4th Month of Pregnancy – Symptoms and Developments

The brave decision to finally becoming pregnant takes quite a lot of heart and mental planning. In the past, you must have had your best friends sharing information, especially about 4 months pregnant time symptoms as that is marked as the start of a safe pregnancy way forward! The 4th month of pregnancy lasts up to an average of 28 days and is an integral part of the overall pregnancy journey. This is beginning and entering of into the second trimester in pregnancy for most of the pregnant ladies. Some medications are changed, the growth is monitored more carefully, and restrictions imposed on the future mother become more severe.

The 4th month of pregnancy is crucial for the growth of small features like eyebrows and eyelashes in the fetus. The mother will experience the movement of the baby in this month for the first time. The baby bump finally starts showing, and people will begin congratulating you even more. It is indeed a happy period of your life. 4th-month pregnancy care is quite vital. Here is what to expect at 4 months pregnant!

4th month of pregnancy

Table of Content:

  1. What To Think About This Month
  2. What Happens in the 4th Month of Pregnancy
  3. Symptoms of 4th Month Pregnancy
  4. Care to be taken in the Fourth Month of Pregnancy
  5. 4th Month Pregnant Activities
  6. Diet and Exercise for the 4th Month of Pregnancy
  7. Sex During Pregnancy in 4th Month
  8. Pain and Health Problems During the 4th Month of Pregnancy
  9. 4 Month of Pregnancy Care and Precautions
  10. Medical Treatments and Checkup
  11. Sleeping Position During Pregnancy 4th Month
  12. Additional Tips and Suggestions

What To Think About This Month:

The few days after conception are pretty hectic and nerve-wracking. For a few nights, you must have tossed and turned in her bed as different worries have engulfed your thoughts. You might have been experiencing some differences in your body, too by this time. Your organization must have rejected your desperate attempt to get some shut-eye. Right at the crack of dawn, you must have run to the bathroom and emptied your guts only to do the same set of events the next morning and the morning after that. The days that followed must have been different. You could feel yourself getting depressed and sad at this irregularities. With the frequent need to relieve yourself growing every time you must have unknowingly cursed your little one who was cruel enough to make you go through all this trouble and struggle.


What Happens in the 4th Month of Pregnancy? Signs into 4th Month of Pregnancy:

Your emotions are vague and empty, and you must have found solace in food and more food. You appetite must have grown with every passing day until you saw yourself on a treasure hunt across your house looking for tit-bits now and then. That was, however, the first few weeks precisely the first one and a half month until you realized the devil child in your womb was growing into an angel with every heartbeat.

You must have formed a bond where you knew exactly what the child was asking for and without hesitation you gave in. Your morning sickness and insomnia subsided, and so did your bathroom runs. This made your days better when you could control her emotions slowly. The doctor’ started giving good reviews about the baby’s development which made you look forward to each doctor visit. These are some of the physical as well as mental changes that take place in your four months old pregnancy.


Symptoms of 4th Month Pregnancy:

Changes in the Body:

The baby’s mother also goes through some changes this month. Hence, 4th-month pregnancy care is more rigorous. The 4 months of pregnant symptoms also hence include,

1. A Little Tingle:

There is a lot of 4th month of pregnancy baby development. The baby is born with reflexes, so at around this time, he may start rolling around in your uterus tumbling and playing. This might create a slight sensation in your lower abdomen even though it is hardly felt. It is just a strange tingling feeling that you think every time he rolls over. To overcome this uneasiness, try sitting up straight, as this restricts the movement of your baby. However, do not do this all the time, since this hampers his playtime inside your womb. The four months of the pregnant belly is much more visible.

2. Pigmentation:

With the pregnancy growing in you, you will feel some irregularities in your skin, such as certain spots and pigmentation, specific patches and rashes. This is because of the overproduction of female hormones in your body that cause this reaction. This is, however, just a passing phase and disappears along with the pregnancy. The best way to overcome this situation is to add Aloe Vera or Vitamin E on the skin wherever the symptoms are noted. Besides, you can also massage olive oil on your skin to keep it hydrated and moisturized at all times. This is directly connected to the baby growing in the 4th month of pregnancy.

3. Nasal Congestion:

A significant challenge that you have to live through this month is fixing nose bleeding in the 4th month of pregnancy and a stuffy nose. That and blocked ears as well. These common symptoms of pregnant women can get difficult if not cured with proper treatment. Also, one should keep the doctor updated with the latest health news as this happens due to the excess supply of blood in mucous membranes. This problem continues until you give birth to the infant. Hence there is no permanent solution to this problem. All you can do is carry tissues or handkerchief with you. There are a number of 4th-month pregnancy exercises regimens to help with such symptoms.

4. Sleeplessness:

At this stage, you will tire out quickly, but find troubles in 4th-month pregnancy sleeping position in falling asleep. Nights might seem strange, as you find yourself staring at the ceiling and worrying about life problems. Apart from that, there is also discomfort and pain, trying to struggle with the right sleeping position. The best way to overcome these issues would be to take care of your general health and ask for tips from your family members who have been in the situation before you. Avoid sleeping pills entirely. It proves to be helpful to feel the 4th month of pregnancy baby movements.

5. Fatigue:

You will face this symptom throughout the pregnancy. You will feel tired even by completing small and easy tasks. For this, you can prepare a schedule for working and resting both. Rest at a particular interval of time is necessary. Working women can use comfortable chair pillows to reduce their pain and feel comfortable sitting. A lot of weight gain after pregnancy is due to the four months of pregnancy weight gain.

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Changes in the Baby:

While you have seen signs of pregnancy at 4 months, let us also see changes in the baby. Here are a few changes one can notice in the fetus.

  1. The baby is still a blastocyst in the early few days of conception and then turns into an embryo. By the time the baby completes her second month in your womb, she has already turned into a fetus resembling a miniature version of you. Pregnancy after four months takes up more developmental process. Here are the statistics of your baby in the fourth month of your magical journey.
  2. Now the significant changes in the baby can be seen appropriately. There is baby growth in 4th month of pregnancy. He now has escalated from being a pea-sized pod to a full miniature version of you. The baby now is around seven inches long, but he still has somewhat lanky and thin arms and legs. His lower limbs are starting to develop better now after the third month saw the development of the upper body. Her body soon is coming at par with her bulbous head which indicates the growth of the body at this point.
  3. The hair in his scalp is growing, and so are his fingernails which are prominent now. He now weighs a good seven ounces; however, this is an approx. Estimate and your baby can be over or underweight depending on him. If the doctor gives you the green signal, you are in the clear.

Care to be taken in the Fourth Month of Pregnancy:

Skin Care:

You know how we feel our body crumpling after a long time in a pool party, and by the time we leave home, our fingertips have coiled and wrinkled like your grandmothers’. The same thing might happen to the baby because of its nine months floating in the amniotic fluid sac. This sac helps him to protect his body from outer friction. Now waxy grease like white substance called the vernix caseosa can be seen floating around the skin of the baby.


Also, soft brown hairs called lanugos are forming on the skin to protect the delicate baby skin. With time your baby is slowly getting a pinkish hue. The baby now is growing hair on his scalp; however, this hair is colourless and white due to the lack of proper pigmentation. This is very common among all four months pregnant symptoms.

Facial Care:

Right about now, you can see little eyebrows developing in your baby’s face as she gets more and more prominent. He sucked in the nose now takes its original shape, and her lip outline is traced and ready to develop. The soft teeth buds inside the gum are being formed, and so are her eyelashes. This month the highlight will be the growth of facial hair, that is, the eyebrow and the eyelash. The ears also at around this time grow and become somewhat prominent.


This is the month when your doctor can predict who you will be harbouring in your womb, so keep the baby names coming since there has to be a lot of choices to do. This is also one of the signs of pregnancy at four months old pregnancy.

Thumb Suckling:

At this stage, your child usually starts sucking their fingers, usually that being the thumb for most kids. This is a very healthy development, and it is a good move since it means your child is still adapting to the touch with his newly formed fingers.


4th Month Pregnant Activities:

What includes 4th month pregnancy care? At this month, you will not be able to carry out several tasks due to your 4th-month pregnant baby bump. You will not be able to work by bending down or lifting weights. Also, you will be urinating at a regular interval of time. Avoiding heavy meals will also help you to keep fatigued apart. Some precautions during the 4th month if pregnancy is to be taken care of your food as well.

Checkups and more tests are the way to go this month. Make sure you continue a few exercises without creating pressure to an extended level. Just as proper training is required, similarly adequate diet and the sleeping period are also necessary.


Diet and Exercise for the 4th Month of Pregnancy:

The food and exercise are prominent at any stage of pregnancy. You need to have good and proper 4 months pregnancy weight gain and diet should include the following.


Fruits and Vegetables:

Including fresh and leafy vegetables in your meals will be beneficial to your health. Also, nuts add hold to be taken between the meals so that the stomach does not remain empty. Orange, banana, apples, broccoli, coconut, spinach, etc. are highly preferred for this phase.

Raw Foodstuff:

Few fresh vegetables have changed more vitamins in it and hence several doctors advice to consume them raw. Also, there are some vegetables which are preferred boiled to maintain the fat level in your body.

Vitamin C:

Fruits rich in vitamin C are taken the most in the 4th month of pregnancy. They help you to digest your food. Oranges, lemon, and grapefruit are the most preferred fruits for the same.

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When you enter the fourth month of your pregnancy, you need to concentrate on the task which works on your pelvic areas and your abs. Some of the 4th-month pregnancy exercises are as below.

Belly Expansion:

Fold your legs and support your back against the wall. Place your hands on the knee and Inhale while the nose was bringing the belly close to your body. Hold for 5 minutes. Now exhale and gain your prior position. Do the same five more times.


This exercise is done by concentrating on the pelvic area. It helps you to gain proper posture and also gives space for the expansion of your pelvic area.


Stretching might be painful for you with a baby bump, but it will also help you to develop and strengthen your muscles which later assist in the delivery period. It also gives flexibility to your body.


Walks, when you are pregnant, are beneficial as they would help your body get ready for delivery. Also, it burns excess calories, which are also crucial for your health.

Stomach Adjustment:

Inhale through your nose and hold your breath. Try adjusting the centre of gravity, so it is easier for you to work your angle for the next few months to come and the growing bump. There are certain cases where the woman is four months pregnant and not showing.


Sex During Pregnancy in 4th Month:

You are developing mood swings and going crazy about everything in the world at this stage. Intimacy is perhaps the last thing on your mind right now, however, talk to your partner, and if you can take some time off, talk about sexual activity and hit the common ground. The natural position is the way to go, and your sac will protect your baby just fine. The sleeping position during pregnancy 4th month also makes a world of difference and helps with the intercourse part.


Pain and Health Problems During the 4th Month of Pregnancy:

While you may have noticed that your issues on nausea would have definitely lessened at this month of pregnancy, there may be other health issues of concern one should look out for. Digestive problems and constipation, along with a feeling of heartburn may be troublesome to a large extent. There may also be shortness of breath and problems to breathe properly. In case you notice spotting or bleeding, contact a doctor immediately and rush to him. There may be other pregnancy symptoms and issues such as bleeding gums, nose bleeding, and even nasal stuffiness.


4 Month of Pregnancy Care and Precautions:

Precautions during the 4th month of pregnancy hence include the following.

  • Now that you are in the fourth month, financial issues need to be taken care of right away, to be free from the next few months of stress. Stress is found to be directly connected to stomach pain during pregnancy in the 4th month.
  • Think over your baby once you are planning to work out some task. The baby inside you needs rest too. Trust us; your baby will thank you later.
  • Take extra reassurance from your partner and support group, not only will it be of great help, but you will uncover many new things about the unique life experience.
  • Start preparing for your home birth plan if you intend on taking that route. Besides, you should also make sure you have more time to devote to your midwife, telling her of all the details.


Medical Treatments and Checkup:

During the fourth month, the doctor undertakes a blood test which checks whether the baby inside is not having any problems. Bleeding in the 4th month of pregnancy is also a common situation. It blocks the healthiness of the baby. As you will be entering the second tri-semester phase, again a few new changes would be undertaking in your body to be dealt with. Thus some common medicines you need would be.

  1. Aches and pains– Acetaminophen. Steer clear of Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  2. Allergy– Antihistamines and Loratadine. Avoid Pseudoephedrine and Decongestants like Phenylephrine.
  3. Cough– Dextromethorphan and Guaifenesin.
  4. Constipation– Metamucil, and Colace. Avoid laxatives and mineral oil.
  5. Heartburn– Antacids and Famotidine.


Sleeping Position During Pregnancy 4th Month:

The best way is always recommended is sleeping by the side. Especially the left side is recommended as it helps with the maximum amount of blood flow and helps it to reach the fetus. Further, it does not keep any kind of pressure on the liver. You can place a pillow between legs or knees for an additional comfort zone.


Additional Tips and Suggestions for Four Months Pregnant Women:

  • Your baby will start kicking at this stage, so keep water around to control the hiccups.
  • Never step out without sunscreen, as it might harm your baby.
  • Take food well ahead of sleeping time; else it can turn into a case of severe nausea.
  • Use proper body postures when you sleep sit and walk as it will affect your waist pain and also the child inside.
  • Make sure you rest for a minimum of 10 hours a day. This will keep your body relaxed, and your baby develops too.


Yes, it is difficult to be a mother and the struggle right from the moment the baby materializes in your womb. The daily battle of puking right into the morning and feeling bloated and nauseous can be considered just a peek at the different bodily changes that are going to take place in your body in the upcoming months. However, when you are in your pregnancy after four months, you have become stronger and ready for the forthcoming gruelling months. The months are going to b be tough, but if you follow the whole regimen of diet, exercise, and medication, you will have a stress-free pregnancy experience. You are a strong woman, and you can go through anything with a healthy mindset.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What are the good things happening to the mother’s body as the4th-month pregnancy symptoms?

Ans: The mother must have gotten over her morning sickness period, and the constant fatigue and exhaustion must have got away. The mother might also find more spring in her movement as she finally accepts the changes her body is undergoing. There are certain moments in the 4th month when the mother can feel her baby moving.

Q2. What are the other changes that are taking place in the mother’s body and causing discomfort?

Ans: The other changes that are taking place in the mother’s body characterize most of the changes that are going to take place in the later months. There will be the growth of more moles and freckles on different parts of her body due to an increase in the section of estrogen in the body. There are special pregnancy masks and creams that can be used during this period to prevent such growth and regain your ‘pregnancy glow.’ The nose of the mother also starts swelling, which causes unwanted connections and nosebleeds. Haemorrhoid cream for pregnancy is recommended for future mothers as it will help them even after the pregnancy has ended.

Q3. I am 4 months pregnant. Does the baby hear now?

Ans: Yes, the baby has finally started developing ears and mothers can begin talking to their babies. The baby’s heartbeat can also be heard. It is advised to make the child listen to some good classical music and make him listen to recordings of various speeches or even of your voice so that you can start connecting at an elementary level.

You can look forward to your bundle of joy, seeing the world with you soon. Bear with the few hitches that come in your way, and you will have a smooth pregnancy the whole time.