Beauty Tips: Top 5 Most Common Makeup Blunders You May Commit

Hey, my dear friends. Do you still remember the first time you do a makeup for yourself? At that time, we used to smudge our eyes and lips because of our unskilled techniques. For me, I always applied shadows which are too glittering and blushes which are rather red. Now, when I think of these scenes, I still feel so funny. As years pass by and we become more and more skilled at doing a makeup, we know that a more natural is more beautiful. We can correct many mistakes that we committed before. But, sometimes we probably make several beauty blunders. That’s why I present this post to you.

In this post, you will see the Top 5 most common makeup blunders you may commit and we will tell you how to prevent these mistakes. Check them out and be a beautiful fashionista. Enjoy.

No 1: Do not Exfoliate

Beauty Tips: Top 5 Most Common Makeup Blunders You May Commit

If you find your skin look rather dry and flaky, you must realize that it’s an urgent moment for you to exfoliate and moisturize. Otherwise, you skin will seem more than 10X worse than your original skin when you layer foundation over your skin.

How to Prevent: Make sure that you exfoliate once a week and slather on a rich moisturizer immediately so that you skin won’t be dry. Don’t exfoliate more than twice a week, which will make your skin vulnerable.

No. 2 Plump Lips with the Wrong Liners

Beauty Tips: Top 5 Most Common Makeup Blunders You May Commit

Some women like to use lip-liners to make them thin lips look fuller and more plumpy. The promble is that you are probably go to the wrong direction by using the wrong lip-liners, which is too dark or too light for you lips. It will make you lips look rather unnatural and ugly.

How to Prevent: If you feel not right without a lip-liner, then choose a lip-liner in the same color with you own lips. Blend the liner into your lips to create a more natural look after you draw a lip liner.

No. 3 Overdo the Eye Makeup

Beauty Tips: Top 5 Most Common Makeup Blunders You May Commit

This is the most common mistakes made by the women who just start doing makeup. No matter how much you love colors, please make sure that you are not wearing more than 3 colorful shades on your eyes at the same time. Otherwise, you will look like a crown who is eager to show off her beauties. That’s rather embarrassing.

How to Prevent: The best and safest way is to buy a palette with three or four shades in the same series in it. You will never go wrong with it. The light shade is used for highlighting your brow bone, the medium shade is for your eyelids, and the dark one is for the liner and the crease.

No. 4 Put on Too Much Shimmer

Beauty Tips: Top 5 Most Common Makeup Blunders You May Commit

Glitter makeup is stunning and eye-catching. Many makeup products nowadays have the illuminating effects, which make it so easy for women to walk too far away from the right way. Although you may look pretty with all-shimmering makeup, shimmering eye shadows, cheeks and lips, your look is not suited for the daily life and many occasions. They are too dramatic!

How to Prevent: To get a more gorgeous shimmer look without being like a Halloween fairy, you just need to apply illuminating products on one or two features on your face. You can choose the eyes or the cheek bones to highlight.

No. 5 Emphasize Everything

Beauty Tips: Top 5 Most Common Makeup Blunders You May Commit

We all know that there are several makeup trends from season to season. There’s no doubt that smoky eye is trendy, pink lipstick is sassy and bright blush is adorable. However, you mustn’t wear them together, or you will look so ridiculous and amateur.

How to Prevent: You should keep it in mind that you can’t make everything a feature or you will make a mess and have no feature at all. Each day, just emphasize one feature and keep the rest of your makeup as neutral and natural as possible.