6 Most Annoying Things to Say to Singles

6 Most Annoying Things to Say to Singles

Undoubtedly, we hear these lines on a daily basis. Whether you use it to find out more about the love-life of your friends or these are addressed to you, it is fun to skim through the 6 most annoying things to say to singles.

No. 1 Your Love Will Appear When Least Expected

This type of consolation or encouragement can backfire. In spite of the good intentions, single people don’t actually wait for an explanation from their friends. Instead, keep your wise thoughts for yourself and make sure you never bring up this subject again.

No. 2 Are you dating someone? Why Not?

This is indeed one of the most annoying conversation starters. Singles will definitely find it silly and irritating.

The asker seems to neglect the right of these persons to a private life. If you’re the independent person, make sure you find a funny answer for this meaningless question.

No. 3 Join Various Hobby Groups

People often think that singles have less hobbies, that’s why they don’t have the chance to meet more people.

In fact this is one of the most annoying misconceptions. Singles want to have fun with their friends without having to join groups of strangers.

No. 4 It’s Better to Be Single Than in A Bad Relationship

This type of compassion can ruin friendships. Those who wish to console their single friends will have to find less annoying things to give as an useful advice. There’s no need to compare blissful independence with their complicated life as a couple to encourage their friends.

No. 5 I’m So Happy I’m Over The Dating Period

People living in a happy relationship or marriage won’t be aware of the weight of a similar confession. Saying that you’re happy that the dating period is over makes the impression that flirting and dating new people is a torture and it is also pathetic.

No. 6 You Need to Flirt More

Flirt more? Friends often serve singles with similar dating tricks. However, it seems that there’s no reason why to pass over their knowledge and dating experience. It is the single person’s task to experiment with a few seductive methods rather than copycatting those of her friends.

6 Most Annoying Things to Say to Singles

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