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How to Avoid Fighting on Vacation

How to Avoid Fighting on Vacation

Even though a vacation is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable time for both of you, there are plenty of obstacles that can create problems if you don’t plan things in advance.

Learn how to avoid fighting on vacation by preparing yourself for the most common situations that create conflict. From different expectations to your vacation budget, plenty of problems can make you fight, but here’s how you can solve them so you can enjoy your vacation together, whether it’s romantic or adventurous.

You Expect Different Things

For some people the perfect vacation means doing new things from dawn until you can’t stand anymore, for others it’s about sleeping in and just relaxing. Discuss a schedule before you go to avoid conflict once you reach your destination. If you’re at the extremes of the spectrum, then you might be better off alternating vacations, one filled with adventures, followed by another one that’s just about chilling.

You Run into Budget Issues

When you can’t agree how much money to spend on different things, from shopping to museums or going out, you’re going to have to deal with tension. The best way to avoid fighting on vacation when it comes to money is to agree on a travel budget before it actually starts. Of course, compromise is key, and you should allow for some flexibility.

You Have Unsolved Issues

If you’ve been fighting about a certain topic before you’re about to go on vacation, it’s naive to think that you can just put it aside and solve it once you get back. It will come up in one way or the other, or create tension indirectly. Try to solve your big conflict before you leave for your destination, or you risk fighting about it some more while on vacation.

How to Avoid Fighting on Vacation

You’re Tired

When you want to avoid fighting on vacation, make sure that you don’t always choose adventure over comfort. If you’re tired or hungry, both of you are more likely to snap at the other. Keep this in mind, and stop yourself when you feel like fighting over nothing, or remind your guy that it’s just the fatigue that’s sparking this conflict.

You Don’t Leave the Baggage Behind

Even if you don’t have any current conflicts, you can still be tempted to bring up old issues while you’re on vacation. Don’t bring up old problems in any context, but particularly if you’re already fighting about something else. Just try to solve any conflict as quickly as possible and remind yourselves that you’re better off enjoying your vacation rather than fighting.

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You’re Not Having Fun

A positive attitude is a must when you’re away together, and you should be prepared to see the upside in any little obstacle. If you want to avoid fighting on vacation, be flexible, and don’t let the weather or anything else ruin your good time. Just make a new plan, and find the fun part in everything.

You Have High Expectations

If you leave home expecting to have the best vacation ever, you’ll probably come back disappointed. Don’t put pressure on yourself or your partner to enjoy every second of it. Instead, just go with the flow and let the special moments come to you. You can’t will them into existence anyway.

How to Avoid Fighting on Vacation

You Get Tired of Each Other

This is a problem that particularly shows up when you’re traveling as a couple. Spending every waking minute together might sound romantic when you’re at home and don’t get to spend as much time as you’d like together. The best way to avoid fighting on vacation because of this is to just give yourselves a few hours apart once or twice.

You Try to Force the Romance Right Away

The worst time to have a candlelit dinner is on the first night. You’re already tired from traveling and you haven’t really adjusted to your new schedule. Schedule a romantic dinner or getaway for the second or even third night of your vacation.

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You Hate the Unexpected

One of the best way to avoid fighting on vacation is to be prepared for anything. From lost luggage to a sudden change in your plans, vacations don’t always go smoothly. Stay calm and cool, not matter what happens, and you’ll get a chance to enjoy the unexpected and create special memories with your guy.

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