How to Get Over a Breakup Faster

How to Get Over a Breakup Faster

Whether you’re dealing with a broken heart or just a painful breakup, taking the old school approach won’t really help you get over it faster. Find out how to speed up the process while also focusing on the lessons you should learn from your relationship.

Learn how to get over a breakup faster by tweaking the traditional way of eating gallons or ice cream, getting yourself into debt with expensive purchases or giving up your tresses for a pixie cut.

DON’T: Stay in Bed More Than One Day

Wallowing in your own misery may be an important step in getting over the breakup, but it should also be a very short one. Allow yourself a single day for moping around after your breakup, then get out of bed and face the world that’s still there.

DO: Allow Yourself to Grieve

Jumping right back in the saddle doesn’t mean a one night stand to rebuild your confidence. When you’re wondering how to get over a breakup faster, try to focus on what went wrong and learn from your experience. Once you know what pratfall to avoid in your next relationship, you can stop grieving.

How to Get Over a Breakup Faster

DON’T: Get Black Out Drunk

Alcohol may help you forget your misery for one evening, but it doesn’t help anything in the long run, and it may even lead you to make some bad decisions when you’re emotionally vulnerable. Don’t drink alone at home and ask a friend to stop you after 3-4 drinks if you’re going out.

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DO: Socialize with Your Friends

Being close to people who care about you is a very important step in the process of how to get over a breakup faster. Go out with your friends or ask them over. Visit your relatives, but don’t make everything about your breakup. You can talk about it if you think it helps, but focus on putting it behind you.

DON’T: Stuff Yourself Silly When You’re Alone

Put the ladle down and step away from the ice cream! Even if almost every rom-com features a scene with a woman stuffing herself with Ben & Jerry’s, you know better than that.

DO: Enjoy Comfort Food in a Social Setting

If you need some comfort food, throw a dinner party and you’ll be much less likely to overindulge. Even if you just want to be alone, force yourself to go out and eat, since you’ll be less tempted to go overboard in your attempt to get over a breakup faster.

DON’T: Abuse Retail Therapy

Shopping after a relationship can make you feel better and get your endorphins up quickly, but you’re also risking making impulse purchases you’ll end up regretting. Ask a close friend to accompany you and tell them to stop you if you’re about to spend way too much.

DO: Volunteer

Spending time with people can help you move, but when you’re also helping them and feeling better about yourself, you’ll be able to get over a breakup faster. Volunteer for a day, either with kids or with senior citizens. It will make a big difference in your outlook.

DON’T: Throw Yourself into Any New Hobby

Simply taking up a hobby can help you stay busy, but it doesn’t automatically help you move on from the failed relationship. Instead of choosing something that you can do alone, try something social and completely new.

How to Get Over a Breakup Faster

DO: Push Your Boundaries

Step out of your comfort zone and you’ll be able to create more ways to forget about your ex. If you’re really looking to get over a breakup faster, then you need to push your boundaries. This is the best time to conquer a fear, since the satisfaction you get from it will help you bounce back.

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DON’T: Take It Out on Your Hair

Going for a short hairstyle can definitely be empowering, but you’ll only know how you really feel about it days after it’s done. If you think it’s time for a major change and you won’t regret the new hairstyle, go for it. But don’t do it just because it works for other women.

DO: Try a Makeover

If you’re not sure about cutting your hair, and opting for a trendy pixie cut, then the answer to the question of how to get over a breakup faster is a makeover. It blends a little retail therapy with a fresh new look, without any major changes. This is the time to experiment and discover a more confident you.

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