steel handles adds a touch of charm. Keep the table top clear of things to give a free flowing look to the kitchen.

9. Ready Made Kitchen Cabinet Designs:

Readymade kitchen cabinets

If you are in a small space and are tight on the time schedule to build your kitchen, then you can opt for the futuristic design. The ready made kitchen cabinets are perfect for small spaces and they fit in all the necessary items of the kitchen. The cabinets are built to last and come with most of the fittings.

10. Kitchen Cabinet Drawers:

Kitchen cabinet drawers

One of the main items to keep in consideration while building your kitchen is the drawers in the cabinets. These drawers should be able to hold all the items that are present in your kitchen without cluttering the top space. Drawers are built separately for items according to their size and number.

11. Small Kitchen Cabinets:

Small kitchens call for small kitchen cabinets that can hold all the needed supplies and the essentials. The cabinets are built to hold a microwave and have space for the stove and sink. These are specially built for small spaces. The small kitchens in some of the latest small space houses are ideal and make you appreciate the use of even a square foot. You will need to keep in mind that downsizing of items will be paramount in order to operate in a small kitchen.

12. Steel Kitchen Cabinets:

Steel kitchen cabinets

Get the industrial look in your kitchen with these steel kitchen cabinets. The look is very sleek and easy to maintain. The stainless steel kitchen cabinets are sturdy and look shiny and smart. They blend well with all the steel appliances that are needed in the kitchen.

13. Laminate Kitchen Cabinets:

Laminate kitchen cabinets

Laminate kitchen cabinets give you the sleek look without having to spend too much. These laminates come in a variety of colors and textures. You can choose one that will blend well with the theme for your kitchen. These are long lasting and easy to maintain.

14. Glass Kitchen Cabinet Designs:

Glass kitchen cabinets

If you like to have a sheer look to your kitchen you can choose to have the top cabinets as glass kitchen cabinets. These let you showcase your knickknacks and also make the kitchen look brighter. The glass doors of the cabinets will need care of course.

15. Open Kitchen Cabinets:

Open kitchen cabinets

Go in for a different kind of kitchen storage cabinet for some change of style. These open kitchen cabinets are basically just the framework of the cabinets. The spaces let you store your utensils and also let you showcase your special kitchen items.

16. Designer Kitchen Cabinets:

Designer kitchen cabinets

Check out the wide range of contemporary designer kitchen cabinets that blend style with affordability. These designs make good use of cheap material in a stylish frame and give you a perfect kitchen. The cabinets are spacious and made to store most of your items.

17. Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets:

Shabby chic kitchen cabinets

Among the kitchen cabinet ideas is this shabby chic design that blends rustic with style. The cabinets have an old world charm to them with the curved handles. The stove area can be decorated with filigree work to add to the chic style.

18. Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets:

Flat panel kitchen cabinets

These flat panel cabinets look very stunning in a kitchen as they give you a seamless look. The handles of the cabinets are wide and match with the flat panel effect. The color of the cabinets also makes a good effect for a bigger kitchen.

19. Craftsman Kitchen Cabinets:

Craftsman kitchen cabinets

These traditional craftsman kitchen cabinets are perfect for the country style living. The cabinets are made in wood. There is normally an island that houses the dining chairs and some space for knickknacks. The wood finish is cut with steel appliances and makes it more stylish.

20. Galley Kitchen Cabinets:

Galley kitchen cabinets

This idea is perfect for the small cramped kitchen. The galley kitchen cabinets work on both sides of the kitchen and are identical. The work space is doubled and you can have cabinets going up to the roof for added storage space.

Kitchen cabinet designs can make your kitchen a perfect place to cook and entertain your guests. The cabinets can be made in wood, laminate or steel. The choice is wide and you can choose a pop of colour or go all white too. The cabinets make the most of small spaces and corners too. You can get a small kitchen refurbished with these cabinets to give you more out of the small space.

Give yourself the edge while building and making your new kitchen with these wonderful and amazing kitchen cabinet ideas that are perfect in every way. The best traditional, modern, contemporary, rustic or even retro kitchen cabinet designs are at your fingertips now. Choose the best from the best of this list and make a lifetime change in your life.