Getting the Whole Story!

Getting the Whole Story!

At WatchFit so much work goes into article generation, your writing of them and their production and publication. So much so it’s about time we had a look at the process…

And the young, dynamic, fun and gifted in-house team behind it!

Please click below to see a little film for you by our multi-national, multi-talented editorial department.

Our articles are like the shop window

They are what people around the world see first and what draws them in and drives them around WatchFit and towards you – the Expert.

Once a reader/User is on an article, everything links to everything else that is appropriate and naturally connecting. The whole thing is designed to grab interested people and then lead them around a whole world of first class editorial material, information and plans.

Material that has your name on it and your profile details and contact possibilities attached to it.

Because our topics are researched and your articles are fully SEO’d (search engine optimised) they stand the very best chance of climbing right up the Google rankings, often ending up on Page 1 and even reaching the No.1 spot.

This is fantastic for your profile!

Every article carries your name, picture and mini-biography in immediate view of the reader. And the article links directly to your Profile Page, where further details are found, social media, your other articles and any Plans you have submitted. Here is also the chance for people to contact you directly as well as requesting personal plans and programmes.

With the articles out there, we see which are performing, reaching the biggest numbers and creating interest.

We can then jump on this interest and the familiarity with the author and encourage you to develop a downloadable Plan based on this subject, and deliver it through the website and app in the knowledge we have already created significant interest in it.

And don’t think that your material gets lost amongst all the other WatchFit Experts…

The opposite is true!

Because each and every article stands alone, analytics show that the great majority of readers find them through topic searches and not necessarily by coming through the WatchFit website initially.

This means the more articles out there under the WatchFit banner – whoever they are by – the more likely the world is to find you too!

So please keep a close eye out every week for the Hot Topic List and pick anything you like.

These are known to be well searched topics therefore we know they will perform well for you and reach a huge and interested audience.

We also know you have specific subjects that you are keen to write about and we will always encourage you to submit those for publication too.

And with your articles comes the attention and the opportunity to push out Plans through the website and app.

This offers the possibility for a great additional income stream for you and, crucially, can earn you money night and day whilst you are doing other things!

Getting the Whole Story!Unfortunately WatchFit Founder & CEO Parisa Louie wasn’t able to film with us today, but here she is with a few words…

“At WatchFit we are all about providing you with the best tool to reach the world and do business! It is such a thrill to work with so many outstanding professionals and give you platforms to deliver interesting, important and valuable material worldwide. We are all about working with you so please never hesitate to give us feedback.

Lets keep you out there with articles and lets help you generate new income streams through Plan downloads and online programmes. And don’t forget to tell family, friends, colleagues and clients that you can be found at WatchFit!”

So have a good look at our Hot Topic List and start sending those films through!