9 Latest Hall Lighting Designs With Pictures In 2020

Hall lighting is a necessary addition to your house. This can also be made stylish with several types of designs that are available in the market today. If your decor has a traditional look, then variants of the cylinder and glass jhoomar lightings are also available. Hall lighting designs add a grand look to your decor and add a majestic feeling above everything else.

Although they require maintenance and is difficult to clean the large lightings, the final outlook it gives to your house is everlasting. They are mostly made of glass and lasts for a longer period of time.

Modern Hall Lighting Ideas In India:

Let’s find here 9 best hall lighting designs which will give a tremendous lighting in the hall at night.

1. Hall Lighting Designs:

Top 9 Beautiful Hallway Ceiling Lights - Hall lighting designs

If the ceiling of the hall has a false ceiling, then small LED lights with stylized combinations can be used. The border of the false ceiling can be illuminated with small LED lights. Various colours of lights can be used in this matter.

2. Ceiling Lights For Hallways:

Top 9 Beautiful Hallway Ceiling Lights - Ceiling lights for hallways

In this case, proper spacing of the lights is necessary in case it gets too crowded or too deserted. If you love the artwork you can highlight your piece of work in the hallway and place small lights above to add a theatrical effect.

3. Small Lighting For Hallway:

Top 9 Beautiful Hallway Ceiling Lights - Small lightings for the hallway

To talk about small lighting small handmade lamps that match or contrast the background colour of the hallway can be mounted from the ceiling with the help of stylised ropes. In some houses who like to keep it natural small skylights are made at equal intervals to allow natural sunlight to enter and lighten up the way. Although this method is highly energy-saving and cost-effective, it cannot be used in nights. Since the ceiling is used up, in that case, footlights can be arranged in a linear order to guide the way.

4. Confetti Cube Hall Lighting Design:

Top 9 Beautiful Hallway Ceiling Lights - Confetti cube lighting

This is a wonderful hall lighting design in hall lighting ideas because it includes beautiful cutwork in the shades. The design is resonated in the hallway when it is lit. This results in a splendid display of the art design. Choose this for a great effect.

5. Hallway Light Fixtures:

Top 9 Beautiful Hallway Ceiling Lights - Hallway light fixtures

There can be various hallway lighting ideas to decorate a hallway. If space is small and centred lightings cannot be put up, then small lightings come to the rescue. Small linear patterns of LED lights can be mounted on the ceiling for a simple yet stylized look.

6. Vanity Mirror Hall Lighting Design:

Top 9 Beautiful Hallway Ceiling Lights - Vanity mirror hall lighting

The basic work of lights is to attain a balanced lighting exposure with a reduction of the dark corners in the rooms and hallways. There is numerous number of ways in which hallway lights can be mounted on the ceiling. One way can be the linear mounting of lights leaving equal spaces in between. This vanity mirror idea is just brilliant.

7. Globe Light Shades:

Top 9 Beautiful Hallway Ceiling Lights - Globe light shades

These wonderful globe shades are perfect for the hall area or even in the hallway. You can have a single globe shade or you could put up several of them to create a beautiful effect. The globes are generally white in colour but can be shaded as well.

8. Birch Hall Lighting Design:

Top 9 Beautiful Hallway Ceiling Lights - Birch hall lighting

Birch is a very lightweight material that is perfect for the hall. This shade is made with a modern twist and brings out the best of the material. It is fairly easy to clean too. On the brighter side, they are cost-effective and economical on the pocket.

9. Branch Hall Lighting Design:

Top 9 Beautiful Hallway Ceiling Lights - Branch light design

Take a look at this beauty. The branch or tree part is made into a light fixture. This makes a very elegant statement in your hall or hallway. It doesn’t add class and sophistication but is also economical on the pocket.

Hall lighting is a very necessary accessory for your house. Choose from these options like branch lighting, confetti cube, vanity, etc. to get a good look in your hall at night.