9 Modern & Unusual Inflatable Chairs Designs

For decades, there were similar types of chairs were being used either made of wood, or any metal, but now here comes a chair which is filled with gas. This type of chair is inflated with air and looks very trendy and the decor of the home appears very stylish. The advantage of this type of inflated chair is that it can be adjusted in small place when not inflated.

Best and Latest Inflatable Chairs:

So let’s have a journey to top 9 different kinds of inflated chairs:

1. Portable Football Style Inflatable Chairs:

Portable Football Style Inflatable Chair

High on demand and cool looking are these portable inflatable chairs designed in the shape of a football. The black and white colour combination looks amazing when placed and the inflated sofa is designed from waterproof material, thus liquid spilling on it wouldn’t harm the look of this chair.

2. Outdoor Double Seated Inflatable Chairs:

Outdoor Double Seated Inflatable Chair

Here comes comfortable and cosy double seated inflated sofa or a chair which can be blown up when required. The colour spots on the seating area gives an enhanced and extended look. These types of outdoor inflatable chairs can be placed outdoors like garden area or on balconies and give the place a lively look.

3. Colourful Inflatable Chairs:

Colourful Inflatable Chairs

Trendy and attractive looking are these inflated chairs. The inflated chair can be customized into different solid colours and can be used for any sort of activity. The chair is ideal for both adults and children and adds more additional look to any place.

4. Smiley Style Inflatable Chairs:

Smiley Style Inflatable Chair
All time favourite and cute looking is these smiley inflated chair. The chair is specially designed in the shape of smiley and is designed from thick and durable plastics. So once bought can be used for longer duration and appear very cool when kept on living room or even in balcony’s.

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5. Nature Inspired Inflatable Beach Chairs:

Nature Inspired Inflatable Beach Chair

These are the coolest looking inflated chairs for any beach party.  The chair has beautiful print in different shades and looks elegant. The chair is ideal for sunbathing on the beach, on your terrace or while campaigning and you would be the envy of everyone out on the camp.

6. Inflatable Sofa for Elders:

Inflatable Sofa for Elders
These are the ideal inflated sofas for elders as it’s pretty big in size than the usual ones. It’s even have armrest and backrest thus lending comfort while you are seated and you can enjoy any gaming or movies on them and spend great evenings.

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7. Round Shape Inflatable Armchairs:

Round Shape Inflatable Armchairs

Beautiful and gracious looking are these inflated chairs in round shape with proper armrest and backrest in shimmering silver colour. The seating area has a padded cushion in pink lending comfort while you are seated. The chairs are available in many colours and these chairs can be used in cafe and lounge also.

8. Sensational Inflatable Bean Bag Chairs:

Sensational Inflatable Bean Bag Chairs
The cute and lovely appearing are these inflated bean bag chairs designed for lending relaxation. The chairs are pretty durable and can be placed in an outdoor or indoors and can also be deflated and stored easily.

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9. Pink Frozen Disney Inflatable Chairs for Kids:

Pink Frozen Disney Inflatable Chair for Kids

A perfect inflated chair for kids, on which Disney characters are printed thus attracting kids and making them feel special. The kids inflatable chair is made of thick durable eco friendly materials and its pretty light weighted. Thus the kids can enjoy and at the same time relax on their favourite chair also.

The inflated chairs are found in many designs, colours and pattern and you can pick the one according to your need and style also. The advantage of it is that it can be kept in small place also when it is not filled with air and its size and shape of the chair depends on the air filled by you. So fetch an appealing chair and give a distinct look to any place.

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