9 Awesome Crocodile Crafts Ideas For Preschoolers and Kids

Make learning about the jungle fun for kids with these awesome crocodile crafts. The craft ideas included here are meant for kids and they can be decorated in fun ways.

Best Crafty Crocodiles For Kids and Preschoolers:

Here is few selected crocodile crafts, have a look this top 9 crafts,

1. Weave a Crocodile:

Weave a Crocodile

This crafty crocodiles craft is very interesting for kids and adults. The crocodile is made by weaving in colored strips of paper. The look is very stunning. You can add craft eyes as well. You can add color as per your choice too.

2. Folded Crocodile:

Folded Crocodile

These crocodile craft ideas use a technique of folding two pieces of paper together. This creates wavy pattern and spring like effect. The folded crocodile is a great craft for kids to do. Green colored crocodile crafts gives nature and wild look while making this craft as an animal special.

3. Crocodile Puppet:

Crocodile Puppet

This wonderful puppet is made from green paper sacks. The outside is decorated with craft eyes and the fold of the bag is stuck with red paper. You can do white teeth that are sharp as well. The crocodile paper craft is good for a jungle theme party. This one special craft for your kids birthday party, it looks funny and can surely make a smile on kids face.

4. Clothes Pin Crocodile:

Clothes Pin Crocodile

Make this real looking crocodile using just a simple clothes pin. The clothes pin is painted green and then you can add in green paper strip that is folded. Add some craft eyes for a cute look. These awesome crocodile craft activities will keep all the kids happy. Get this craft and give a sample gift to your friend, this one decorative as a showpiece in room.

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5. Egg Carton Crocodile:

Egg Carton Crocodile

Reuse old egg cartons to make this stunning crocodile art and craft. The egg carton should be painted green. You can add craft eyes to the second line of the egg carton. This cute craft is good for preschoolers as well. Kids can try this at their home, gives unique look to their egg tray.

6. Scaly Crocodile:

Scaly Crocodile

This easy crocodile craft for kids is quite simple and fun. The kids need to snip away the green paper to create the scales of the crocodile. Decorate the crocodile with eyes and shiny teeth to make the crocodile look awesome. This one you can make in your free time, you can give your catchy way to create this craft.

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7. Crazy Crocodile Craft:

Crazy Crocodile Craft

These crocodile crafts for preschoolers are made from bubble wrap. You need to roll the bubble wrap and then color it green. The eyes and legs can be added to make it look cute. This is a great way to teach the kids about animals. This craft is the simple method to give a lesson about animals to your kids.

8. Candy Stick Crocodile:

Candy Stick Crocodile

Here is a very easy crocodile craft for toddlers that can be made quickly. Take a simple candy stick and paint it green. Then wrap the candy stick in the center with green bottle brush for the body and the legs of the crocodile.

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9. Crocodile Hats:

Crocodile Hats

Make this wonderful crocodile clips craft that can be used for parties. The hats are easy to make and are can be given as return gifts for a birthday party. You can add elastic to the end of the hat as well.

Crocodile crafts are great animal themes to play with. You can make them in various styles.

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