Urban Decay Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

Urban Decay Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

While we might still enjoy a few warm, sunny days, we’re certainly plunging into the new season at full speed. With many of the fall 2020 makeup collections already on the shelves or about to be, companies are trying their best to keep us interested in the products yet to be released. If the Urban Decay makeup collection for fall 2020 has left you wanting more, the holiday 2020 collection can certainly fulfill this desire.

Adjusting your makeup as the season changes is definitely a must and, with the multitude of new lust-worthy shades to be released, shortage of options is definitely not an issue anymore. Dark tones and plain neutrals are not your only options for the special days of the cold season, so taking a closer look at the palettes designed by the brand can reveal surprisingly exciting and versatile options you should take into account.

Mariposa Palette ($39) Mixing together subtle shimmery tones, universally flattering neutrals and carefully selected rich hues, the Mariposa Palette aims to help you highlight your femininity and create fabulous eye makeup styles that will instantly put you in the spotlight. You’ll have the option of combining 10 absolutely alluring makeup shades:

Rockstar – deep purple

Gunmetal – gray with silver glitter

Skimp – ivory peach sheen

Infamous -magenta sheen

Wreckage – taupe shimmer

Haight – dark teal with shimmer

Money – pale silvery green shimmer

Mushroom – steel gray shimmer

Spotlight – golden tan shimmer

Limelight – gold shimmer

Urban Decay Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

The palette, as the name suggests, has a butterfly theme that is artistically represented both on the metal case that protects the fabulous shades as well as on the inside where the pattern is displayed creatively on the well known purple background. The eyeshadow brush is completely cruelty-free, which is a definite plus for the brand and a reason to rejoice for animal lovers everywhere.

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Holiday 2020 Travel Size Set Electric ($32) This wonderful set can prove a veritable secret beauty weapon for those who want to look spectacular on the go. With three brand new shades, this limited edition set can certainly help you stand out. The shades you’ll be able to choose from are:

Perversion – matte black

Ransom – bright iridescent purple

Woodstock – bright fuchsia sparkle

Radium – vibrant blue shimmer

Junkie – bright green sparkle

Urban Decay Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection Urban Decay Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Holiday 2020 Travel Size Set Naked ($32) If you would rather stick to tried and tested tones that have the ability to create a sophisticated makeup style that is guaranteed to flatter you every single time, the creamy waterproof shades included in the 24/7 Glide-On Naked set are certainly worth analyzing:


Demolition – dark brown

Bourbon -glimmering dark brown

Underground – metallic taupe

Stray Dog – silvery taupe

24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil Stash ($34) The five shadow pencils included in this set will definitely perfect the eye makeup style with ease and continence. The following tones are perfect to put you in the mood for the holiday season:

Delinquent – dark purple with bright purple sparkle

Rehab – taupe

Juju – frosted taupe

Sin – champagne

Clash – bright turquoise with silver sparkle

Urban Decay Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

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