Best Breakup Songs That Heal Broken Hearts

Best Breakup Songs That Heal Broken Hearts

Breakup songs are a wonderful form of human empathy. Artists manage to illustrate their deepest feelings of sorrow, disappointment and hurt through music, then pass on the intensity of their emotions to the listeners. The best songs for breakups may help you heal your wounds by relating to other suffering and also by letting out all your frustration and hate, until you reach the resignation phase. We’ve all been there and felt how the best breakup songs succeed on giving us the mental state that helps us heal.

Best Breakup Songs for Guys

The best breakup songs for guys are meant to ease those lonely nights when a little anger channeling does wonders. A first option would be “Outkast – Roses“, a great song about how you shouldn’t see your ex like a goddess, but more like a random human who doesn’t make you happy anyway and has all sorts of faults. The main idea here: “there’s plenty more fish in the sea”.

In those full of anger moments, push the “play” button on “L7 – Shitlist”. It will be a deep catharsis treatment, a vigorous wakeup call. After letting go of your anger and the need to kill everyone around you, it’s time to move on. Sing from all your heart Gang Starr‘s “Ex Girl to the Next Girl“, dedicating your ex the simple, yet refreshing lyrics: “Now you’re my ex-girl, ’cause I’m on with the next girl”.

Best Breakup Songs That Heal Broken Hearts

Best Breakup Songs for Girls

If you want to get over a breakup fast, you better prepare a playlist of empowering songs that give you the opportunity to obsess a little, cry, get angry, sigh and then move on. Just travel through the lyrics and keep your eyes wide open: the best things are yet to come for you!

One of the best breakup songs for girls is “Since U Been Gone“, a major hit played by the talented Kelly Clarkson. Listen carefully and try to look at the bright side: there’s always one you tend to ignore!

You broke up, so what? This is what P!nk is trying to tell you and you better believe her! Listen to the major hit “So What” by P!nk and laugh in the face of sorrow: after all, you’re still a rock star (sort of).

Tired of all the fights and embarrassed by the ridiculous number of times he convinced you to come back in his arms? Nicole Scherzinger truly understands what you’re going through and suggests a pretty good line to address your ex when he thinks you’re coming home to make up: “Don’t Hold Your Breath“.

Best Universal Breakup Songs

Of course there are universal breakup songs that can relate to guys and girls equally, because hearts don’t have a gender, just feelings. So if you’re into classics, try “Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way“, a work of art that helps you let go.

The best medicine for a broken heart might be laughter! Listen to “Ben Folds Five – Song for the Dumped” and you’ll see how sometimes things are not so bad as they seem. Finally, a great way to state your final decision of breaking up is to make “Arcade Fire – Crown of Love” your personal goodbye letter for your ex!

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