4 Weeks Pregnant Cramping – Causes and Treatments

The fourth week of pregnancy is the most significant time of pregnancy because this is the time when ample amount of changes take place in your body. Your body begins to support the life systems of two instead of one; there is huge rise and fall in the hormonal levels in your body. It is a critical time because the embryo is eventually developing, your baby’s heart, brain and spine during this period. By the fourth week of pregnancy you would’ve missed your period as it’s almost a month since you got pregnant.

Pregnant women require a good nutritious diet to stay healthy and keep their babies away from birth defect. There are a bunch of 4 weeks pregnant symptoms cramping which are common during the pregnancy period.Cramping at 4 weeks is a sign from your body for you to be prepared for pregnancy and adapt to the changes taking place in your body. Here are the possible causes and tips to overcome 4 weeks pregnant cramps naturally.

4 weeks pregnant cramping

Cramps are a common problem during the pregnancy and thus you should be very much aware about the causes of it so that you can find remedies to the solution of your problem and avoid any sort of discomfort you are facing during pregnancy. Following are the causes of 4 weeks pregnant cramps to help you find suitable remedies accordingly-

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1. 4 weeks abdominal pregnant cramps are caused because the uterus gets stretched to accommodate the fetus and the expansion and contractions in the muscles will cause cramps definitely for sure. You can experience mild pain when you cough or sneeze in the abdominal region. If an unbearable pain exists or the pain exists for too long then you should immediately see a doctor.

2. Along with cramps you will be accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, constipation, pains etc. which are also a cause of discomfort during pregnancy.

3. As you uterus widens to make space for the fetus, your ligaments become softer and stretch to pull along which could again give you cramps during your pregnancy.

4. During pregnancy your digestive system takes a little longer than usual to digest the food you have taken since it tries to extract all the possible nutrition available in the food for the requirement of the baby as well. This could lead to the problem of abdominal gas which will annoy your stomach and in some cases cause cramps as well.

5. The space in your abdomen is gradually decreasing as the fetus grows since it needs more space for its growth and development and due to this your stomach is pushed a bit upwards as the position of uterus changes along with its size.It will take up space due to which cramps can trouble you after food because the digestion process becomes slower.

6. You’re sure to have cramps if do not follow a nutritious and healthy diet. All the nutrients and vitamins stored in your body are getting used up to feed the fetus so keep yourself stacked to avoid any kind of nutrient deficiency problem as this may cause deficiency diseases in your baby.

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Once you know the causes of the cramps you are facing during your pregnancy , you can find effective solutions to your problem or here are some remedies you can follow up in your routine to curb the problem of cramping-

1. Doing exercises during pregnancy has always proved to be healthy for the mother and the baby as well and it helps you reduce the various problems of pregnancy which causes you discomfort. So good exercises with the doctor’s advice can help you reduce 4 week pregnancy cramps.

2. Any of the Randomized control treatments (RCT’s) or combinations of them should help you reduce or even eliminate 4 weeks pregnancy cramping.

3. Tender exercises and yoga that will not cause much stress on your body can help you reduce stress on your veins and muscles making your cramps disappear.

4. Walking and using stairs whenever possible will also reduce your 4 weeks pregnant cramping significantly because these can be effective alternatives for the other physical exercises you perform to keep yourself healthy.

5. A nutritious diet, stuffed with ample fruits and vegetables will definitely reduce the frequency of the cramps as these contain good amount of nutrients, and also most importantly contain dietary fibers which will help you relax your muscles and reduce the cramps. So follow a good diet to ensure you are not lacking the required nutrients and be healthy.

6. Pregnancy multivitamin or supplements should help you gain essential nutrients. Pregnancy being a very sensitive phase for a woman, it is always safe to obtain guidance from your doctor before taking supplements during pregnancy. But this should be done only in extreme needs of the nutrients when you can’t take sufficient nutrients to meet the demand of the body.

7. Keep yourself active.Do not stand still for too long, keep moving. Keeping your body hydrated at all times by having enough liquids and water will ease out cramps.

8. Bathing in warm water before bed will loosen your stressed muscles and free cramps. But do make sure the water is not too hot because during pregnancy your body is already producing a  lot of heat and thus taking bath in much of the hot water can cause problems for you as well as for your baby as excess of heat is always harmful.

9. Aromatherapy oil massages will help to relax the muscles and thus  reduce cramping which has been a long problem during your pregnancy.

10. By stretching your calf muscles several times a day will improve the blood circulation ensuring the flow of blood to each and every part of the body effectively and this will reduce the repetitive episodes of cramps you are facing during your pregnancy.

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Assured with these little natural remedies is a pain less pregnancy. A lot of pain however, could mean an underlying serious problem so keep having regular checkups with your doctor during pregnancy. Make sure that these 4 weeks pregnant cramps don’t pull you down. Stay strong and exercise, as well as take necessary measures to get rid of these pregnancy cramps. Follow these and you can have a healthy and care free pregnancy with least amount of problem to face or tackle. So be healthy and keep your baby healthy too.