Mistakes in Maternity Fashion

Mistakes in Maternity Fashion

If looking stylish and beautiful when you’re not pregnant is a challenge, wait and see that trying to buy clothes and accessories for your everyday-changing-body is even more difficult.

We all know that maternity clothes simply look great in your first months of pregnancy, when your body’s not yet showing.

Unfortunately, another problem occurs: it’s not that easy watching your weight, so over the course of nine months, your body will change so much that you may wonder whose body is that with your head on top. When you’re pregnant, your wardrobe should not miss a pair of jeans (make sure whatever you buy has some stretch in the material), a pair of black pants for your business meetings, a cardigan (very comfortable, cute, and ultra versatile), and of course, a flattering collared white shirt, that will complete your looks, being a perfect basic piece.

Mistakes in Maternity Fashion

But what mistakes should you avoid? Of course, it’s tempting: all the fabrics, trendy tops, skirts and sexy waistbands. But think twice after reading these tips:

Don’t buy all your maternity clothes at once – you never know exactly how big you’ll going to get, so try buying a few pieces as your body changes.

Don’t wait too long to buy maternity clothes – stick to your regular clothes for as long as possible, but as soon as your belly starts to grow, you may think about larger clothes, that are more comfortable.

Going too small – pregnancy is not exactly the time to think about your size. This doesn’t mean you can’t look hot, you can! You may look for details like an empire-waist with a tie back or side-shirred dress to give your body shape and style.

Don’t forget about your personal style. Surely you’ll find clothes that are the style you love, but cut to fit your pregnant body.