20 Amazing Bottle Craft Ideas With Waste Plastic

There are so many items or things in day to day life that can be recycled but we have the habit of throwing it in the dustbins. It becomes sometimes hard to think which item to use for what. When it’s about recycling, we often cannot decide how to recycle certain things. Best way is to make various crafts from them. One of the most useful products which can be crafted is the plastic water bottle. They are very useful and shouldn’t be thrown.

Best Bottle Craft Ideas With Waste Plastic For Recycling Them:

So here are some different items that can be made out of plastic water bottles,

1. Flowers Plastic Bottle:

Flowers Plastic Bottle

This is the beautiful waste plastic bottle craft that can be made out of a plastic bottle. It is the plastic bottle craft for the adult which they can make to decorate their rooms. Instead of wasting money in buying flower pot from the market one can easily handicraft it at their home.

2. Bottle Penguins:

Bottle Penguins

These are the plastic bottle crafts for kids and they, with little assistance, will love to do it. The things that one would need are some art supplies with cotton balls and recycled bottle. They are easy to make and are very entertaining. They are popular among kids, especially among toddlers.

3. Rocket Jet pack:

Rocket Jet pack

This is one of the most interesting crafts for children. Though it looks difficult, it is simple craft to make. One can make it for their kids and they will enjoy playing with it. The things that you need are plastic bottle craft papers. They are budget friendly and provide as a best option of toys for children.

4. Simple Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder:

Simple Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

One can also serve the nature by making use of plastic bottle to make the bird feeder and these are the good plastic bottle craft ideas that one can make. Little birds look for food to help them survive. So this plastic bottles handicraft would be useful for the birds. One just needs the plastic bottle, pencils, nuts and bird seed.

5. Plastic Bottle Bowling:

Plastic Bottle Bowling

No one can make use of plastic bottle to make use of it in bowling. It is good for children who are fond of bowling and they can make use of water bottles. It is simple and easy to make. They can be painted, decorated and enhanced in any way possible, to give a complete and finished look. But for this craft, you need strong bottles having thick body or material.

6. Piggy Bank:

Piggy Bank

One can make piggy bank crafts using plastic bottles and some other materials. These piggy banks can be used by adults as well as by kids. Again they can be decorated and enhanced in any way possible. These are very affordable and are the best option to save your valuable money in them.

7. Candle Sleeve Magic:

Candle Sleeve Magic

This is a beautiful craft idea to decorate one’s home with candles. One can use the plastic bottle to make decorative candles. This would be the glass contained candle. You can decorate candle sleeve with decorative craft paper or napkins and flowers.

8. Pencil and Pen Holder:

Pencil and Pen Holder

One can easily make stationary items holder using the plastic bottle. Children can get their things done in order by making this plastic holder without making the room messy. Various patterns and designs can be carved on the bottles and can be decorated using beads, ribbons, feathers etc. They can be made strong by supporting it with card paper or card board.

9. Drawer Organizer:

Drawer Organizer

If one doesn’t know where to keep their day to day things like stationary, ornaments, cosmetics then the solution to it is drawer organizer. They can be made by using plastic bottles, ribbons, beads etc. They are best for bedroom drawers or dressing room drawers.

10. Cookie or Cupcake Packaging:

Cookie or Cupcake Packaging

This is a very cool craft that allows one to package food items. If one wants to gift food items to someone then one can make it trendy by using these crafted plastic bottles. To add elegance, you can use ribbons or can design the bottle using glitter pens. This is something unique and a very different craft.

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11. Woven Bowl:

Woven Bowl

It is the best plastic bottle handicraft where one can use the plastic bottle to make a really beautiful, adorable and cute woven basket. So in this way, your plastic bottle can come to use for making a woven basket and it looks really cute. You can decorate its surface by wrapping a suitable cloth over it. The cloth can be decorated and designed using paint.

12. Friendly Face Bottle Planter:

Friendly Face Bottle Planter

These are one of the DIY plastic bottle crafts that one can make. This is a beautiful diy bottle crafts planter which includes the friendly face that little children will adore. It is fun for children in playing with it. It would be a great gift by children for their grandparents. Various cartoon characters can also be drawn on the bottle to make it look beautiful and cute.

13. Apple Shaped Plastic Boxes:

Apple Shaped Plastic Boxes

This plastic bottle handicraft is so wonderful gift to be given to one’s teachers. Plastic bottles are used for it and a shiny appeal is given to them. For this one will need apple shaped bottles to make it. It is one of the cutest bottle craft idea that one can make.

14. Plastic Bottle Wind Spinner:

Plastic Bottle Wind Spinner

It is a little bit hard to make and requires a lot of cutting with the knife, blade or scissor or whatever tool you like but it should be sharp enough. One can hang it outside on a tree branch, in a balcony, in a corridor or hallway or anywhere you like and watch it spins every time as the breeze comes through.

15. Soda Bottle Flower Prints:

Soda Bottle Flower Prints

Do you know that bottom of soda plastic bottles is similar in shape to that of a flower? Yes, it is so you can print those shapes on the bed sheet or a paper. This would be like simple plastic bottle craft. It does not need any high maintenance and is budget friendly. It can be used by kids for their projects and also by adults for their various activities.

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16. Bottle Cherry Blossom Tree:

Bottle Cherry Blossom Tree

The cherry blossom trees are so beautiful in the look that if they are crafted they will really look good, so one can use it to hang on the wall of his room. One can use soda bottle and make a flower pattern in pink color and print it on a paper sheet. This cherry blossom tree print can be hanged on the main door too. It can also prove to be a great gifting option.

17. Soda Bottle Chandelier:

Soda Bottle Chandelier

By using soda plastic bottle one can also build a chandelier out of it to decorate one’s room. Instead of wasting money one can build it as one likes in his or her home. For this one can use different colored bottles and lights and decorate it as one wants.

18. Detergent Container Toy Cars:

Detergent Container Toy Cars

Sometimes the simplest toy is most liked by kids. So instead of wasting money, one can build it using bottle craft. One can use detergent bottles in creating toy cars. But for this one need to have the extra bottle caps for making the wheels and bottle should be of the little larger size such that one can make windows in it. Sometimes the simplest toys are the biggest hit with kids. Try this craft with bottles theory out and save yourself some money by recycling laundry detergent bottles and creating toy cars.

19. Bottle Cap Art:

Bottle Cap Art

These are the different type of water bottle crafts for kids where they can use the bottle caps to create a mini oceanic scene. It is very simple to make and doesn’t require many things. This craft is so much fun for the kids. It can be used for school projects or kindergarten projects.

20. Plastic Holders Shampoo Bottles:

Plastic Holders Shampoo Bottles

Have you ever thought that one could use shampoo bottles to make a good pencil holder with a cartoon-like shape? This kind of bottle art and craft is good for kids who can place their colored pencils inside it. Various designs and patterns can be carved using knife, blade, scissors or any other tool which is sharp.

These are some of the things that can be made out of plastic bottles. The one main thing that works here is one’s creativity. If the person is more creative then he or she can build anything out of it. These plastic bottle crafts are very easy to make and if supported by one’s great imagination, the outcome would be very beautiful. Practicing these crafts regularly will surely help you in improving your craft making skills and will also enhance your creativity and ideas.

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