15 Simple Characters of Printable Colouring Pages for Free

The colouring books were invented by McLaughlin Brothers in 1880. They made books named The Little Folks’ Painting Book. Also, Kate Green away had joined them. They published these books till 1920s.

Printable Colouring Pages india

The colouring books have pictures in black lines. People have to colour them. They could use any colouring media. These include crayons, coloured pencils, marker pens, and paint. Generally, the traditional colouring books or pages are printed on paper/card.

Printable Colouring Pages

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults:

Here are the 15 best printable colouring sheets for kids and adults to print with suitable colors.

Printable Colouring Pages for Kids in India-

1. Peace Sign Flower Printable Sheet:

Peace Sign

This item is the diagram of the peace sign. This peace symbol was initially designed for the British nuclear disarmament movement. There are few flowers added in this design.

2. Colouring Page of Song Bird :

Song Bird

This item is the design of a song bird. It is perched on a bough of a tree covered with flowers. The bird is singing merrily welcoming the advent of spring.

3. Tinkerbell Coloring Sheet for Kids:

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell was a fairy who fixed pots and kettles. She spoke in sounds of tinkling bell. Thus, she was understood only by other fairies that spoke the same language. Tinker Bell was sometimes angry, naughty, jealous, hurtful, and curious. She was very helpful and good to Peter Pan.

4. Bambi Printable Coloring Page:


This item is the design of Bambi, the white tailed deer. In 1942, Walt Disney made the animated movie name Bambi. The plot was about Bambi, his father who was the Great Prince of the forest, his mother who was not named. Other characters included Bambi’s friends Thumper [a pink-nosed rabbit], Flower [a skunk], and Faline [his childhood friend and future mate].

5. Printable Pooh Bear and Honey Coloring Sheet:

Pooh Bear and Honey

Pooh is innocent and slow-witted. But, he is very friendly, thoughtful, and dedicated. Pooh has good common sense. Pooh used Christopher Robin’s umbrella to rescue the piglet from the floods. Pooh proved to be a talented poet. Pooh is modest about his slow smartness. He likes gifts. Pooh likes all kinds of food items. These include condensed milk and other items. Best of all, Pooh loves honey.

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6. Print Roses for Colouring:


This item is the design of three roses. There are separate branches for the flowers. Depending on the colouring, these roses could be from the same bush. Otherwise, they could be from two or three different bushes.

7. Butterfly and The Flower Printable Coloring Sheet:

Butterfly and The Flower

This item is showing a butterfly facing a flower. This is a very unusual design. Generally, we see a butterfly sitting on an open flower. If you use your imagination, then you would agree that the butterfly is introducing herself to the flower.

8. Private Sea Beach:

Private Sea Beach

This item is the scenery of a private sea beach. Since there is hill, the other side is not clearly visible. There is a lighthouse. In front of it there is a beach house. There is a parked sports car. There is a chained fence protecting this beach. There are scattered boulders in the beach far and nearby. There are plants near the boulders in nearby beach. There is a towel spread on the sand. Nearby there is an umbrella, a bucket, a ball and a star fish. The evening sun is setting into the sea while two birds are flying home.

Printable Colouring Pages for Adults in India-

1. Peacock Coloring Page for Adults:


This item is the design of a peacock. It is sitting near the branch of the tree full of leaves. The bird looks very gracious and yet very humble.

2. Printable Coloring Sheet Mr & Mrs Owls:

Mr and Mrs Owls

This item is a design of a couple of owls. Both male and female owls are perched on the branch of a tree. They have decorated feather coats. The female owl is wearing flowers on her hair too. There is a small, hilly town at yonder. The town has many tiled huts with fields and gardens. The sun is rising from the valley.

3. Adults Sun and Moon Printing Color Page:

Sun and Moon

This item has the design of the Sun and the Moon. Both of them are both looking happy. The sun has cheeks that are blushing. Also, he has bright rays around his face. The Sun is looking very powerful. The moon is not a full moon. Hence, the moon is looking at the sun. Also, the moon is admiring the sun. The moon knows that its brightness depends on the sun.

4. Coloring Page Adult Fairies To Print:

Adult Fairies

This item has the design showing a brother and sister fairies. They have been patiently waiting in the garden with many trees and flowers. The boy fairy is sitting on the spotted mushroom. They have spent a long time waiting in the garden. It is very apparent from the determined spider that is busy making its cobweb.

5. Printable Sailing Ship Coloring Sheet:

Sailing Ship

This item is the scenery of a sailing ship. In the olden days, big ships with sailing masts were widely used. The flag of England is on the highest mask of this ship. There is a flag with King’s portrait. Ships were the only source of transportation. They were used during battles.

6. Printable Coloring Pages Italy,Venice:


This item is the scenery of Venice in Italy. Venice is an ancient city but there are no streets. Instead, there are only water channels for moving from one place to another. There are low, narrow boats known as gondolas that people use to travel. These boats travel under the bridges that join two embankments. Also the bridges have footpaths.

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7. British Railway Printable Colouring Pages:

British Railway

This item is the scenery of the first steam engine train. The train has many American flags showing stripes and starts. Scenery is from inauguration day. In the background, there is a house made of timbre having a thatched wooden roof. Definitely the house is situated at a location where there is snowfall in winter. The spectators are wearing their hats and coats. Thus, the weather must be cold already. There is a lead gentleman walking near and ahead of the train. There is a clock that has recorded the time of the place.

We conclude from the article that there are many printable colouring pages for both children and adults. These pages can be easily printed on paper or card. These are in black line print so any colouring media can be used on them. Actually colouring these designs would bring great joy and pleasure to everyone who enjoys colouring.

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