How to End a First Date

How to End a First Date

There are many ways in which the end of a date can go wrong, even if you’re both really into each other. Find out how to banish the awkwardness and really end your first date on a positive note, based on your expectations for what happens next.

Check out a few useful tips on how to end a first date whether you’re planning to see the guy again or not. Being prepared always helps, so make sure that you have transportation options if things go wrong, so you don’t have to extend any potential awkwardness.

If You’re Really Into Him

Ideally, if you’re both having a great time, the best way to end a first date is with a kiss, but that’s not the only requirement. Whether you’re saying goodbye on your doorstep or outside a restaurant, here’s what needs to be done.

Let Him Know!

There’s no point in playing hard to get or being coy if you really enjoyed yourself. Even if he’s not in a hurry to schedule your next date on the spot, be honest about how much fun you had. If you feel that’s not enough, tell him about a club/museum or any other other place that you’d like to take him to. He’s sure to get the hint.

Make Physical Contact

Even if you didn’t make physical contact while flirting on your date, it’s a must if you’re interested in how to end a first date really well. Even if it’s just the back of your hands briefly touching, make sure that you get a little closer than you would with a friend or with someone who doesn’t deserve a second date.

How to End a First Date

Don’t Be Afraid to Call or Text Him

Waiting for him to call isn’t the best way to go when you really want to see him again, and waiting three days is a very outdated concept. If you want to call or text him, do it, but don’t go overboard. A single missed call or text is enough before he gets back to you.

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If You’re Not Sure About a Second Date

The question of how to end a first date get a lot more complicated when you’re not sure if you want to see him again. Sometimes, first dates are awkward, but if there’s something there, the guy might be worth another shot. Here’s how to handle it.

Be a Little Coy

If he’s giving strong signals that he’s into you, being a bit coy is the right way to go. Don’t respond with the same enthusiasm, but don’t be cold either. Tell him you had a nice time, but fight the impulse to follow it up with “and I’d like to see you again”. If he’s pushy about it, simply say that you’re very busy for the next few days, and you should talk once that’s over. Do it with a smile, so he knows you’re not just trying to let him down easy.

Finish It With a Peck or a Hug

While the kiss is the right way to go when you want to end a first date that went really well, don’t feel obligated to accept a kiss when you’re not sure about the future. In fact, if he goes in for the kiss and only ends up with a peck on the cheek, his reaction might help you make the right decision. A hug can work just as well.

Don’t Make Any Future Plans on the Spot

The last thing you should do is allow yourself to get caught up in concrete plans when you’re not sure. Be nice about it, but tell him nothing works for you in the next few days or in the next week.

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If You’re Not Into Him

Trying to end a first date when you know there’s no chance for anything else also has a lot of potential for awkwardness. Remember to treat him the way you’d want to be treated in the same situation.

How to End a First Date

Be Honest About the Lack of Chemistry

There’s a very big difference between “I had a good time, but I just don’t think we clicked the way I expected to” and being brutally honest or even rude about the lack of chemistry. It’s important to say what you mean in a polite way.

Add a Compliment to the Rejection

Even if you’ll never see your date again, give them a sincere compliment. There has to be something you liked about the date. Soften the blow with that, not by implying you might be into him when you’re not.

Don’t Mention the F Word

The wrong way to end a first date when you really didn’t have any type of connection with someone is by proposing friendship. His self-esteem probably took a hit when you were honest about the chemistry, so don’t pour salt on the wound by friend-zoning him at the end of your date.