9 Latest Office Sofa Designs With Pictures In 2020

Office is the place where work gets done and business multiplies. The work atmosphere in an office should be very much comfortable and clutter free for people to work with maximum productivity. Office furniture has a lot of things to be taken care for like workstation, tables, chairs, sofas, etc. Sofas form part of office decor at cabins, conference rooms, waiting area, reception etc. Let’s look in to some simple office sofa designs with images.

Modern Office Sofa Designs In India:

Let we have to look at the 9 cool office sofa designs in different models.

1. Waiting Area: Office Sofa Design:

office sofa designs

This is a perfect nice leathered office sofa ideas for the waiting area or the reception area. This sofa in black colour enhances the office decor and gives a pleasing atmosphere at the reception giving the overall impression of the office.

2. Designer Office Sofa Design:

Designer Office Sofa

This lovely beige tan coloured upholstered sofa is perfect for conference room discussions or for a casual meeting in the office with colleagues. This looks awesome for office as the look is minimalist yet classy for offices.

3. Modern Office Sofa Design:

Sofa for Modern Office

This is a nice royal blue modern looking office sofa. This is nice with edges in geometrical shapes fitting the office decor. The colour combination of blue with white seating arrangement looks great for office interiors. This is the best idea for office sofa designs.

4. Low Seating Office Sofa Design:

Low Seating Office Sofa

Colours always add to the charm and improve the decor in the room and office. This tangerine coloured fabric sofa is standalone with chrome legs and comes with great foam in the seating and back area. This looks great at the welcome area in office or even at the break area. The style is striking in this sofa.

5. Breakout Office Sofa Design:

Breakout Office Sofa

Everyone needs a break from work in the office. These colourful ottoman styles sofas are perfect for that needed break time in office to catch up on gossip, chat and have tea.

6. Sofa For A Home Office:

Sofa for a Home Office

People having a home office or running business from home can have this elegant sofa set at their home office space. This plush leather sofa enhances the decor of an office space. The leather sofa gives a nice feel of an office even in a home. It blends well with the home decor too.

7. Two Seated Cabin Sofa:

Two seated Cabin Sofa

This is ideal sofa for the managers’ cabin in an office. This is a two seater for discussions or talks with employees. The colour is great for a cabin and white sofa looks spacious when put in the cabin or room. The high back design looks really great.

8. Office Couch:

Office Couch

This is a single seated ottoman style black leather couch sofa with great style and seating. This is for relaxing after a hard day at work. Just sit in the couch and relax to be refreshed again.

9. Office Sofa For Cafeteria:

Office Sofa for Cafeteria

Cafe or cafeteria is the place where employees have a break from their work and relax for some time. These yellow and fuchsia coloured sofas in the cafeteria add to so many colours that lift the mood of employees while enjoying lunch, tea, coffee etc.

Sofas look elegant and are the perfect furniture for relaxing not only at home but also in offices. Sofas form part of office decor at the waiting area as well as conference rooms or management cabins. Some great sofas positioned and structured well in strategic locations in the office enhance the look and feel of the office.

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