5 types of friends everyone should have

5 types of friends everyone should have

One who listens

There are times when we are stressed, these are the times we need to share secrets to friends and get their opinions. While the end of the day the friend will show his or her support whenever necessary, that person should be a good listener.
Who knows everything?
With the current technology moving fast, you do not want to be left behind, this is where a geeky friend comes in. Geeks will fix your tech based issues such as computers and cell fast, this means that you will not be stressed at all on the failure of those devices to function as needed.

5 types of friends everyone should have
The mirror to your interests

This is also known as the twin and tends to like almost everything that you like. This is the kind of friend who will share your passions and interests; there is no woman who doesn’t like going shopping, but imagine shopping with someone who chooses the same things that you like? Its amazing!
The repellant
This kind of friend can also be called the opposite, they help us see how validated we are and although we may not like what they do sometimes, they are a bond in our lives that we cannot stay without!