1st Month OF Pregnancy – Symptoms And Fetal Development

After a long night of silent discussions and the next day full of contemplations, finally the parent, the two of them has taken up a mutual decision to finally have a successor to their throne. The sheer thought of bringing a new life has evoked quite a lot of feelings amongst the two of them. While in the father, it stirred a whirlwind of excitement and happiness, the mother has heard stories from her girlfriends before about the coming months and their hardships. So even though her excitement is at its peak, a few worries and fears can be traced in the hidden lines of her happy face.

Soon the deed was put to work and surely after a few days the mother woke up with a nauseating feeling engulfing her as she ran across the room for the bathroom. The night before has been turbulent for her and her sleep as they had a hard time connecting with each other. This feeling of nausea was soon replaced by a happy face when the test showed her positive results. Soon the happy hugging became turmoil as for every day in the week she had to empty herself early morning after a sleepless night.

Then came in the strict chart from the doctor with the dos and don’ts properly lined up. With the strict rules to abide by, the mother now has a pot full of emotions up to the brim where it every now and then overflew with a depressed consequence following by. She now realizes the Saturday night get together with the girlfriends are no more a plausible option. Neither is the little celebratory drink congratulating her cousin in the family occasion.

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This is practically the first month summed up where a tornado of sweet and bitter moments passes by within a month’s notice. The baby however within this some 30 to 31 days grows and develops a bit. What starts with an egg and a sperm amalgamation slowly turns into a blastocyst which is literally a four or five day old fertilized egg. The egg then turns into an embryo and with more development into a fetus which is when the formation stage slightly shifts to the development stage. On the first very month of pregnancy check out the status of you and your baby.

What to think about this Month:

This is your first month of pregnancy, and lots of queries, expectations and excitement would be running through your heart and mind. But all you can do in this month is preparing a schedule of what to eat and what to avoid. All the necessary precautions to be taken care of and getting all that stuff you would need in the coming months should be listed avoiding excess stress and anxiety.

Fetal Development of the Baby

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The first month is mainly concerned with formation of the baby. The egg travels through the fallopian tubes and meets up with the head sperm. The blastocyst which has owed its presence to the colliding of the sperm into the egg headfirst now searches and looks for a suitable
place in the uterus and attaches itself to a suitable uterine wall, that is, the placenta. This is a crucial step since without the attachment the baby’s further growth will be prohibited. This is called implantation. In cases of miscarriage, the baby fails to attach itself to the mother and bleeds away.

Egg Size And Cells:

The egg size is now about 10,000 times larger than it was at the beginning of the month. The placenta has finally begun to develop and your baby is developing slow and steady. His blood cells are now becoming prominent and ready to start functioning. The body size is now about a rice grain’s length, growing at a faster pace than ever. Soon, the actual baby forming stage is reached in the mid month, as described next.

1st month of pregnancy

Baby Forming:

At this point of time your little one is nothing bigger than a pea floating in the amniotic fluid guarded by the soft cushion like uterine wall. However it is now just a small tumor like speck in the wall. Just after implantation, the baby starts with its formation process. It is now not a miniature human version but a vague distorted alien shape trying to form a body. The umbilical cord holding the baby and the mother adjoining them now begins to develop. This cord with the help of the placenta will help passing of nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the baby and passing of baby waste back to the mother.

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Baby Spines:

Now that the previous week showed the baby finding a place for himself, this week he will start tracing an outline for his spine and within no time, a soft few number of bones will be seen placing themselves in orderly fashion along the spinal tracing.

Skin And Organs:

At this point your baby resembles Lord Voldemort with a squished head, pushed in nose and discolored skin. This is all the formation process which with the passing months
will grow to perfection.

Complex Matters:

The heart of your baby has started beating by the middle of this month, probably since the 25th day after conception. This will be made clear to you through ultrasound pictures and a beat detecting machine like Doppler maybe.

Symptoms of 1st month and How to Overcome

Changes in Breast and Appetite growth are first sings and symptoms of one month pregnancy. There are also another form of symptoms along with two changes help to provide you pregnancy signs.
Funny Feelings:

There is often a funny feeling accompanying you at all times. The taste of soft metal and sourness now fills the back of your throat. It might be because of the throwing up or just because of your hormones now producing in excess. This funny feeling persists in your body too as you feel tired and sleepy during the day and restless all night.You might find yourself struggling hard to overcome the situation you are put in, however, the cure for it is as easy as it seems. Try having a diet which includes all the tastes you wish to have suiting your digestive system. For a change you can also make a mixture of two or more tastes at a time for a change.
Growth In Appetite:

Slowly you will feel the need to satisfy your hunger growing with time. The baby coming to this world now shares your food so now you feel obliged to eat more and more. Often at intervals you feel yourself snooping through the kitchen looking for a bite to grab. The lunch and dinner now has a bit more amount of food than what it used to. This is however obviously normal and healthy.Make sure you don’t have heavy diets every time you feel hungry. Instead try having small quantities of snacks, salad, juices, fruits, etc. as this will help you satisfy your hunger and give your child appropriate space to develop in your womb. Also heavy meals will be slightly difficult to digest at this time leading to several problems.

Baby Bump:

Don’t yet go wrecking for maternity clothes since it is just the beginning of the small bloating almost resembling a beer gut. Your tummy now looks like you’ve just had a hearty meal, the only difference, this bloating never goes down like other times.The belly can not be lessened by any means, but you can try to hide such bloating belly by shopping for your motherhood. Purchase loose clothes which would give your tummy enough space to hide and also would not affect your breathe. If you want to hide the exciting news from others, you can go to malls at odd times so that you can enjoy shopping and hide your growing belly.

Extreme Tiredness:

You might not be ready with the immediate change of your body texture but it needs to be considered and hence you should change some activities you carry in your daily life. You might face a lot of nausea this month, and it will be new and sudden, making things even worse for you. Every time your bed will be calling you due to your physical and mental tiredness. Even small tasks will tire you. For this you can divide your task into small portions giving your body and mind some rest. Guidance from family and friends who have passed through such situation holds an important role in such problems.You might also have to leave some of your favorite jobs like looking after family members ad their needs as you might need extra care and pampering from them at this time for the coming months.

Changes In The Breast:

This is one of the most common changes that you simply can’t turn a blind eye to. Much like the tiredness and nausea, this one varies for each woman; however, there is no escaping the change. The symptoms can include soreness in the breast and some pain accompanying it. The main usually feels like the one you undergo right before your menstrual cycle for the month is about to begin. Some other changes are the darkening of the areola, which can be noticed along with prominent bumps on the sides of the areola. This one is not to be beaten the bush around for, since it is only temporary. The veins of your breasts show up as well, which is another normal changes in your body texture. In case you want toget rid of such swelling and other common symptoms, you can try using ice bags or cooling bags which would help to reduce your pain. Drinking plenty of water at regular intervals will also help youto a great extent. For such time periods, the ladies can also try wearing loose bra which help the breast tissues to relax and provide enough air to them for soreness.

Activities In 1st Month Of Pregnancy:

You are not in a position to restrict your activities for the month yet, however, you can limit your workload to some extent giving yourself some refreshing time such as evening walks, cooking your favorite dishes, having fruits or juices, etc.Talking to friends and family is another activity that will take your mental health towards a better progression

Diet And Exercise In The 1st Month Of Pregnancy :


1. Folate-Rich Foods:

You must be having iron supplements recommend by your gynecologist but you can also try few iron rich fruits or vegetables in your diet such as oranges, broccoli, eggs, beans, potatoes, etc.

2. Vitamin B6:

If you are having nausea and vomiting problems while enjoying your first phase of pregnancy, vitamin B6 is very important to be included in your mealsin your starting phase. Enjoy having grains, peanut butter, nuts, salmon etc. which are rich in vitamin B6 instead of taking tablets for the same.

3. Fruits:

Fruits hold an important role in the diet of pregnant women. Having fruits which contain water within are mostly preffered in this phase as they keep your body hydrated. They also contain fibres in it which is important in the initial phase of pregnancy for the development of the uterus and surrounding.

4. Milk Products:

Milk is the foremost recommended ingredient to be taken which is highly recommended by the doctor. It is rich in nutrients, acids, calcium, etc. In case milk is not suitable for the digestion to the woman, milk products such as yoghurt, cheese, paneer, etc. can be taken two times in a week.

5. Meats:

In pregnancy, some meats are safe when consumed in a limited quantity. White lean meat, chicken and fish are safe to consume as they carry proteins in it, but should be well cooked before including in meals. On the other hand, consuming pork or sea food may harm your baby and hence is not recommended.


1. Leg Stretches:

Stretch out your legs and fold right leg to bring the toes of your right foot to touch them with your left hand. While bringing your leg close to the other, breath in, and while pushing it back to the original stretched position, breathe out. Now do the same with the other leg 5 times.

2. Butterfly Stretching:

Fold your knees in such a way that your feet come in contact with each other. Stretch tour heels towards your body and relax your thigh muscles while you do so. Apply pressure while placing your hands on the joints of your knees.

3. Floor Stretch:

Lie on the floor and turn to one side. Stretch your hand on top to the opposite side of yours. Now rest the hand and turn the other side to repeat with the other hand. Continue the exercise 5 times.

4. Swimming:

For the first month of pregnancy, the immediate gaining of weight can cause stretch marks on your body specially your tummy area. For this, swimming can be the best exercise to reduce them and also maintain your weight.

5. Evening Walks:

Through out your pregnancy, walking can be the best exercise. The exercise will keep you refreshed from the pregnancy problems and also will help you to stay active through out the day. Morning walks will also give you fresh oxygen which will benefit your health while evening walk will be beneficial for your digestive system.

Sex During Pregnancy:

It is completely safe to indulge in making love this month since the amniotic sac and fluids will cushion your baby well. Even though, orgasms can lead to contractions but no harm will come to your fetus.

Tips To Overcome Stress During The 1st Month OF Pregnancy:

  1. Establish a plan to get you through the month. Discuss how you want to tell everyone about the news, what changes you want to bring in your and your partners life. Let the whole idea of your pregnancy set in the first week.
  2. The checkups should be calendar marked, to avoid last minute stress. Plan everything you need to take along including diet reports and medical documents.
  3. Weekly outings with moms to be should be a smart move to help you get through your anxiety with company.
  4. Exercise, yoga and meditation will help you to a great extent in pregnancy. It not only keeps your mind and health refreshed but also helps you in breathing problems.
  5. Clear things up with your partner before you plan a child, since that will clear the air from the start and solve a lot of stressful topics.

Medical Treatment And Checkup In 1st Month OF Pregnancy:

Keep yourself updated to the doctor and make sure you go through all your regular check up dates. This will guide you till the end and will also make it easy for you to head towards the next months. Make sure you get medications from the doctor for small issues such as nausea, vomiting, headache, soreness, etc. as without their prescription, medicines may harm you. Some medicines which help you to cure few symptoms are as below.

  • For soreness, you can have Acetaminophen as it is mild. Avoid using ibuprofen, Naproxen etc.
  • For allergy, use Antihistamines or Ioratidine. Avoid using Pseudophedrine, Phenylephrine, etc.
  • Having cough, try Dextromethorphan
  • Metamucil is to be taken for constipation and the use kf mineral oil should be neglected.
  • In case of heartburn, take Antacids.

Tips And Precautions:

  • Avoid the intake of wine, carbohydrates and other junk foods in your diet chart which are unhealthy for you at this period.
  • Quit smoking entirely by slowing your numbers down, since this can harm your baby and lead to withdrawal symptoms if chased out suddenly.
  • Make sure you take medicines on time as per the prescription to avoid any harmful interactions.
  • Drink more water and sleep more than usual, to give your body the rest it needs.
  • Try sleeping on your back from the very start to get used to it for the next few months to come.

Pregnancy is like a flower that grows beautiful with time. The bud is always hard and mystifying but with it blooming slowly the journey does not seem all that bad. With time the mother accepts her current situation, her position of responsibility where she is the pathway to a new life being presented on this earth. The next events see her settling down getting accustomed to the changes going around her.