Glam Diva Make Up

Glam Diva Make Up

Get a sophisticated evening makeup look for special occasions!

Step 1First get a clean canvas with foundation, concealer, and loose powder.

Step 2The black kohl has to be as soft as possible to mark well the whole mobile upper lid and the lower lid too,just like in the picture.

Step 3Smudge the contour with a cotton bud then fill the mobile upper lid and around the eye with a grey or dark green eyeshadow to get the smokey look.

Step 4Then cover the whole surface of the lid with a layer of glittery green eyeshadow or an another nuance but still with glittery particles. It has to be dark to give deepness to the sight.

Step 5

Glam Diva Make Up

Under the eyebrow, above the dark eyeshadow, use some golden dust, but not too much and not too visible.

Step 6Apply 2 coats of black mascara. To make eyes stay out more, mark the inner corner of the lower lid too.

Step 7

Glam Diva Make Up

On the cheeks apply some light peachy blush with shimmery effect.

Step 8Mark lips with a lip liner, you can mark them thicker to pump up their volume.

Step 9Apply a creamy lipstick with a brush. To make them more shinier and fuller drop some gloss in the middle of the lower lip.

Optional!If you think that the red lipstick is too much or too dark, you can skip steps 8 and 9 and apply some lipgloss. The effect will be still glam and gorgeous!