9 Pleasing Silk Curtain Designs For Home With Images

Silk curtains are glowing and radiating fabric. It is having glittering quality. Silk curtains are mostly plain and straightforward. Silk curtain is also having artistic prints and designs which is looking glaring. It is without much decoration or ornamentation representing easy look. These Luxury Silk curtains when hanged at home depicts your high status and richness. It leaves an everlasting impression on the minds of guests.

Latest & Stunning Silk Curtains For Your Home:

Get this top 9 silk curtains which you will surely like for your home decoration.

1. Embroidered Silk Curtains:

It is beautiful faux silk curtain garnished with amazing embroidery work. The whole curtain contains big embroidery work at some interval. It shines with brightness. The curtain is hanged on ring hook and it is long enough. If you want embroidery style curtain then try this pattern in silk material to get a luxury look for your living room.

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2. Printed Silk Curtain:

This dupioni silk curtain is having layered prints which forms different shapes of boxes. There is black colour box design on grey silk curtain. All boxes are empty without any design inside it. This silk curtain is having beaming quality. Dark colour printed curtain will surely catch the attention of guests.

3. Sparkle Silk Curtain:

It is pure white silk curtain which is sparkling like anything. The curtain consist zigzag line design on top of it in same white colour. The light and dark shade of white curtain is looking gorgeous and intense.

4. Zigzag Check Silk Curtains for Living Room:

It is zigzag designed raw silk curtain in white colour with black print. These lines are forming check print in which some are shaded and some are empty. It is floor length draping curtain on floor. The curtain is hanged with box panel. It gives cool look for blue colour wall of window.

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5. Creative Silk Curtain Panels:

It is creatively created grey silk curtain having balloon like design on top. The whole curtain is simple and plain but still rendering high standard quality because of its unique pattern. The top of curtain is little squeezed to make balloon shape. As per your creativity you can try this type of curtain sure.

6. Vintage Silk Window Curtains:

This blue silk curtain depicts vintage style because of its door design. Though the curtain is ordinary yet it contains eye fetching quality. This blue silk curtain is very soft in touch having smooth fabric. The curtain is simply matchless.

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7. Silk Curtain Panels:

It is faux silk blackout curtain having panel work on it. The curtain is also having layered pattern over curtain. This decorated panel style on curtain is looking attractive and delightful. The panelled style on curtain is very nice.

8. Orange Lily Silk Curtain:

It is ready made silk curtain of white colour. The curtain is embellished with orange lily flower print on top followed by broad orange border. The whole rest curtain is plain. This whole curtain is so appealing and irresistible. This curtain can give you cool look for your home.

9. Grommet Long Silk Curtains India:

It is homely gold silk curtain with box pattern. The curtain is long in length as compared to window. This silk curtain is having thick and shining fabric. The curtain possesses arresting and striking quality.

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Printed silk curtain and adorned with work deliver eternal effect and make you fell into love with curtain each time you see. Its timeless designs and textures are infinite. These silk curtains are pleasing and alluring in look so Choose your loved one from the above beautiful silk curtains.