117 Classic and Modern Christian Boy Baby Names

Names are sure an identity for all. That being said, don’t you want your baby boy to have a unique Christian baby boy names? If you do wish, then this is probably the right article for you. We have a list of baby boy names arranged alphabetically. Take a look below.

christian baby boy names

Christian Names for Boys:

1. Aabel:

Aabel is a good name to start with. The name means ‘breath’. It also refers to the breath of the Lord and hence is very unique.

2. Aadam:

Here is a common Christian baby boy names that you must have heard often. The name means ‘of the earth’.

3. Aadan:

The name means ‘of the earth’.

4. Aaden:

Aaden is a very unique Christian baby boy names. It means ‘a small flame of fire’. A very fierce name. isn’t?

5. Aadne:

Another rare Christian name pick for your little one, Aadne means a child who is as sharp as eagle. It refers to his smartness.

6. Aaidan:

The name means ‘a fiery young man’.

7. Aaiden:

The name is a variation of the name Aaidan. It also means ‘a fiery young man’.

8. Aari:

Aari means ‘a mountain of strength’. The name is a typical Christian baby boy names.

9. Aaric:

Aaric means rule with mercy.

10. Aaron:

Aaron is a very creative name for baby boy. It means enlightenment. It is a name derived from the Hebrew language.

11. Abba:

Abba is a name for all those boys born on Thursday. The name means ‘one who is born on a Thursday’.

12. Abdiel:

Abdiel means ‘servant of God’.

13. Abel:

Abel is a Christian name for baby boys that means vanity. The name is taken from the Hebrew language.

14. Abelard:

Abelard means one who is very determined and stubborn to win. The name is used in a positive sense.

15. Abie:

Abie means father of many.

16. Abner:

Abner is a Hebrew word that means ‘father of light’.

17. Abraam:

The name means father of multitude.

18. Abraham:

Here is another popular Christian baby boy names. It means father of multitude and is perhaps the most commonly heard Christian name.

19. Abram:

Abram is a variation of the name Abraham.

20. Baltasar:

The name means God.

21. Balthasar:

Balthasar is a Christian biblical boy names. The name refers to one of the three wise men.

22. Bassett:

The name means little person.

23. Cabbrieli:

The name is a variation of the name Gabriel and it also means servant of God. The name is not often heard and is therefore rare.

24. Cador:

Cador is the name of the nephew of King Arthur.

25. Caelic:

Caelic means a man from the heaven.

26. Ceaddi:

This is another rare Christian name for little boys. The name means ‘a brave person’.

27. Ceiro:

Ceiro means one who is loved by all.

28. Cenn:

Cenn means ‘one who has a strong and stable character’.

29. Daan:

Daan means ‘God is my judge’.

30. Daaron:

For all those who think their child is the gift of God, here is a name. Daaron means a great man or a gift from God.

31. Daghan:

Daghan means ‘one who is good at heart’.

32. Damean:

The name is that of a Greek saint.

33. Dedrik:

Dedrik is a male Christian names that mean ‘a powerful ruler who is very brave and bold’.

34. Eadfrith:

The name means ‘one who is generous’.

35. Eadsele:

Eadsele means one who is strong.

36. Eann:

Eann is the name of one of the apostles and is a Christian biblical boy names, if you like your son to have one.

37. Edward:

Edward means ‘a wealthy protector’.

38. Edwin:

Edwin means ‘prosperous friend’.

39. Elan:

Elan is a Hebrew name for the word ‘light’. The name here refers to how the boy will grow up and spread a lot of wisdom and positivity to the people around.

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40. Fane:

The name means joyful and glad.

41. Fayvel:

Fayvel means a smart and outstanding boy.

42. Gabe:

Gabe is a cute Christian baby boy names that is the short form of Gabriel.

43. Gale:

Gale means someone who is very jovial.

44. Galvin:

Galvin is a name that signifies the white colour.

45. Gaudinus:

This is the name of Lord of Colours.

46. Gavi:

Gavi is a religious person and is a name that is not heard often.

47. Hachi:

Hachi is a ‘little prince’.

48. Hadriel:

The name means majesty of God.

49. Halbert:

Halbert means ‘shining hero’.

50. Ham:

Ham means ‘hot’.

51. Issaiah:

Issaiah means God is my salvation.

52. Ivann:

The name means God is gracious. Ivann is also one of the name of apostles.

53. Jaalen:

Jaalen means calm.

54. Jaaved:

Jaaved is a popular Christian baby boy names that mean ‘the eternal one’.

55. Jacobson:

Jacobson means ‘son of Jacob’.

56. Jadon:

Jadon is a new Christian baby boy names that mean ‘God has heard’.

57. Jarrad:

Jarrad means ‘descendant’.

58. Jason:

The name Jason is also famous one. It means ‘he that cures’. The name is taken from the Hebrew language.

59. Karl:

Karl means free man.

60. Keeyon:

Keeyon is a unique and latest Christian baby boy names. It means ‘guiding leader’.

61. Kevin:

Kevin is a cute Christian baby boy names that mean someone who is gentle, attractive and lovable. Sounds like a name for your son?

62. Mac:

Mac means ‘dear son’.

63. Mahoga:

Mahoga is a rare Christian name for baby. It means ‘one who has a thirst for knowledge’.

64. Marcuss:

Marcuss is a name that is derived from the God Mars.

65. Marrio:

Marrio means one who is manly.

66. Massimo:

Massimo means ‘the greatest’.

67. Mathew:

This name is very popular and it means ‘gift of God’.

68. Malvyn:

The name Malvyn is a very cool and trendy one. It means ‘one who takes authority’.

69. Napolean:

A very famous and energetic name of all times, Napolean is a top Christian names for baby boy that mean ‘lion of the new city’.

70. Nathan:

Nathan is a Christian male baby names that mean ‘given or rewarded’. The name is taken from the Hebrew language.

71. Nicolas:

The name Nicolas means ‘the victory of people’.

72. Parkin:

The name means little Peter.

73. Paul:

Paul is a cute Christian baby boy names that mean small or humble.

74. Peter:

Peter means ‘stone’. The name is used to indicate the strength and hardness of a decision of a person.

75. Philip:

Philip is a person who is a lover of the horses.

76. Raabu:

The name means ‘almighty’.

77. Renzo:

The name Renzo means ‘third born son’.

78. Saamel:

Here is a rare name. It means ‘one who has been heard by the Lord’. The name also a biblical reference.

79. Sagiv:

The name Sagiv is very rare and it means one who mighty power.

80. Samson:

Samson is a good Christian boy names that mean ‘child of the son Samuel, his name is God’.

81. Santino:

The name Santino means sacred.

82. Taneli:

Taneli means ‘one who is judged by God’.

83. Tedor:

The name means ‘a gift of God’.

84. Thanasis:

This is a very unusual name that means ‘one who is blessed with long life’.

85. Theophilius:

The name means ‘a true friend of the Lord’.

86. Ulrich:

The name means ‘world ruler’.

87. Uriel:

Uriel is a very thoughtful name and it means light of God.

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Biblical Christian Baby Boy Names:

For those of you looking for some solid biblical boy names, here are our suggestions.

1. Adam:

The name Adam is a name used time and again in the bible. Adam was the first man on earth.

2. Abaddon:

Abaddon might be a new name for you. But, the name has solid reference in the old testament. It is the name of an angel.

3. Abba:

Abba is a short Christian baby boy names who has a scholar and well-learned person.

4. Abel:

Able is the son of Adam and Eve. Abel was compassionate and competent.

5. Abidan:

The name was used in the old testament and was the head of a tribe of Benjamin. He was also the leader at the time of Exodus.

6. Abiel:

Here is a popular Christian baby boy names. Abiel was a name used by the Puritans.

7. Abraham:

It is a very cool and classy Christian name. Abraham was considered to be the founding father of Jewish people.

8. Andrew:

Andrew is a modern Christian name for baby boys.

9. Baruch:

Baruch means one who is blessed.

10. Benjamin:

Benjamin is a common Christian name for male. The name means son of the right hand.

11. Cain:

Cain means possession or possessed.

12. Claudius:

Claudius means lame.

13. Dan:

The name Dan means judgement. It also means ‘one who judges’.

14. David:

David is a name from the Hebrew language. It means beloved or dear.

15. Ebenezer:

The name Ebenezer is a very classy one. It means stone or rock of help.

16. Elah:

Elah is a Hebrew name that means an oak, indicating the strength of the person.

17. Gabriel:

The name Gabriel means ‘god is my strength’.

18. Immanuel:

The name means ‘God is with us’.

19. Issac:

Issac is a Hebrew name that means laughter.

20. Jacob:

Jacob means the heel.

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Christian Twin Baby Boy Names:

Here are some name for your little twins.

1. Asher and Felix:

If you are looking for some similar meaning names for your baby boy, here is our choice. These names mean ‘fortunate’.

2. Cyrus and Samson:

Here is another similar meaning name for your little one. The name means ‘Sun’.

3. Ariel and Atwood:

The names mean ‘lion of God’ and ‘forest dweller’ respectively.

4. Leon and Leonard:

Leon names mean lion and Leonard means as brave as lion.

5. Aaron and Abel:

The names mean ‘exalted’ and ‘breath’ respectively.

6. John and Jonah:

John means God is gracious and Jonah means dove.

7. Noah and Noel:

The names mean comfort and Christmas respectively.

8. Colin and Colm:

The names mean cub and dove respectively.

9. Louis and Walter:

The names mean ‘warrior’.

10. Orlando and Rodrigo:

The names mean famous.

Naming babies are sometimes real fun. Sometimes, the challenge of having to find a right Christian name for boys can take away all the fun. You will only land up in a loop of thoughts. For all those sleepless thoughts, here is our little help. This list will surely help you.

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