6 Things To Say During a Fight

6 Things To Say During a Fight

Have you heard about the art of having an argument? Our specialists will help you master a few methods on how to handle verbal fights with ease. These 6 things to say during a fight can change your perspective when it comes to solving a few serious conflicts. Stay calm and keep in mind our advice when it comes to tackling delicate subjects with your sweetie.

No.1 ‘Just listen, it’s important for me, you don’t have to solve my problem’

Your partner will definitely appreciate it if you mention that it is soothing to have someone who pays attention to your problems. Moreover, by telling him that he doesn’t have to come up with a solution, you’ll definitely free him from pressure. Find the perfect strategy to incorporate this sentence into your conversations.

6 Things To Say During a Fight

No.2 ‘I’m also guilty of….’

During your argument don’t forget to admit that you are also guilty of triggering conflicts.

An honest confession can cool off any debate and will convince your sweetie of the fact that you are also eager to solve your problems.

No.3 ‘Please, try to understand my perspective’

Empathy is the name of the game when it comes to arguments. If you constantly accuse your partner of various things, the conflict won’t be solved after the first fight, it will continue through time. Use this magical sentence to win his heart and encourage him to practice compassion.

No.4 ‘This is not only your problem, it’s ours’

Learn how to fight fair with this useful sentence. If you manage to convince your loved one that this is a problem that ruins the mood and life of both of you, the argument is cooled off immediately. Use this sentence to fight-proof your relationship.

No.5 ‘I LOVE You’

The magic spell is cast and your cutie won’t have the power to resist this sentence. Show your sensuality by using this sentence to finish arguments. Remind yourself and your partner that there’s an indestructible bond between the two of you.

No.6 ‘You’re changing the subject’

Remind your partner that piling up the complaints will not solve your problems. Instead of flooding the other one with harsh comments, it is highly recommended to stick to the subject of the argument. Use this sentence to put an end to your fight.

6 Things To Say During a Fight

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